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It was an amazing seen to see that many people at the border when it was first opened but to see such traffic before the two countries have a well-planned custom regulation is really amazing-- Our political leaders have erred big time over the years to have divided the people.
Zalambessa - Tigrai-Eritrea border crossing traffic jam, Sep 2018


Tigreans from different parts of Ethiopia donate over 500 thousand birr to displaced families living in Tigrai

Help Displaced Tegaru Families



People to people: Tigreans and Eritreans, Rama, Tigrai Sep 2018



Eritrean Diaspora reaction to the opening of the Ethio-Eritrea border after 20 years - Part1



Tigray Disabled Veterans are our heroes who deserve our recognition!


ONN Reportage on Qimant People Persecution - Amhara Region
Thank you ONN for being the voice for the voiceless - with the Qimant issue at least! Ethiopia must protect indigenous people to the fullest and those who committed or enabled the mayhem should be held accountable. Dr. Abiy and HRW Qimants are people too!
(Forwarded: Mulatu Mekonnen 09-08-18)


Luxury Apartment In the Heart of Addis
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EPRP Finally Returns Home!
A delegation of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP), arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, today after 40 years of exile. Upon arrival at Bole International Airport, the delegation composed of EPRP chairman Belayneh Nigatu and other senior leadership was welcomed by Hirut Zemene, Foreign Affairs State Minister.
With the addition of EPRP, OLF and all the hodgepodge groups from the diaspora, the country's democratic process will be tested severely. We will know if EPRDF has indeed laid the foundation where people can tolerate each other and forge a healthy competition for the betterment of all the citizens! አቡነ አረጋዊ ይሃልዋ ታ አዲ/ May God Watch the Country!/

"ፋኖ" ማለት ምን ማለት ነው?
ሃይላይ ከመቐለ ዩኒቨርሲቲ 09-22-18

"ሀገርን ማን ይምራ?"
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስ09-22-18

Former OPDO now ODP(Oromo Democratic Party) New Leaders. These will be part of the EPRDF Executive Leaders, if EPRDF survives its next Congress set to start Meskerem 23, 2011(E.C)

EPRDF current Chairman Abiy Ahmed in his recent speech said EPRDF like the Derg has failed! Does anyone know what he really wanted to say?
ዓብዩ እንተበልናስ ገና ቆልዓ! ታጥቦ ጭቃ ነገር ሆነ አኮ!

ሕዋነቱ እናሓደረ ዝኹላዕ ህዝቢ
ካብ ባሕረ-ነጋሽ 09-22-18

An economic revival in Ethiopia, the inevitable decline of the nuclear power industry

Ethiopia was the world's fastest-growing economy in 2017, but over recent years, historic issues in sub-Saharan Africa have too often obscured the story of the country's remarkable economic progress. While Ethiopia faces systemic problems around its infrastructure and energy....

Commentary- Path forward for TPLF and the Tigray People
M Gettaw, Sept 20, 2018 - Dear AIGA, I would like to make a few suggestions for TPLF and the Tigray people on the ways forward to make their role in the national political arena more relevant and effective. I will put forward four key issues that could be used as starting point for further discussions....

FYI: Tamrat Layne's Case!
It is not in our mission to play catch you or be judgmental. But, when a born-again christian and once upon a time tegadaly lies a white-lie we thought it is fair to share the above testament about Tamarat Layne and his current crusade to defame the late PM Meles Zenawi. Tamrat's account of events was already debunked by his former comrades Bereket Simon and Taddess Kintishu but to hear similar debunk from a person who is not an EPRDF member will be more convincing. Watch and Listen and you be the judge! Tamrat as a tegadalay and born again Christian we did not expect you to defame Meles using your child. Sad!

ህወሓት ከም ጃፓን
ሰላም ለኩሉ 09-20-18

The Digital Transformation of Banking - Driving Constructive Economic Outcomes from the FinTech Ecosystem in Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:The unique environment for financial services in Africa is fertile ground for innovative FinTech players who are not only disrupting but also building it from the scratch which is bringing Financial inclusions and attracting other investments across the continent.New technological advancements are the real disruptors for the banking and finance industry, especially....

Opposition parties fail to appear before NEBE for registration
Following the call by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to opposition parties residing outside the country to organize their struggles in a different form; the head of communication of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), Tesfalem Abay told The Reporter that none of the parties that have returned have appeared for the registration purposes.
To begin with, most if not all of the diaspora based so-called opposition groups were NOT functioning as a typical political organization. Second, most of them are foreign citizens, like Andargachew! The election board should explain the legal issue with foreign citizens joining the political process in Ethiopia since most of the returnees will most likely join other legal political groups. Of all only OLF may end up registering as legal opposition in Ethiopia since it was one of the founding parties of the current federal government with many followers and active members!

A pointless, savage war is finally over
(CNN)They walked stiff-kneed and hunched, their eyes wide to the whites as they emerged from the frontline of a war that must rank among the most stupid and wasteful of the last century. These young men were Eritrean conscripts. Their comrades had been left on the Zalembessa frontline, crushed into the soil by tanks and torn apart by artillery bombardments.
Sad but a fair assessment of the predicament Ethiopians and Eritreans have been facing! We hope this time the agreement is real and the two leaders were not forced to sign to simply gain a few petrodollars into their government coffer!

Statement from Ethiopia National Security Council - Sep 18, 2018
Sep 09-18-18 - Statement on the prevailing political development and national security situation
Rebels in Eastern Ethiopia to Seek Self-Determination Vote
A rebel group in Ethiopia said it will demand a referendum on self-determination for the country�s troubled, gas-rich Somali region during landmark peace talks with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed�s government.The plan by the Ogaden National Liberation Front may aggravate a scramble for the region�s energy resources, including natural gas reserves the government estimates will eventually earn it $7 billion a year.

Deadly ethnic-based attacks erupt near Ethiopia's capital
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia � Government officials and residents said overnight ethnic-based attacks in the outskirts of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, have killed several people and caused hundreds to flee their homes. "Several lives were lost and properties damaged due to this attack," head of the Oromia Police Commission, Alemayehu Ejigu, told the state broadcaster ETV ...
The silence by HRW and the US State Dept is deafening! This is not the first killing, it happened in many parts of Ethiopia over the last few months. Yet, HRW and US State Dept have said nothing! The Abiy government is failing the country and shame to the Ethiopian armed forces! What business do they have in Somalia if they can not protect the innocent in Addis Ababa! Is the army the last guardian of the constitution? If so what does it mean really? Sad! Sad! We are at a stage where we are ready to give up hope that Ethiopia can be saved.

Thousands protest ethnic-based violence
Several areas surrounding the capital Addis Ababa were hit by what is the latest round of violence in the country.Thousands of angry Ethiopians took to the streets of Addis Ababa in protest on Monday after a weekend of ethnically motivated attacks that saw 23 people killed and dozens arrested on the outskirts of the capital over the weekend.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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