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The Moral Turpitude of Semayawi Party

The Moral Turpitude of Semayawi Party

Ezana Sehay 4/27/2015

The most important thing to understand about extremism in general and political extremism in particular, is it is infinitely malleable. It has Play-Doh’s or putty’s wonderful power of accommodation, to take whatever shape, for the moment, might be called for.

Because politics is by definition or tautology, everything we do -- there will always be something “in” politics on which to hang on an objection, mount a protest or create a tale.

Politics is a generous giver in this regard. The particulars don’t matter. In the Ethiopian context; it could be “democracy “,  “human rights”, “Waldeba monastery”, “ land expropriated to Sudan”, “ Muslims’ (fundamentalists) grievances” , “forcing the public to contribute to the construction of the Renaissance Dam”, “ villagization of pastoralists”, “anti-terror law”, “government’s failure to protect the public from terrorists”, “ too much rain”, etc…  

In fact the cacophonies of topics the extremists raise are not really the issue, nor have they ever been. Even if the EPRDF government builds a perfect society, it would still be resisted. For it is a law with political extremism that as soon as one of its objections has been met, there is always another.

That brings me to the disreputable activity of Semayawi Party. As the reader is aware of; when Addis Ababans were out en masse to mourn the murder of fellow Ethiopians by the savage group ISIS, the party (Semayawi) had wicked plans.

But then again considering its credentials that shouldn’t surprise us; as a matter fact when we learned there was going to be mass mourning for the victims, me and friends correctly anticipated that it (the Semayawi Party) is going to exploit it.

We may not have known specifically what it was going to do, but we surely knew it will try to shift the accession in to something else.

As we are finding now the plan was to deflect the lamentation in to protest with a possible fatality.  That would have made their funders in the Diaspora very much happy.  Fortunately, that didn’t materialize; thanks to the Ethiopians’ moral virtue and the discipline of the security forces everything went relatively peaceful and orderly.

By the way, what were supporters of the Semayawi Party blurting about? What possible protestation could they come up with that is relevant to the event?

My query remained unanswered until I saw a video of the protest posted on Ethiopia  In the video the Semayawi Party foot soldiers can be seen and heard calling out for their “messiah”.

Can you guess who their messiah is?

Jesus? Mohammed?

No, that would’ve been appropriate, wouldn’t it? Guess again.

Ehm… Marry? St. George?  Ahmed Al-Negashi? Gabriel?

You’re kidding, right? Okay, you give up?

All right here it is: The messiah of Semayawi Party as proclaimed by its exponents in front of thousands of onlookers is none other than Mengestu Hailemariam.

Mengestu who?

Mengestu the butcher of Africa: The man who murdered hundreds of thousands Ethiopians in cold blood and whose negligence led to the death of another million, a man who made Ethiopian a laughing stock of the world.

What’s the matter? You look shocked… Don’t be. You see every regime no matter how barbaric or vile has its beneficiaries. 

I know for sure the youngsters who were hollering the slogans are too young to know, even comprehend the magnitude of Mengestu’s crime on the Ethiopian people, let alone benefit from his rule. But no doubt the people who are at the wheel are Dergists.

It is amazing Twenty-four years from the demise of Derg; there are still apologists, for that monstrous regime.

I know In the Diaspora community they are not hard to find. Even when it was still in power but on its last gasp rarely did they endorse it outright, but they were sympathetic enough to its ideology to look the other way on its brutality.

Their concern was rather oddly focused not on Derg’s despotism, but on the (perceived) unpatriotic philosophy of the anti-Derg forces.  In essence, they (Dergists) were anti-anti-Derg.

When in 1991, the democratic forces led by EPRDF dislodged the Derg; the anti-anti-Dergists faulted them for threatening the “unity” of the country.

 Later on as the EPRDF set to revamp the nation’s political structure to meet the demands of the people; In the name of false notion of unity, they (Dergists) began to preach moral equivalence. To this day the sins of the revolutionary democracy are being inflated to be equal to the atrocities of the Derg.

By treating both the Derg and EPRDF equally, they fail to realize or obscure the whole purpose of morality is to judge between good and evil, so that the former can be protected and the later prevented.

Now moral equivalence is coming back, updated, curtsey of Semayawi Party. 

Drawing moral equivalence between an EPRDF government, which lets its opponents criticize, demonize, and insult it and the Derg regime under which even a peace-full dissent meant facing the death-squad – is meant to be disabling.

It sows confusion by suggesting that any challenge even to extremist pathologies is ill-motivated and anti-democracy.  

But Ethiopians are not fooled. They know extremism is a clear, present and lethal danger for our society; it should be condemned and fought.



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