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Compact 2025: An ambitious initiative to end hunger and under nutrition by 2025, has been launched in Washington D.C.


nOVEMBER 23, 2015

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is has launched last Thursday " Compact 2025", an ambitious initiative to work with countries to end hunger and under nutrition by 2025, as a first step toward eradicating extreme poverty, at its headquarters in Washington D.C.

Inspired and informed by successes in many countries, Compact 2025 seeks to bring evidence, data, and innovation to the challenge of ending hunger and under nutrition, it was learnt.  During the launching ceremony,  Mr. Neway Gebre-ab,  Chief Economic Advisor to the PM. and Executive Director of Ethiopian Peace and Development Institute, expressed his country' readiness and commitment   to share the experience in the field.

 It was also stated by Mr. Shenggen Fan, the institute's Director General, that Brazil dramatically cut poverty, hunger, and under nutrition by aggressively expanding effective social protection programs and targeted nutrition interventions. He also cited the example of China by saying, "China improved rural incomes, food security, and nutrition by making it easier for small farmers to produce and purchase more nutritious foods. In Ethiopia, the increased investments in agricultural productivity, productive social safety nets, and sanitation is accelerating reduction in hunger and child stunting, the Director General re-iterated.

The strategies these countries used can be adapted elsewhere through Compact 2025’s knowledge and innovation hub, he added. By working through country-owned and country-led networks, Compact 2025 will certainly mobilize diverse stakeholders at the national and sub-national levels to innovate and cooperate across sectors to eliminate the complex causes of hunger and under nutrition, Mr. Shenggen said.. 

“It is not only possible to end hunger and under nutrition by 2025—it’s a moral imperative,” said Dr. Shenggen of IFPRI further added. “We must focus on the goal of ending hunger and under nutrition to ensure that countries can lift their populations out of poverty.”

Hunger and under nutrition impose enormous human and economic costs. Some 20,000 people, more than half of whom are children, die every day from hunger-related causes. Hunger and under nutrition cost economies 10 percent of their GDP, year in and year out. Yet the tools to end hunger and under nutrition by 2025 are within our grasp it was learnt during the press briefing..

Compact 2025 is guided by a high-level council that includes representatives from the World Food Program, the European Commission, civil society organizations, the private sector, and government officials from Rwanda, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Gao Min, an Olympic gold medal diver, is serving as Compact 2025’s first ambassador, it was underlined during the launching ceremony..

Four focal countries—Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Bangladesh—have already come on board to partner with Compact 2025. They are committed to rapidly ending hunger and under nutrition by working to scale up existing programs for greater impact and by learning from countries that have succeeded in reducing hunger and under nutrition, it was revealed during the occasion..

Ending hunger and under nutrition by 2025 will contribute to other UN Sustainable Development Goals by ending  extreme poverty, reduce mortality, promote educational attainment, and generate higher jobs it was learnt.


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