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Tigrai TV: Ethiopia's Fate(Amharic) - Sep 2019


The Puff Adder - II

G. E. Gorfu 9-10-19


Remembering Gen Seare with Col Tsige wife of the late general! Sep 2019



Remembering General Seare: Is He Gone forever? Will we ever know why he was killed and who killed him?


Tigray regional government taking positive measures towards diaspora investment

This one of a kind diaspora investment has faced many problems! The absences of basic infrastructure coupled with the erratic electric supply have been the main obstacles but, the bureaucratic hurdles and inefficient labor forces coupled with a lack of capable factory managers have also contributed significantly. Nowhere but only in Tigrai is a factory closed for 'environmental pollution' these days! The gypsum byproduct that was used as an excuse to shut this factory for this long is the least harmful compared to all other pollutants in the region! Yet, the factory imported a solution and it was taxed for importing the solution - only in Tigrai! We hope the current government is learning fast how to become a business-friendly government regardless who the investors are - Foreign or Local!


Modern Art Exhibition in Mekelle- VoA Tigirgna Aug 2019


ታዝበናል !!!

ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 9-5-19


Woyin: With Agew People Representative from Qimant during the "save the constitution and federal system conference" held in Mekelle - August 2019

What a convincing argument, if her witness and call do not cause you discomfort to be an enabler of the current politicians then you are not human!


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DW TV: Deputy President Debretsion(Ph.D.)New Year Message- Sep 2012(EC)

Eritrea Tops List of Most Censored Countries
A media watchdog has determined that Eritrea is the world's most censored country.Eritrea topped the list of the 10 most censored countries in a report released Tuesday by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. In addition to maintaining a legal monopoly on Eritrea's broadcast media and control over state media journalists, the watchdog said alternate sources of information such as the government-controlled internet and exiled radio stations are restricted.

Plug $10 Billion Hole and Prosper, UN Economists Tell Ethiopia
Ethiopia must attract new investment and reduce its debt if it's to achieve the government's economic growth and job creation targets, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.The Horn of Africa nation has a $10 billion gap -- $6 billion in new investment and $4 billion of debt reduction per year -- that must be bridged to achieve its reform aspirations, UNECA Executive Secretary Vera Songwe said in an emailed statement.
Let us see if the Harvard economist and KPMG deliver the goods to Ethiopia and the new neoliberalist friends they have installed. The much-heralded development of the past which the country was enjoying is arrested completely now. Here come the very same forces that held Africa in the dark despite its rich minerals and god-given wealth as its savior! We shall see! But, why is the Abiy government auctioning the country without a clear mandate to govern? Isn't election around the corner? Why not leave such a huge decision to the next popularly mandated government? See Also:-
  • Ethio-Telecom and KPMG are going to conduct Asset Evaluation Project.Here is a Wikipedia entry about KPMG:-You can find the full report here...

  • Read about Dr. Ricardo Hausmann's meltdown :He is appointed by US to Ethiopia's so-called economic reform agenda.

  • An open notelet to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Peoples Representative (HPR) and House of Federation (HOF)
    Birhanu B. Sep 8, 2019 - Dear Member of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Peoples Representative (HPR) and House of Federation (HOF). As Ethiopian citizens, each one of us started to worry about our destiny. The country is going from bad to worst in every dimension. The worst change so far is the failure to honor our pledge to protect and defend the constitution and constitutional order. The power, duties and accountability and incapacitated nature of the Ethiopian government to preserve peace, enhance development, democracy, and good governance...

    EU provides €15M to improve Ethiopian coffee sector
    The European Union (EU) has provided €15 million (about US$16.5 million) to support the competitiveness of Ethiopia's coffee sector.In a press conference on 5 September, Ethiopian State Minister of Agriculture, Sani Redi, said the EU's funding would contribute to improving coffee productivity...

    Global Movement for the Liberation of Tigrayan Political Prisoners (Wefri Harnet) (Wefri Harnet - Addis Ababa)
    (Wefri Harnet - Addis Ababa) Sep 8, 2019 - Tigray and Tigrayans have been subjected to public incitements of genocide, defamation, imprisonment and abuses for the past one year and half in Ethiopia. As a result, hundreds of Tigrayans are unjustly held and languishing in federal, regional and secret prisons..

    Aid Groups Suspend Work in Ethiopia After 2 Killed
    Humanitarian aid efforts by the United Nations and other groups have been suspended in Ethiopia's Gambella regional state after the deaths of two aid workers there, a local U.N. official said Friday. Steven Were Omamo, acting U.N. humanitarian coordinator to Ethiopia, told VOA's Horn of Africa service that aid operations would be on hold indefinitely until security in the region improved.

    Teodros Kiros (Ph.D.) Sep 6, 2019 - The prevailing grave situation in Ethiopia calls for a serious examination of the political idea of Citizenship. The time is now ripe to think deeply and responsibly about the meaning and practice of citizenship. I should now examine three interrelated ideas, which I will first examine separately.

    Importer Catalyst Trade Offers a Fresh Vision for Ethiopian Coffee
    Upon launching their family-run, seed-to-cup coffee consulting brand Catalyst Coffee Consulting, founders Emily and Michael McIntyre weren't exactly sure where the venture would take them, but they did have their sticking points.McIntyres' newest venture, a coffee trading and import company based jointly in Oregon and Ethiopia called Catalyst Trade. The company, which has...

    Ethiopian opposition parties threaten election boycott
    One of the amendments raised the number of signatures to register a national party to 10,000, up from 1,500. Regional parties will need 4,000 signatures, up from 750.
    If the opposition can not find 10000 members nationwide and 4000 members within their region, then why are they even worried about the election? Can they win with 750 registered supporters in any Kilil/region? If they have to oppose the law they should oppose it for something else not for such embarrassing inclusion! Ethiopian politics is full of intrigues and I am sure this is the work of the forces who are trying to prolong Abiy government by canceling the coming election. If what I am hearing is even half true, postponing the election will be catastrophic for the country and those in power. Hear ye! Zeru Hagos Sep 5, 2019

    Meles Academy Graduates Youth to Fill in Local Government Positions
    The graduates will be assigned to all government positions at the entry-level in all localities throughout Tigrai. If you recall Tigrai is amidst a complete restructuring campaign of its government structure starting at the local level. These graduates were selected from all over Tigrai and are holders of first degree from higher institutions. See Also... Woyen Coverage

    Tigrai 2011

    Ever since EPRDF nominated Abiy as the chairman and PM of Ethiopia, Ethiopian politics has gone from bad to worst. The regions that made up Federal Ethiopia have been mired in turmoil...What do you think about Tigrai political leadership? Where did Tigrai excel and where did it fail to improve? Have your say and make sure to make your points in a clear and precise manner so it is taken seriously....Leave Your Comment Here!

    Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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