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Ethiopia Rising‼

Ethiopia Rising‼

Ethiopia the origin of human beings, the home of tolerance of the two main religious faiths is model for an emerging economic growth and development.

The hub of green energy  and tower of The East of Africa has become a symbol of peace, development and stability in  Africa.

Now a days, the diplomatic power of the country has reached its climax stage able to play its roles in the world. The polices and strategies of the Developmental Democratic Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia  have become the crucial options and alternatives to mediate the gap between the developed and developing countries.

Even the Neo Liberal political economy philosophers accepted and admitted that the economic growth and development of Ethiopia as the outcome of the policies and strategies of the Developmental Democratic Government. Ethiopia has made great strides to become one of the Africa’s fastest growing economics and continues to record impressive economic growth and development. Ethiopia is rising.

Ethiopia is able to attract many foreign direct investments from different corners of the world and has become the center of Excellence for worldwide conferences. Ethiopia was able to host many International forums and Conferences successfully; the World Tourism, 3rd  International Finance for Developments are few among the many. Besides, the country has already become the role model for its sustainable economic development. The country is able to reduce the poverty rate almost by half according to the agreement of MDGs.

Ethiopia’s green economy development attracts the world direct investment for multi-reasons many countries are able to sign bilateral agreements to invest in the country and work in harmony for sustainable development in the interest of both in Win-Win approaches.

Another good image of our country is the capacity of Ethiopia to host different international conferences like the Third International Finance for Development Conference in Addis Ababa. The Addis Ababa Conference brought together the highly developed countries, developing countries, International Financial Institutions, Economic intellectuals, Civic societies and Business people. According to Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary–General of the UN  ‘The Addis Ababa Conference can be a starting point for a new era of the global partnership.’’  Truly speaking, his message implies that it is a historical phenomena for Africa in general and to Ethiopia in particular.

The Third International Conference on financing for development conducted in Addis Ababa represents a unique forum for recasting development financing within a multi- literal frameworks and offers the possibility of producing an impressive and transformational agenda for the new’’ Global Sustainable Development Goals.’’ Therefore, this International Conference hosted in Ethiopia contributes its own historical message to Africa at large and to Ethiopia in particular that Africans have the capacity to host such worldwide conferences even better than the other world.

Ethiopia is also a key player in the fight terrorist groups in the Horn of Africa at large. It is playing its significant role in collaboration with the AMISOM to ensure sustainable peace in Somalia and in the region.

As history tells us Ethiopia and the United States of America have long diplomatic relationships. Both countries shared common interests in the world to fight terrorism, alleviate conflicts, in peace keeping missions and others. The US President Barak Obama Visit to Ethiopia indicates that Ethiopia is magnetizing the whole world East to West. The visit of the sitting US President Barak Obama implies that Africa too is rising.

One of the best partners for the US is Ethiopia in many ways. The Green Energy, the attractive investment policy of the country, the size of a country’s population, the semi –skilled and highly professional manpower, stable political climate, conducive macro-economic policies and huge domestic raw materials base, the market potential and the geo-politics of the country to Asia, Middle East, and Europe and proximity to the lucrative markets of these countries, in addition to, Ethiopia potential for tourism are key reasons for Ethiopia to become the best partner for the United States of America and others as well.

In general Ethiopia is shining. Thanks to the hard working people and Developmental Democratic Republic.

On the other hand, bandits, the failed state of Eritrea and the toxic Diasporas and terrorist groups are barking like a mad dog. We Ethiopians abroad have to stand firm to expose and fight such notorious power seeking modern slaves and bandits who tries to demean and darken the good image of our county.   

G/tsadkan  Kebede

 July 29 2015


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