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Land of Origins


Newsletter from the Ethiopian Tourism Organization
"With its own calendar (where else can you get 13 months of sunshine?), timekeeping, script, language, cuisine, church and coffee, Ethiopia is as exotic as countries come. And whether you’re trekking through ...
Inspirational Ethiopia!
As you travel across her great heights and explore her deep places you will experience breath-taking beauty and astounding achievements.
For this is a land of origins. It is the cradle of humanity, where we first walked on two legs. It is also the source of the Blue Nile, the great river whose power and fertility nurtured the origin of civilization itself. And it is the origin of one of life’s great pleasures – coffee, our gift to the world.


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Ethiopia‟s tourism market situation was compared with other destinations in the region and elsewhere, including detailed benchmarking of the marketing and branding strategies of selected destinations that aim at similar „experiential‟ travelers, are in the developing stages of tourism development, offer a similar product mix of cultural/heritage/soft nature tourism, have developed and rolled out successful brand and marketing strategies and are within 6-14 hours flying time from key markets in Europe, USA and Asia

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