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Remembering General Seare: Is He Gone forever? Will we ever know why he was killed and who killed him?


ታዝበናል !!!

ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 9-5-19




Lucas (Lukas) Gobezie, known as Ato Lucas or Daddy Lucas to family and friends, was born on October 11, 1921 in Axum, Ethiopia to father Gobezie Goshu and mother Desta Baraki.
Lucas Gobezie's Funeral Service, Burial, and Reception will be held on September 7, 2019 at 1 PM @ Evergreen Washelli, 11111 Aurora Ave N, Seattle WA 98133.


Woyin: With Agew People Representative from Qimant during the "save the constitution and federal system conference" held in Mekelle - August 2019

What a convincing argument, if her witness and call do not cause you discomfort to be an enabler of the current politicians then you are not human!


Addis Abeba University Today


ARTS TV- Getachew Reda, Lidetu Ayalew and Bekele Gerba - August 28, 2019


Conference Resolution - "To Save the Constitution and Federal System in Ethiopia" - Mekelle Tigrai August 27, 2019


Wefir Harnet: Grassroot Movement to fight for the release of Tigrean political prisoners and those held with made-up charges - August 2019


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Modern Art Exhibition in Mekelle- VoA Tigirgna Aug 2019

Importer Catalyst Trade Offers a Fresh Vision for Ethiopian Coffee
Upon launching their family-run, seed-to-cup coffee consulting brand Catalyst Coffee Consulting, founders Emily and Michael McIntyre weren't exactly sure where the venture would take them, but they did have their sticking points.McIntyres' newest venture, a coffee trading and import company based jointly in Oregon and Ethiopia called Catalyst Trade. The company, which has...

Meles Academy Graduates Youth to Fill in Local Government Positions
The graduates will be assigned to all government positions at the entry-level in all localities throughout Tigrai. If you recall Tigrai is amidst a complete restructuring campaign of its government structure starting at the local level. These graduates were selected from all over Tigrai and are holders of first degree from higher institutions. See Also... Woyen Coverage

በአዲሱ ዓመት የአስተሳሰብ አብዮት!
ከአብዱራህማን አህመዲን፤9-5-19

Ethiopian opposition parties threaten election boycott
One of the amendments raised the number of signatures to register a national party to 10,000, up from 1,500. Regional parties will need 4,000 signatures, up from 750.
If the opposition can not find 10000 members nationwide and 4000 members within their region, then why are they even worried about the election? Can they win with 750 registered supporters in any Kilil/region? If they have to oppose the law they should oppose it for something else not for such embarrassing inclusion! Ethiopian politics is full of intrigues and I am sure this is the work of the forces who are trying to prolong Abiy government by canceling the coming election. If what I am hearing is even half true, postponing the election will be catastrophic for the country and those in power. Hear ye! Zeru Hagos Sep 5, 2019

Tigrai 2011

Ever since EPRDF nominated Abiy as the chairman and PM of Ethiopia, Ethiopian politics has gone from bad to worst. The regions that made up Federal Ethiopia have been mired in turmoil...What do you think about Tigrai political leadership? Where did Tigrai excel and where did it fail to improve? Have your say and make sure to make your points in a clear and precise manner so it is taken seriously....Leave Your Comment Here!

Extremism exacerbates, it never alleviates
Yilma Debele 9-5-19 - The political situation in Ethiopia is still inauspicious. Myriads of factors come in to the play as to why the problem persists. In my view, all the political actors are responsible in one way or another. Every political actor is busy at figure pointing, but bringing no solutions.

Ethiopia to host ITME Africa 2020

Addis Ababa, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) Ethiopia will host the International Textile Machinery Exhibition, ITME Africa 2020, February 14-16 next year, the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations announced in a statement.Organized by the India International Textile Machinery Exhibition Society (ITME), the exhibition will be held in Addis Ababa

Donkey skin trade is out of control
Animal welfare charity, The Donkey Sanctuary, has called for an immediate halt to the trade in donkey skins, used to produce the traditional Chinese remedy, ejiao. The charity made the warning while speaking at the third annual Africa Animal Welfare Conference in Ethiopia this week.

Manifesto Wefri-Harnet
This Manifesto reflects the fundamental beliefs and positions of Wefri-Harnet movement. Tigray and Tigrayans, individually and collectively, have been subjected to multi-pronged and multifaceted attacks and harms in the past four years, especially in the past 15 months. To withstand these attacks, the vast majority of Tigryans have set aside their internal political, religious and personal differences. In the process, Tigryans have shown an admirable unity of purpose...

Beyond Ethiopia's identity politics: Exploring class cleavages
Addis Abeba, August 16, 2019 – As Ethiopia is preparing for parliamentary elections come next year, a striking feature of the political landscape is the total absence of a clear leftist alternative. All the parties currently active in Ethiopia are anchored in different forms of identity politics, (most of them either aligned with a distinct ethno-nationalist or pan-Ethiopianist ideologies) or the new and yet to be tested alternative of 'citizenship politics.'

Enigmatic reformer
Yilma Debele 9-3-19 - I would say the Ethiopian Premier is a very enigmatic leader. I should say, his problem emanates with his own base. This person is an Oromo. He represents an Oromo party. For one reason or another person happens to be a Premier. Look, when this person ascended to the throne, really, nowhere in Ethiopia rallying support took place but in the Amhara region.

Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft May Never Fly Again
Ribbeck Law Chartered, representing the majority of Boeing 737 Max 8 cases against Boeing, filed today a lawsuit in Chicago for an Egyptian passenger, a victim of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 tragedy. Ribbeck Law Chartered and Global Aviation Law Group recently filed a lawsuit for a Kenyan family and demanded one billion US dollars for the 66 families that they represent in the two Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashes .     Amharic Version

Air traffic between China and Africa has jumped 630% in the last decade
Zhibin Zhou, a mechanics worker in Gabon, is flying to China for his annual vacation back to his hometown, Yancheng, a city about 3.5 hours from Shanghai by car. He works in Libreville-Gabon's capital-for a quarry owned by a businessman who is also from Yancheng. Every year, Zhou gets one month off to visit his family back home. He's taking a direct flight from Addis Ababa to Shanghai following his arrival from Libreville.Ethiopian Airlines has only flown from Addis Ababa to Shanghai since 2014.

The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London - Summer 2019 Edition
Ethiopia is heading for a historic National Election in May 2020, expected to be the freest, fairest and most inclusive ever held in the country. Ethiopia, with a population of over 105 million people, has a fixed-term parliament system...

Soft power influence in the Arabian Gulf
Kuwait in the 1980s, then (UAE member) Dubai in the 1990s, and Qatar and Abu Dhabi in the 2000s all spent lavishly in the quest for influence. Those seeking a higher international profile have always targeted journalists of all nationalities. Invited on press trips (often the only way to meet local leaders), they receive expensive gifts...

Keynote Address at the G20 Compact with Africa Side Event On the occasion of the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7)
Abebe Aemro Selassie, Director, Africa Department, IMF August 29, 2019 - It is a pleasure to be here today at TICAD 7 for this gathering to discuss the Compact with Africa (CWA) and ways of “ Enhancing partnership for investment in Africa."I want to thank the Japanese authorities and Co-Chairs of the G20 Africa Advisory Group for the invitation to make this address. As you all know, over the years, there have been many international initiatives to support Africa. When it was launched two and a half years ago...

Visible efforts and generosity of Diaspora Tegaru in strengthening and modernizing health service provision system
(TDA) 8-30-19 - In the past 30 years TDA, together with Diaspora Tegaru of different countries, has played a pivotal role in boosting the coverage and quality of health service in Tigrai. Having received the donation from the generous and farsighted couple Mr. Tsegay Hailu & his wife Mrs. Letay Gebregziabher residents of North America, and USA Cure Project, TDA and regional health bureau have officially delivered the medical donation worth 14 million birr to Edaga Arbi Primary Hospital.

Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
By 2034, Africa will have a larger labor force than China's or India's, and by 2050, one in four people on Earth will be African. C. D. Glin of the U.S. African Development Foundation, Andrew Small of MISSIO Invest, and Jen Spies of Google evaluate the future of equity, development, and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa, with CFR's Michelle D. Gavin moderating, at the 2019 CFR Religion and Foreign Policy Workshop.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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