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Ethiopia the Cradle of Mankind and Civilization

Ethiopia the Cradle of Mankind and Civilization


Gebremedhin Gebru 06/09/15


Ethiopia, a country situated in the Horn of Africa, is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. Ethiopia has offered a greater richness in archaeological findings and historical buildings which makes it a country of rich heritage. Thus, Ethiopia is being regarded as the cradle of both mankind and civilization.


Ethiopia has old and rich history and culture. It is one of the largest Christian Nation in the world, who has welcomed and accommodated Islam signaling it as the land of religion tolerance.


Ethiopia is a country of highly diverse population with more than 80 different ethnic groups living together in peace and harmony while maintaining their language, culture and history. Thus, Ethiopia is regarded as the land of diversity and unity. Moreover, Ethiopia is an ecologically diverse country with three climatic zones: the cool, the temperate and the hot zones, and it is rich in both flora and fauna. Ethiopia is also the origin of coffee and the source of Blue Nile.


Ethiopia is considered as an icon of liberty, as it was never colonized and it maintained its independence during the scramble of Africa. Ethiopia has its own calendar, which makes it unique from the rest of the world. The rest of the world celebrated the beginning of the 3rd millennium in the year 2000. Whereas, Ethiopia has celebrate both the 2000 Ethiopian new Year, and the 1st year of the 3rd Millennium in 2008.


The historic path through which Ethiopia has been marching especially since the beginning of the Axumite Kingdom i.e.; during the last two millenniums was not smooth. The turbulence of transition from year to year, from decade to decade, from century to century and from millennium to millennium was full of incredible civilization and immense destruction. We Ethiopian are in a new era of a great moment in which we should renew our commitment to continue building-up of our culture of tolerance, unity and civilization. We are in an era in which this generation should build a sprit that can take on any future challenges; and represent hope for the generations to come.


Thus we all Ethiopians; irrespective of our racial, religious, social, political and demographic differences; need to exert our effort to reclaim our ancient power and civilization.

In a nutshell; Ethiopia is:


1.     The Cradle of Mankind

2.     The Cradle of Civilization

3.     The Land of Lucy

4.     The Land of Selam

5.     The Land of Diversity & Unity

6.     The Land of Contrasts & Extremes

7.     A Country of Cultural Mosaic

8.     A Country of Rich Heritage

9.     The Source of Blue Nile

10.            The Water Towel of Africa

11. The Origin of Coffee

12.            A Country of Tolerance

13.            An Icon of Liberty

14.            Home of People With Smiling Faces

15.            Home of People With Deep &Rooted Hospitality

16. The Gifted Land

17.            A Holly Land