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Simply Awesome! - Refreshing to the Mind that is Imprisoned by the Silicon fast life of the Far West of the Globe- Enjoy If you are like me! Thank you DW TV!!! Glad the Kermti has not been hard on our people!!


DW TV: With Fistum Asgedom Owner of Gills Water Drilling Company - Sep 2019
The secrets of our people's success in defeating Derge and poverty lies behind the courage of Amora and people like Fistum. If we all do our part our people will defeat the only remaining enemy of our time - Poverty! The Diaspora must answer the call from the Tigrai government to help so people like Fistum help our people drink clean water and maintain a safe environment.


Tigrai TV: Ethiopia's Fate(Amharic) - Sep 2019


Remembering Gen Seare with Col Tsige wife of the late general! Sep 2019


Remembering General Seare: Is He Gone forever? Will we ever know why he was killed and who killed him?


Woyin: With Agew People Representative from Qimant during the "save the constitution and federal system conference" held in Mekelle - August 2019

What a convincing argument, if her witness and call do not cause you discomfort to be an enabler of the current politicians then you are not human!


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Ethiopia says Egypt proposal on Nile dam hurts 'sovereignty'
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia’s foreign ministry in a sharply worded statement dismisses Egypt's latest proposal on a massive Nile River dam project as "against the sovereignty of Ethiopia." The statement issued Friday comes shortly after Egypt said a new round of talks over the soon-to-be-finished $5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam failed to achieve progress.

Ethiopia rejects Egypt's Nile water dam proposal
Ethiopia has rejected Egypt's proposal over how to operate the Grand Renaissance Dam, which is being built on the Blue Nile near Ethiopia's border with Sudan.
Ethiopia should claim the same claim Egypt and Sudan used during their turbulent days to postpone the negotiation! Negotiation should be postponed until a stable government is elected in Ethiopia! This is an election year and if the Abiy government is sincere with its desire to reform the country it must stop making any deals to privatize the economy or any international deals! There is plenty of precedences to use for Ethiopia to freeze any discussions or deals that affect the country. Even the USA with 300 years of democracy did not allow President Obama to nominate a Supreme Court judge during the last few months of his presidency! The Abiy government is simply a transitional government not popularly mandated to govern the country. Abiy himself told the world he was passing secrets of government to illegal organizations during the Meles/ Hailemaraim government(Listen to Andargachew Tisge interview and Abiy recent interview with Sheger radio). This is not what a popular PM does if you ask us!

TPLF Repeating Same Fatal Mistake (Part One)
Yene Gasha Sep 19, 2019 - It would be disingenuous for anyone to minimize the undeniable truth that many within the Ethiopian political bureaucracy (be they Tigrian, Amhara or Oromo) forgot their struggling compatriots and decided instead to enrich themselves and their families. Thus, unashamed theft of public assets has become the norm in today’s Ethiopia.

Adama Seminar and EPRDF End!- Sep 2019
Abiy has been adamant to undo the EPRDF coalition from the beginning. What was not clear to many was his desire to undo the opposition camp also. If there is anything known about his "medemer" is that his deliberate attempt to cloud the difference between the opposition and the EPRDF. The current seminar in Adama by his followers is the final step before he declares EPRDF era is over. From all indication, TPLF and other EPRDF leaders are completely in opposition to such seminars and the "medemer" philosophy of Abiy and "akatach capitalism" philosophy of Demeke. According to a knowledgeable person, no one but Demeke himself knows what "akatach" is? It seems both Demeke and Abiy are simply using catchy words to confuse the public, otherwise, Medemer or akatach/inclusive can not be a philosophy a country can use as a guiding principle behind a political and economic revolution. The era of EPRDF is over and brace yourself to the unknown future of Ethiopia. May God stretch his hand to the people. I see dark days ahead without a unified EPRDF.
Zeru Hagos Sep 17, 2019

TDA is Establishing Chapters in major cities of Canada to create TDA-Canada.
TDA 9-18-19 - TDA Chapters are being established in the major cities of Canada namely Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver to establish TDA-Canada.During a public meeting held on the 14th and 15th of September 2019, two chapters - Toronto and Ottawa, were established...Read Also:- ማሕበረሰብ ንግዲ ወረዳ ደጉዓ ተምቤን ምስ ምምሕዳር እቲ ወረዳ ብምትሕብባር ኣብ ዘሳለጥዎ ቴሌቶን ልዕሊ 178 ሽሕ ብር ንማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ኣወፍዮም

Egypt still at odds with Ethiopia over giant Nile dam
Egypt says talks to resolve a conflict over a giant Nile River dam being built by Ethiopia have failed to achieve progress between the two countries. Monday's statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation said two-day negotiations that also included Sudan did not touch on "technical aspects" of the $5bn Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Egypt is once again using its pressure tactic. If the pressure does not work in her favor it will resort to hiring mercenaries to disrupt the country the same way it did with the last government. Ethiopia's military must not fail the people. Defend the Dam and the country at all cost. The Dam is nearly finished. Two years of disruption is enough. Stand tall as the ancestors did against aggressors. Leave no room to sold outs. Yiakel/Beqa/Enough!!!

'ፍላጎታችን ወደፊት ድርጊታችን ወደኃላ!'
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስፋይ9-17-19

State closes illegal export routes along Kenya-Ethiopia border
The government has closed two feeder roads in Moyale to curb smuggling of goods along the Kenya-Ethiopia border.The move follows concern by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) that most exporters and importers from both countries do not pay taxes after evading the one-stop border posts. Traders use Sesse feeder road located meters away from the customs and police offices and Biashara street, about a kilometer away.

This news is more than what it says. We think Kenya is not happy with Ethiopia. Who can blame them? The well developed foreign policy of the country that served it well over the years has been abandoned. With the current policy, Ethiopian and Kenya do not see eye to eye regarding Somalia, and Ethiopia is being cornered to chose the USA over China. Ethiopia used to be a friend to both China and the USA!.

Egypt's Sisi says 'dams on the Nile would have never been built was it not for the impact of 2011'
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Saturday that dams on the Nile would have never been built was it not for the impact of the 2011 uprising, urging Egyptians not to repeat the mistakes of the past.President El-Sisi's remarks in reference to the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which started in 2011
And Egypt wants to be taken seriously that it is negotiating for a win-win outcome with such mindset by its leader? At this point, we can only hope against hope someone in the Abiy government has an iota of courage left to stand for Ethiopia and finish the Dam Ethiopians started with a slogan "with our means" we will build the dam!
See Also:-
The Human Rights Agenda in Ethiopia: Anything done in the name of reform cannot be a human rights violation!
Elias Dawit Sep 15, 2019 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the foundational document of our international body of human rights law, emerged out of the horrors of fascism and the holocaust. These events in the early part of the twentieth century illustrated the danger of leaving human rights to the exclusive prerogative of the sovereign state. Yet, all too often the human rights community gets it wrong. In an extraordinarily candid article by the well known human rights advocate Alex de Walle...

Our universities are becoming hotbed of intolerance: the culprits are none other than university instructors
Asmelash Yohannes (PhD, Mekelle University School of Law) 9-15-19 - We are pretty pre-occupied with politics. Our life is consumed with political rumours. Social media posts are awash with ADP said this; Jawar Mohammed said that; Lemma Megersa said this: Getachew Reda blurted this or that … However, there is something that must be dealt with immediately. Our universities are becoming a place for extremism and intolerance as a result of the unbridled participation of university instructors in politics

The Agony of Governing: Oromo Elites having as a second thought on Abiy Government-Sep 2019
(Once we knew TPLF has taken a firm stand on the Multi-National Federation and the Constitution, it was obvious for us to say the least, the Federalists will be a majority securing the continuity of Ethiopia. If federalist fail to unite, we are afraid, let alone the Ethiopia of 150 years, even, the Ethiopia of yesterday will not be sustainable!)

Ethiopian Adds Innovative App Feature 'Feel Addis' to Elevate Passengers' Layover Experience
Addis Ababa, 13 September 2019 - Passengers flying Ethiopian with a layover between 8 and 24 hours in Addis Ababa are set to have their end-to-end layover experience transformed in a whole new way with the launch of the airline’s digitized transit package dubbed Feel Addis. The enhanced service brings convenience to ...

Plug $10 Billion Hole and Prosper, UN Economists Tell Ethiopia
Ethiopia must attract new investment and reduce its debt if it's to achieve the government's economic growth and job creation targets, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.The Horn of Africa nation has a $10 billion gap -- $6 billion in new investment and $4 billion of debt reduction per year -- UNECA Executive Secretary Vera Songwe said in an emailed statement.
Let us see if the Harvard economist and KPMG deliver the goods to Ethiopia and the new neoliberalist friends they have installed. The much-heralded development of the past which the country was enjoying is arrested completely now. Here come the very same forces that held Africa in the dark despite its rich minerals and god-given wealth as its savior! We shall see! But, why is the Abiy government auctioning the country without a clear mandate to govern? Isn't election around the corner? Why not leave such a huge decision to the next popularly mandated government? See Also:-
  • Ethio-Telecom and KPMG are going to conduct Asset Evaluation Project.Here is a Wikipedia entry about KPMG:-You can find the full report here...

  • Read about Dr. Ricardo Hausmann's meltdown :He is appointed by US to Ethiopia's so-called economic reform agenda.

  • An open notelet to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Peoples Representative (HPR) and House of Federation (HOF)
    Birhanu B. Sep 8, 2019 - Dear Member of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Peoples Representative (HPR) and House of Federation (HOF). As Ethiopian citizens, each one of us started to worry about our destiny. The country is going from bad to worst in every dimension. The worst change so far is the failure to honor our pledge to protect and defend the constitution and constitutional order. The power, duties and accountability and incapacitated nature of the Ethiopian government to preserve peace, enhance development, democracy, and good governance...

    Global Movement for the Liberation of Tigrayan Political Prisoners (Wefri Harnet) (Wefri Harnet - Addis Ababa)
    (Wefri Harnet - Addis Ababa) Sep 8, 2019 - Tigray and Tigrayans have been subjected to public incitements of genocide, defamation, imprisonment and abuses for the past one year and half in Ethiopia. As a result, hundreds of Tigrayans are unjustly held and languishing in federal, regional and secret prisons..

    Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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