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Eritrea's Duplicity cannot be Concealed

Eritrea's Duplicity cannot be Concealed


Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, June  6,  2015


The provocative and belligerent acts of the infantile regime in Asmara whose broad daylight acts of terrorism, brigandage, aggrandizement and wanton destruction and the incessant behavior of resorting to brute force targeting its neighboring countries and peoples directly or through its surrogate puppets since the very day of its inception as a nation speaks volumes of its never changing behavior.


This wicked measure of vandalism corroborated in no uncertain terms by its actions which has been the arrogantly shameful and perfidious practice of destabilization in the horn region and beyond, decidedly and flagrantly championed by the hooligan leadership in Asmara has indeed become the whole mark of the immature regime of   the recluse state of Eritrea.


The Un Security Council   which is  aware of the satanic deeds of the regime in Asmara  had earlier, declared its verdict by imposing crippling sanctions on the rogue regime. The despicable and notorious thugs, have brazenly and blatantly exhibited contemptible posture by extending the regimes  iron fist directed at that country's youth who have become an easy prey of the regime's GESTAPO, human traffickers and international terrorism.


In a futile bid  the military junta in Asmara has amassed  that country's youth as national service conscripts  for an indefinite period of time in the hills and valleys of Eritrea.  This scheme is a smoke-screen to hide its blatantly fragile stance. It demonstrably stands as an apt confirmation of its  lawlessness that is under the radar screen of humanity that has gathered ample evidence of its violation of international norms and generally accepted standards of morality and ethical behavior.


The Eritrean regime it should be noted has been pushing the Horn Region, and far and near countries to the brink of conflagration with the ugly scenario that could spell doom and gloom in the neighborhood.  This flagrant move was propelled and carried away with the full knowledge of its consequences although the notorious gangs at the pinnacle of power did tether away from assuming accountability and leadership which is a prerequisite for holding the bad boys in Asmara answerable for the perfidious acts of aggression and other dastardly adventures. of terrorism and vandalism.


According to a report of the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group, an appalled UN Security Council was quick to learn in no ambiguous terms that Asmara's continuing relationship with Al-shabab, a tutelage of Al-Queda and as was recently corroborated, has become its natural ally and partner, appeared designed to legitimize and embolden the terrorist group which functions in cahoots and sync with the lawless regime of Eritrea.


It is an open secret that, Africa and indeed the international community after having patiently tried all diplomatic and peaceful means to advice Eritrea to stop its unwarranted meddling, intervention, provocation, open hostilities, arrogance, prevarication and out-right contempt to international, continental and regional organizations and the rule of law, finally passed a series of resolutions to the effect that the destabilizing acts of Eritrea should be halted and all necessary measures be effected to deter such manifestations prompting the UN Security Council to react accordingly in the not too distant past.


Partly the money it purportedly gets through illegal laundering, black market combined with direct financial contributions from the uncontested  ruling party supporters and the imposition of a Diaspora tax, an illicit and illegal measure unheard of in international norm and practice is used to finance the training,, arming and sponsoring recalcitrant and splinter groups like the nefarious G-7  and to beef up financially stripped media outlets like ESAT,  which are primarily used as weapons to hoodwink the people of Ethiopia  through the creation fictitious stories and hearsays.


It would be naive for the European Union to be deluded by the hide and seek policy of Isayas Afewerki, for a genuine behavioral change. Far from that. The world and indeed the UN categorically recognize that it is an exercise in futility to resort into a carrot policy as pertains to Eritrea.


That is why, the East African group of countries,  and the AU  the UN Security Council are ardently wielding the stick to send the message that Eritrea needs to desist and refrain from its evil acts of destabilizing the region by abetting, supporting and harboring international terrorists, regional extremist cohorts and fringe Diaspora extremist elements.



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