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ONN Reportage on Qimant People Persecution - Amhara Region
Thank you ONN for being the voice for the voiceless - with the Qimant issue at least! Ethiopia must protect indigenous people to the fullest and those who committed or enabled the mayhem should be held accountable. Dr. Abiy and HRW Qimants are people too!
(Forwarded: Mulatu Mekonnen 09-08-18)



ሰላም:ከሀገረ:ንግስት: 10/09/2018


Mayor of Axum Speech at the inauguration of Minilik 1st Highschool - Sep 2018



Federal Police on Engineer Semegnew Death - Sep 2018


ራሴን አልገደልኩም

አደራ ተሸክሜ
የልጆች አባት ሆኜ
ራስህን ገደልክ
ገደልክ ባዩ።

ኢዮብ ከባህር ማዶ


The Chinese in Ethiopia


CONGRATS:Shire Endasselasie ( Sihul )FC promoted to Premier League!!አዮካ ናይና!!


የትግራይ እናት ሰባት መንታ ትውለድ

ኢዮብ ከባህር ማዶ 09-03-18


Engineer Semegnew Fund
The Water Irrigation and Electric Ministry has established an Engineer Semegew Fund to help Engineer Semegnew family and carry on his dreams by giving a scholarship to selected students.


Luxury Apartment In the Heart of Addis
Limited availability for Sale

Bank Financing for Diaspora Paying in Dollar/Hard Currency is Available. For detail information call the number below!

+251 967464646
+251 967080808


News, Analysis & Articles
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Ethiopia-Eritrea border reopens after 20 years
Ethiopians and Eritreans have been celebrating the reopening of two key crossing points more than 20 years after a border war shut them.Hundreds of people from the two countries hugged each other and some wept as their leaders led celebrations to mark the reopening.

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki, PM Abiy and Deputy President of Tigrai Debretsion Celebrating Ethiopian New Year at the border town Zalanbessa- Tigrai Ethiopia Sep 11 2018

Injiinar Simmanyoon maaliif of ajjeese? Kutaa 1ffaa
Hiikaa Margaa 09-11-18 - Injiinar Simmanyoo Baqqalaa hoji geggeessaa ol’aanaa ta’uun Hidha Guddicha Haaromsa Itiyoophiyaa laga Abbayyaa irratti hidhamuuf hojjetamaa jiru erga bara 2002 tii eegalee nama adda durummaan namwaggoota ogummaa isaatiin biyya kana tajaajilaa turee dha.

Hawey Health Center built by Rotary International and Aite Tewlede generous help is one of its kind for Rotary International to be involved in Ethiopia. Tamrat Yemane was there for the inauguration and has filed the following report. Sep 2018

Call for Manuscripts:Journal of Tigraian Culture and Development
This Call symbolizes the launching of a new academic journal called the Journal of Tigraian Culture and Development. A White Paper that proclaimed the launching and instituting of the Journal is available online at WWW.MU.EDU.ET/JTCD. Kick-off Workshop of the Journal is hosted on 16.02.2018 at Adi Haqi Campus, Mekelle University. Inaugural event of the Journal will be colorfully celebrated through International Conference upon the publication of its first issue

VW mulls Ethiopia in Africa foray
Volkswagen (VW) is considering a component assembly plant in Ethiopia, in addition to the two recently announced assembly plants in Ghana and Nigeria.The foray into Africa represents a growth opportunity for the car maker in light of the expected recovery of the continent’s economies recently ...

In the last 120 Days of 2010!
In less than four months, the EPRDF government has done a wonderful job in cutting to size the noisy diaspora extremists! Most of the who is who from the extremists in the diaspora, chief among them, Berhanu Nega, has now returned to Ethiopia! Almost all of them were received well with a loud microphone and lots of colorful Bandera! Some were quietly received enticed by a warm stay at Sheraton and Hilton for free also!
Now comes the real political work left for EPRDF to complete the process - handling the OLF and maybe EPRP! The two are the oldest political parties in Ethiopia - They may be older than Abiy's father!
OLF top leaders are expected to fly into the country in few days. With certainty, the coming of the OLF will be detrimental to OPDO's survival! All indications are OLF will try to wrestle Oromia's control from the OPDO peacefully. However, there is a chance things could get uglier! Let us hope the Federal Army will intervene if any confrontation develops.
EPRDF believes most of the extremists who returned home will simply wither away since they have no political agenda to stand the test of time. However, the same is not true when it comes with the OLF and perhaps the EPRP!
Welcome home you all! Dr. Berhanu, how is your chance to be the mayor of Addis in Jawar's time? Better than Kinjit time you said? Happy Habesah New Year to All.
Zeru Hagos Sep 10, 2018

Can Ethiopia's Reforms Succeed?
Ethiopia is on the move. The resignation of beleaguered Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in February ushered in the most significant reordering of political power in the country since 1991, when youthful guerrillas toppled the long-serving Marxist strongman Mengistu Haile Mariam.

UN chief welcomes Djibouti agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia
The meeting, held on 6 September in Djibouti, resulted in the signing of a cooperation agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.Through his spokesman, the UN chief stressed that "the agreement reached among the four Ministers to work together to restore peace and stability in the region is a positive example for the Horn and beyond."
Let us hope and be positive this is indeed a real beginning for peace. We pray Wedi Afom is not playing a stint and taking PM Abiy for a ride until the UN sanction is lifted. Isaias Afeworki must open the border and allow people to freely move and allow democratic institutions to function in Eritrea! Then and only then will we see lasting peace in the region, otherwise the UN may lift the sanction but it is going to be hard to maintain peace with millions of Eritreans leaving the country as refugees!

የሰላምና የልማት ቀጠና
አዲስ ቶልቻ 09-10-18

Ol'aantummaan Seeraa Falmiif Hindhiiyaatu
bsaa Namarraa 09-09-18 Ol’aantummaan Seeraa fi alsirnummaan dorgomaa dha. Yammuu inni tokko ol’aantummaa argattu, inni kaan nicuqqaalamaa. Yammuu ol’aantummaan seeraa ol’aantummaa dhabu, alsirnummaan bakka isaa bu’a. Gara biraatin, yammuu ol’aantummaan seeraa mowuu, alsirnummaan nisalphataa.

'Holy water' blamed for cholera outbreak in Ethiopia
A cholera outbreak in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region has reportedly been blamed on holy water, after at least 10 people died over the past two weeks, while more than 1 200 people have contracted the disease.

A backpacker's guide to Ethiopia: a one-month itinerary
Full of natural wonders and ancient culture, this vast country is also home to booming cities and a youthful population. Explore it with our guide on where to go, what to see and where to stay...Ethiopia has astonishing landscapes, ranging from the flat-topped mountains of the north to the otherworldly multicoloured salt flats and lava lake of the Erta Ale volcano in the Danakil Depression; rich flora and fauna(this is the country where residents and hyenas live in peace); and ancient cultures, including the the city of Axum

Volunteering for a better tomorrow
Solomon Beyene 09-07-18 - As different author’s point of view, voluntary work refers to activities performed willingly and without pay to produce goods or provide services for others outside the volunteer’s household or family. Volunteer work plays pivotal role...

The Principles Governing China-Africa Relations
Bereket Gebru 09-06-18 - The China-Africa Forum (FOCAC 2018) was held in Beijing this past week. Out of the forum came out huge numbers representing the debt Africa owes China (142 billion USD) and the flow of trade between the two partners. A lot of things grabbed the attention of various media. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the FOCAC Beijing forum.

Ethiopian commercial ship docks in Eritrea for first time in 20 years: broadcaster
NAIROBI (Reuters) - An Ethiopian commercial ship docked in an Eritrean port for the first time in two decades on Wednesday, state-affiliated media said, in a concrete sign of a stunning rapprochement between the neighbors and former foes.The Mekelle entered the Red Sea port of Massawa and was due to carry 11,000 tonnes of Eritrean zinc to China, Ethiopian broadcaster Fana Broadcasting reported.
What is wrong with Wedi Afom? He wants Ethiopia's Airline and Ship Vessels to fly in and dock but does not want people to people relationship develop? Why is he denying his own people living in the border area to be free? If the current relationship is still based on an exploitation scheme it is not going to last!
መቐለ ብድሃን ተመለሲ!(smile, but why Meqelle of all the Ships?)

Establishment of Research-Oriented Teams

Dear All Scholars/Professionals, The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS), in collaboration with the Tigrai-based universities, and the Tigrai National Regional State, held the first of its kind successful conference from July 18th –23rd in Mekelle, Tigrai. Please select a thematic area which is closely related to your active research area and/or professional career, in which you will exclusively and highly contribute.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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