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ሞኣ Covid virus!


Before I start narrating my verse I would like to salute Siye Abreha for the interview conducted with TV Tigrai . It is a tragedy that he had to spend years in prison when he could have had, among others, dealt with Isayasís threat and blackmail. That said, he now has demonstrated his leadership qualities, putting aside his personal feelings, for standing behind the right principles, including defending the position of TPLF now adopted, un affected by the personal damages inflicted upon him for years. I have always voiced against the injustice of putting him behind bars back then inaudible though it was, as many others did.

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ሞኣ Covid virus!


ሞኣ Covid virus

The ዕምነገደ Universe!

Attention you pay,

I am here to stay.

You need to obey,

Rules set to play;

Then you hope and pray,

That you do not fall prey.


I am nay 

Like the one you fought

To his knee then brought.


Forget that disgraced,

I have now displaced;

Who blazoned to announce

That he is ሞኣ ኣንብሳ

The ዘእምነገደ Judaic Moses;

Now a carcass 

You need to worry less.


And if you think you have 

A fighting chance

Against I: ሞኣ Covid Virus;

As long as I breathe

I will squeeze every ounce 

Of your lungs tissues to reave,

Heralding you ultimate death.


Be it in the trenches;

Close arm to arm combat,

Or on the march,

I will spare you no time to grieve;

Your sense of empathy to retrieve

No moment for a drop of tear

In sorrow, your vision to blear 

Nor a bellow of mourning roar

As a comrade stand next falls

Right where you paused to stroll

Or where you lay in between merlons and crenel,

Behind the defense walls.


You may feel

You are no longer made of steel

On an even keel.


Indeed, you are not; fear,

I will shear and tear

The life style you call so dear,

Worse than a nuclear tridentís spear.


This is a war like no other,

You will not pause to breath,

A sigh of relief;

Your stamina to retrieve,

Nor a minute to grieve 

A drop of a tear to shed,

Bellowing a mourning sound,

The pain of the wound to drown.


Suffer as you might 

You will not be out of the woods yet

Even when my invisible guns are silent

Pent up traumas will begin to vent

For years to come on the bend.


I Covid is the combatant;

Not only had those enrolled,

Guns able to hold

But also the young and the old 

Are compelled to fight

The plight, I set alight 

Before they turn white of a blight.


I Covid has brought 

The war theatre forward

Nobody knows who is to die

Who is to last and hold.


No amount of wrought,

The powerful trot

Would stave off my plot;

To sizzling them on the frying pot

Even when they flouted the law

They instructed others to follow.


Taking a drug; a nostrum;

In the hope the virus to storm:

So as the mantel of Power to glean

While they turn keen

To wean on,

And/or exerting others back to routine.


They have lost the morale ground 

They are bound to standby 

In the face of adversity implied.

They have chickened out to comply

While foisting others their lives to scarify;

Their greed for money to satisfy.


Why then people of faith

Put such leaders in office,

In the first place?


Add to this, the silence!

Where are the others

Who profess 

In the prevalence of justice

When the earthly space

is now in a mess -

Dictated by I the Covud,

A deadly virus?


Those too, the culprits! 

When there is nothing left to eat 

For lack of a substitute 

Starvation to beat;

A pursuit,

Indefensible albeit,

One may resort to rats 

And other bushmeat.


But to simply flaunt one's own might,

Turn zoophagous extremists,

Open the tundra box,

Devour pets and all kind of beasts;

The likes of fox

Pangolin, aardvark and snakes,

So also crickets, maggots, 

Snails and crocodile tails in the West,

As they pleased feast,

Many more in the list.

You name it.


Comeuppance; hoisted with own petard!

Does indeed exist;

People unraveled and prod

For me the Covid to come out and explode.


You all have now a mouthful slew 

More than you are able to chew

But invisible to spew 

Alas! All are now skewed 

Through the reckless acts of the few.


Yared Huluf 


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