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A Proposal on Additional Agendas for the Upcoming T.P.L.F’sCongressional Meeting

A Proposal on Additional Agendas for the Upcoming T.P.L.F’s

Congressional Meeting


First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation to Ato Seife Hailu of Mekelle University for his concern and professional suggestion regarding the agendas for the upcoming T.P.L.F’s Congressional Meeting; which is posted on AigaForum of 29/7/15.


Besides to teaching and conducting research, I do believe that this is the kind of contribution our country in general and our region in particular needs at this particular time from the academia.


I do agree with most part of his proposal with the following minor comments and additional suggestions:


1)                Development Priority Focus


I do believe that in the Tigrai region, the top priority of focus need be Knowledge Capital Development.  As this is the point of embarkation for all areas of economic development be it manufacturing, agriculture, tourism etc. Thus, Knowledge Capital Development; which may include ways and means of scaling-up the quality of education at all levels and focuses on research and development.  In this regard, I suggest the development priority focus in the Tigrai region to be as follows: 


Knowledge Capital Development

Tourism Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Mining Industry

Agriculture Industry


2)                Migration


In the contemporary context, migration entails the movement of a person or a group of persons, across an international border (interstate) or within a country (intrastate). As explained by the International Organization for Migration (IOM),‘It is a population movement, encompassing any kind of movement of people, whatever its length, composition and causes; it includes migration of refugees, displaced persons, economic migrants, and persons moving for other purposes...’(IOM, 2013a,p.5. 


During the last decade, both Migration and Human Trafficking are becoming a global mainstream concerns. The horn of Africa in general and our country in particular is becoming known as source and destination of migration. And considerable number of Tigrayan people in the productive age group are migrating to neighboring countries.


While the future of our region depends on our youngsters, the depletion of youngsters for different root causes including: poverty, unemployment, mis-conception, pear pressure and other factors poses a challenge on the sustainability of our development. Thus, I do believe that this need be one important area of focus to be discussed in depth in the Congressional Meeting.


3)                Fully Researching and Documenting the History of the Armed Struggle of the

          People of Tigrai


Tigrai has old and rich history and culture.  It has offered a great richness in archeological findings and historical buildings which makes it a region of rich heritage.  The historic pass through which Tigrai has been moving specially since the beginning of the Axumite Kingdom was not smooth. The turbulence of transformation from year to year, from decade to decade, from century to century and from millennium to millennium was full of both incredible civilization and immense destruction. However, all these historic dynamics are not fully researched and documented.


We Tigrayans are in a new era of great moment in which we should build a sprit that can take on any future challenges and represent hope for the generation to come.  I do believe that history is a tool to serve as a spring board lesson from one generation to another.


The previous T.P.L.F led rebellion had the backing of a cross section of the Tigrayan people, and it has proven to be a popular struggle with a full fledge support from the people of Tigrai.  Thus, T.P.L.F’s armed struggle is one of the shining histories of the people of Tigrai. 


Thus, I do believe that fully researching and documenting the armed struggle of T.P.L.F and the people of Tigrai is one of the important historical responsibilities that this generation has to accomplish without further delay, when most of the aging Tegadelti and Weyenti are still alive. 


Therefore, I do suggest that the need for Fully Researching and Documenting the History of the Armed Struggle of the People of Tigrai should be one of the important issues to be discussed during the upcoming T.P.L.F’s Conference.


With kind regards,

Gebremedhin Gebru



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