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Sleeping with the enemy, and organizing to disseminate hatred, for how long?



Sleeping with the enemy, and organizing to disseminate hatred, for how long?

By W.Yilma                                       8/30/15

As we all know, the Eritrea government is a host of many terrorist groups aiming to destabilize the Eastern African region, in particular Ethiopia. With different names there are many (at least in names) fronts trained, equipped and controlled by Shabia mafia officers. Among these are the so called “Patriotic Ginbot 7”, merged from two organizations, Ethiopian People Patriotic Front and Ginbot 7. Asmara has hosted the ceremony of these invisible “fronts”. As usual the Eritrean Nazi type propaganda machine and ESAT, better to say, an Eritrean Satellite TV, are broadcasting and disseminating “make believe stories” about the new fronts. ESAT is fully funded and controlled by Shabia, and is considered as one branch of the Eritrean TV net work under the control of Eritrean ministry of information. To attract more loyal listeners, they follow perverse Nazi style explosive propaganda broadcasting style”.  But for those who follow history, this is a publicity stunt, aiming to brainwash those vulnerable social groups, and draining their pocket by collecting money.

Shabia is the ardent enemy of the Ethiopian people, and therefore tirelessly searching those morally weak Ethiopians who are ready to harm their country in an exchange of money for personal or group gains. Birhanu’s groups are an easy prey for Shabia. Shabia, Birhanu, and ESAT organized a Gestapo style propaganda machine to advocate, disseminate and practice hatred against the EPRDF and against those social groups, individuals considered to be associated with the government.   Their primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility and malice against those whom they considered as their “enemy”. It appears that if the status quo (no peace no war) continues indefinitely as it is now, definitely Shabia will be benefiting out of this by following the same propaganda methodologies what the former Rwanda colonizers has applied to spread mistrust between the Hutus and Tutsis. I said this because continuous propaganda can influence people’s perception to believe that what are broadcasting by the Axis of evils media outlets is true. Beside these some sectors of our societies are addicted to listen what they want and they don’t concern to ask their conscious which information is true or false. We will be foolish if we ignore the role of media outlets in this digital era! It becomes apparent from the testimony of Birhanu that money is not a problem to intensify their psychological warfare’s against Ethiopia. They are funded both by Egypt and Qatar, and the money is distributed to Birhanu and his cohorts through Shabia.

I am not talking here about politics or EPRDF. It is our individual or collective rights either to oppose or to support any political organization, including the government. But this should be in politically correct manner. If this is not the case and no boundaries for our individual or collective actions, as an Ethiopian our right should be in question if we support those political organizations openly and deliberately allied with hostile foreign enemies. One thing should be clear here. As an Ethiopian, we should have a clear stance, and there should not be rooms for ambiguity. Clearly, Isayas regime is hostile not only to current Ethiopian government, but also against the Ethiopian people. This hostilities and hate are expressed not only after the Border war. It has been there and will stay in the minds and hearts of Shabia officials and their supporters! The experiences we gains from Shabia for the last 40 years should be more educational than a million empty rhetoric words from them. “…Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous Wolves” Matthew 7:15

One of the driving forces why Birhanu groups betray their country and decided to go to the enemy camp is hate. Hate is a mother of all crimes a human being can act like animal to commit crimes against another human being. Berhanu and his cohorts are a generation of the 60’s and 70’s. I personally have a mixed feeling about the generation of the 70’s. From the generation of the 60’s and 70’ there are few hard liners who still believe in violence. No matter to what extent they are educated, their mind- sets are not changed, and still they advocates arrogancy and violence as a means of achieving political power. They spread hate and rumors as a means of propaganda to dehumanize their opponents, and if necessary eliminate the opponent. What is interesting regarding Birhanu is that he is not only indoctrinated with violence (from his past Marxism-Leninism and Maoism ideology), but also he is egoist in nature, eager to seize power by any means. As I understood, the majority of his supporters here in Diaspora are politically immature but emotionally filled with hatred against EPRDF.  When you ask them why they chose Shabia as their Trojans horse, they blindfolded replied “if others came to power by arming struggle why not we”.  They are ignorant because they do not understand the historical background why people chose to raise arms, and decide to go to war.

War is not a luxurious choice as a picnic. Because you hate some groups it doesn’t mean you will be successful in defeating your “enemy”. To decide to go to a war (a war of necessity and war of choice) you have to have a causes and conditions. If you chose war, there is not an easy statistical calculation to predict the probability of success and failure. You have to be certain that engaging in warfare is a loss of precious human life, and so many tragedies.

What Birhanu and his cohorts failed to understand at this time is, first we do not have the same precondition as we had during the 70’s and a wave of generation willing to sacrifice for the cause they belief. Second, today’s world is not dominated by two antagonistic ideologies as it has been during the 70’s. Third, todays generations are perceptually different from the 70’s, and not easily dragged to involve in violence. Forth, some of the main causes of the internal conflicts have already get solutions, and the factors that motivating the youth to engage in arming conflict are diffused.  Very important, supporters of the opposition groups, the vast majority of them are allergic or suspicious of anything coming from the Asmara regime. Therefore, the chance for both Shabia and Birhanu’s groups are slim to gain what they are anticipated.

One thing must be understand here. No better than the Eritrean people knows the brutality of the Isayas regime. But other than leaving their country by any means (wave of exodus, like Muse took Israelis from Egypt), the vast majority of them do not want to raise arms and pay sacrifice to overthrow their brutal North Korean type government. If the Eritrean youth who does not have any future, hope and opportunities failed to raise arms, do we think the Ethiopian youth who have by far better future and opportunities than Eritrean youth prefer to raise arm against their own country? This is why Birhanu and his cohorts are not only committed a crime against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They too committed crime against the Eritrea and Eritrean people, in particular against the youth by trying to change the images of Shabia, the most brutal regime in our era.

Interestingly Birhanu and his cohorts knows this; and this is why, knowing he will not get enough youth to die for his group, he is leaking his new masters shoes to do the job on behalf of them. Unfortunately his master Isayas knows that there is no way he will face the mighty Ethiopian defense force. Most importantly, as I said above the Eritrean youth are not willing to sacrifice their life for the exile rebel groups who are thirsty of power! I Think the Eritrean intellectuals have a dual responsibilities to aware the Eritrean people the crime their government is committed in creating hostile environment to all of its neighbors.

The other important thing some of the Diaspora paper tigers failed to understand, why few “libration movement” in the past managed to success is not because of they like to involve in war adventurism. They were successful, because the public voluntarily mobilized to pay every necessary sacrifice because of the brutality of the past system which deprived them their basic democratic rights, and involuntarily forced the youth to go to endless civil war. Because of lack of choice, many of the youth voluntarily joined the libration fronts and paid necessary sacrifice to achieve their goal.  It is not because this or that sectors of our society are more heroic than others or addict to go to war without cause. The level of oppression makes you to become a hero. The only libration front which I know addicted to go to war without cause is Shabia.

It is clear that the US America constitution is prohibited to contribute and distribute money from its citizen for war purposes in foreign country, in particular country considered as supporting terrorist groups, such as Eritrea. Unfortunately the US America failed to enforce its own law in this regard. To send money to Birhanu group, here in Diaspora supporters are openly contributing and collecting money for terrorist activities. What is dangerous is that Shabia is very well talented in illegal money laundering activities, and easily the money collected from Diaspora Ethiopian could reach to Shabia pocket. What is sad to mention here is that Shabia get good opportunity to collect remittance money from Ethiopians, the foreign currency the Eritrean government deprived of collecting illegally from his own citizens.

Here is my question to the readers. When others are not ashamed of joining the Axis of evils to destabilize Ethiopia, and openly organizing various events to raise funds to send money to the enemy government who mercilessly killed, tortured and oppressed his own people, for how long are we going to be silent or indifferent? The more we silent majority are becoming indifference the more few minority group becoming vicious and aggressive to do whatever is necessary to harm our beloved country. Therefore, it is time to think twice before it is too late!

Last but not least, except few no one is denying the socio-economic transformation and growth Ethiopia has achieved. However, we should not ignore that fact that sustainable development needs durable, but long lasting peace. Politics is a complex business; especially in Ethiopian context it poses risk due to our diversity. Therefore, careful and inclusive political cultures need to be encouraged.  The EPRDF general assembly currently held in Ethiopia should adopt new fresh participatory political programs to create conducive political atmosphere, so that those domestic political organizations who are respecting the law of the land to participate actively in the country’s political activities.  Beside this clear political policy with action plan is expected from the EPRDF congress. The other important thing which the party should give emphasis is democracy in general, and in particular internal party democracy. As long as there is an internal party democracy, party friction will not be happened. The other important issue is bureaucracy, corruption and accountability of government and civil services officials.   Empowering public participation as a watch dog in solving these chronic problems is very important.

Finally, I wish those Banda’s stationed in Asmara to watch one time the heroic Ethiopian women Beijing marathon and 5000 meters runner’s race instead of repeating a thousand times men’s marathon with Shabia officials. They would have been getting a sense of what “Ethiopiawi” spirit and moral means. I have respect for those brave Ethiopian athletes and trainers for their courage and endurance to raise the Ethiopian flag up in Beijing.


Long Live Ethiopia


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