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Europe cannot be a cannon against Defenceless African Emigrants

Europe cannot be a cannon against Defenceless African Emigrants

25\04\2015 Mulugeta  Tesfay

I am incited to comment on this issue prompted by the words of the Most Revd. and  Rt. Hon. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and disturbed by the recent atrocity committed by IS upon innocent Ethiopian emigrants.  The Rt. Hon.  On his recent interview with BBC said that Europe cannot be a cannon against African emigrants. I was galvanized by his words and started to think again and over again by his exiting words. But why was the Pope so outspoken? The first assumption is that before he held his current Papal Authority, he worked in the oil Industry becoming group treasurer of a large British exploration and production company in West Africa. During this time, the Pope might have been overwhelmed by the abundant generosity of Africans in sharing their wealth with Europeans wherefore insisted to empathize the suffering of African emigrants. The second assumption is that The Rt. Hon. Family’s father was German Jewish immigrant who moved to England to escape anti-Semitism in the late 19 th century. IN THIS REGARD THE Pope might have drawn a parallel between his family’s agonies to that of African emigrants who are dying on the off shores of Europe. The last assumption is that as an Archbishop of great religion, bestowed upon him in discharging his religious obligation that man and woman are created in the best moulds so that to become the vicegresant  of God on Earth. To this end, he emphasized in reminding Europeans that they are morally and legally bound in saving the lives of helpless African emigrants who are drowning in the high sea and obliterated by IS cruel  acts every passing day.

IS is a terrorist group which claim itself belonging to the Shiets, a family of sects in Islam. The Shiets regard Prophet Mohammed’s son-in-law,Ali as his rightful successor and as a legitimate divine Imam or Caliphate.  The most outstanding feature of Shiest is the position of refusing to admit the notion of majority and defend the moral excellence of an embattled minority. While the orthodox of Sunnites stick to the creed that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah. The Sunnites belief is that Ali’s succession as rightful to the Prophet is considered as against the divine justice.

Such divisions exist in some renowned religions, as Jewish is divided into 71 sects and Christians into 75 sects, however, Islamic sects’ fusion of religion with politics is unique.

In our contemporary world, IS stunning existence in Iraq and Syria built the most important safe haven for Islamic extremists. Other factors are the Iranian Revolution of 1978, the unfinished war in Afghanistan, the civil wars in Libya, Yemen and elsewhere favored IS to broaden its space and to intensify its brutal act upon innocent civilians. Above all the existence of ISIS in the 21st century is squarely to be blamed in the making and faux pas of US, Europe, and their friends in the Gulf Monarchies.

The IS of North Africa where its seat is in Libya, is committing unprecedented crimes against humanity. Europe is using IS of North Africa as its front line foot soldier in deterring the movements of emigrants to its territories. IS is the gun field of Europe.  The other front line in thwarting the movement of emigrants is  the High Sea. Those who luckily escape from IS atrocity are again confronted by the high sea.  Emigrants are compelled to cross the Sea in congested vessels where tens of thousands are destined to drowning.

This is indeed a horrific act of conspiracy spear headed by European governments to fulfill their egotistic interests.  Hah Europe had the good intention and good will in saving the lives of those helpless African emigrants; it would have used its hobble telescopes installed in the sea shores of its territories. But Why?  Do African emigrants deserve such immoral and egregious acts from Europe? A century or so before, when Europeans came to Africa, Africans welcomed them with open skies, open borders, open seas and above all welcomed them with open hearts and flowers. The unimmeasurably and astronomic figure of wealth in  today’s Europe, was reaped from Africa’s resources and exploited labor of Africans. Had it not been to the resources and labor of Africa and Africans, Europe would t have not survived as civilized as they claim, but it would have existed as an extent ion of the North Arctic Pole.

Europe has to revise its immoral and inhuman policies towards African emigrants. As it is rightly said by The Rt. Hon. Justin Welby that Europe cannot be a cannon against African emigrants and further added that all European and Mediterranean countries have to take full responsibility for dealing with the problems.


Mulugeta  Tesfay

Retired Diplomat



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