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ENN: Interview with Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu - PART 1


New Book on Eritrea: Political Consciousness Public Discourse

Cover Letter
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Reportage:Diaspora Investor in Tigrai Mekelle, Gebremedhin Feseha.

The report is a summary of the challenges and success of a diaspora investor in Tigrai- Mekelle , Sep 2017



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Spokesperson Office..On Ethiopia Joining the UNSC Presidency


Ethiopia's Communication Minister Dr Negeri Lencho- Press Briefing- Aug 2017

Thank You Dr Negeri for recognizing the issue with EBC Reporting!


Ashenda - Mekelle: Closing Ceremony Reportage - Aug 2017



The Advise Show TV: "Ethiopian Ashenda Festival Celebrates Culture & Sprituality"


Heartwarming Story from Rainbows4children School- Mekelle Tigrai 2017


Ashendeye festival in Amhara region Lalibela/- August 2017


Ethiopia's Foreign Affairs Ministers who served since 1907.


Tsenat Radion Interview with Abayeneh President of Addis Ababa Youth Association - Aug 2017
Abayeneh remembers the late PM Meles Zenawi and what the youth has learned from Meles Legacy!



Hedase Dam Progress In Picture - Aug 2017
The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Hydro Dam in Picture- August 2017


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Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

Dear Ben, I thought you were reading my mind with your commentary! In the first place Ethiopia "Kefeta" and Ethiopia "Tikdem" are awfully similar slogans. I am sure you know who started the later slogan-the Derge! Second, even though I have no issue with any one trying to promote Ethiopianess and Ethiopia, I am at lost how anyone thought the current campaign is worth the money it requires to run it through! Also, I thought the Flag, Nation and Nationalities and Defense days were supposed to promote Ethiopia and Ethiopianess? Why more? Somehow I truly think EPRDF if not the country is running out of resourceful and talented people to take her to the next step!
In any case thanks for your commentary and hopefully lesson(s) will be learned. One think worth noting is, trying is not a crime thus I appreciate the fact that people are trying to promote Ethiopia in a good light. Zeru Hagos Sep 04, 2017

Reminiscing the last ten years
Bereket Gebru 09-04-17 - Over the past ten years, Ethiopia has geared up its economic engine full throttle to be on a path closer to becoming a middle income country in the coming decade.

Job creation in Ethiopia
Bereket Gebru 09-04-17 -It has now been a decade since Ethiopia kicked off its millennium. During that time, it has registered impressive economic growth. For much of this time, the country enjoyed double digit economic growth rates that are backed by concrete improvements in all ...

The adverse impacts of hyper urbanization and industrialization on Mekelle and its environs
Tesfai Hailu, Sept. 2017 - As the biblical wise man put it centuries ago, "Where there is no vision, a people perish" (Proverbs 29: 18), which is strikingly apparent in Mekelle's urban development and industrialization. Indeed, for policy and decision makers, it appears that development is constrained to building and factory construction with little regard for their social, environmental and health impacts which will be tackled here under.

እንዳ ወልወል፡ኣብ ሪቕ ሕፍንቲ ታሪኽ
ኣብራሃም ብርሃነ ዕለት፡ 4-09-2017

Press briefing by H.E. Ambassador Tekeda Alemu, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN on the Programme of Work of the #UNSC under the Ethiopian Presidency in September.

Ethiopia collects public funds for mega dam construction
Ethiopia has collected $460 million from the public for the construction of a 6,450 megawatts hydro dam on Blue Nile River.Named Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), located in western Ethiopia, 40 kilometers from Ethiopia’s border with Sudan, it is the largest hydro project in Africa.

On Meles Zenawi's Passing; The Light Dimmed But Was Not Extinguished
The Strathink Editorial Team 08-31-17 - Five years ago this month, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, departed this earth leaving behind a shocked and grieving nation, his three precious children and his beloved wife.It is said that every man dies. Not every man truly lives...

Reportage from Raya Birra Premises.. Tamrat Yemane Reports on the latest technology Raya Birra is using to improve its quality and unseen damage to the environment

የካሣ ነገር
ታደለ ኣብርሃም 26/12/2009 ዓ.ም

Eritrea rebels struggle as government strengthens ties with Gulf Arab states
UN figures show 5,000 people are leaving Eritrea every month to escape political repression, violence and poverty.Armed opposition groups, which have been backed by neighbouring rival Ethiopia, have been struggling to put an end to the 25-year rule of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki for many years.

Ethiopian Airlines Signs up for Sabre Passenger Reservations Technology Solution
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia and SOUTHLAKE, Texas, September 1st, 2017 – Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, has renewed its passenger reservations system with global travel technology provider, Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR). The airline also signed up for a suite of new technology solutions to support...

Unlocking Africa's Potential Through Tourism:The Role of Online Travel
Josephine Wawira 08-31-17 - The services sector, in particular tourism, is one of the major contributors to Africa’s economy through such functions as providing foreign exchange and employment. It is therefore crucial that governments and the private sector are increasingly working together to grow the sector, that accounts for approximately 7.8% of the African GDP.

Seven Things the New Ethiopian Ambassador Should Know About the United States
These are not ordinary times in the United States. The upending of the status quo in American politics with the election of Donald Trump has exposed the cracks in its democratic foundation. The U.S. Congress is polarized and civil society is polarized.

የኋሊት ላለመመለስ
ደስታ ኃይሉ 08-31-17

Qatar crisis shakes East Africa, a home to Gulf militaries
Though far-removed from the Gulf, East Africa has been shaken by the Arab diplomatic crisis gripping Qatar.In recent years both Qatar and the other energy-rich nations arrayed against it have made inroads in the Horn of Africa by establishing military bases...[It will be a betrayal if the Ethiopian government claims betrayal as defense in case the situation in the red sea region gets out of hand to affect the country's security! The last war with Eritrea is one too many to claim "betrayal" as defense! The people needs to be assured things are okay!Do not let them live in the dark!

Somalia Hands over ONLF Rebel Commander to Ethiopia
TMOGADISHU, Somalia (Horn Observer) Somalia government handed over an ONLF rebel commander to Ethiopia on Monday, as part of a prisoner swap deal reached between Ethiopia and Somalia, local media reported.

Reportage from Oromiya Eastern Zone on the ongoing fight against the invasion of army worm
Tamrat Yemane Reportage from Oromiya Eastern Zone on the ongoing fight against the invasion of army worm. The area is known as a major maize growing area. Tamrat has a chance to sit down for an interview with Ato Sileshi Getahun Oromia Deputy President - August 29 2017. Reportage:  

For more... Click here!

Awaze Youtube: On EBC Fiasco and Tigrai Gold Award For Land Rehabilitation!
Something is wrong at EBC! Of all media outlets EBC to commit such glaring error is unfortunate! That is, if it is an honest error! As for Awaze,... Gondar is a ctiy! Although we understand your commentary is about the map that shows Amhara kilil not sharing borders with Sudan, we do not understand why Gondar is the main theme in your commentary! Or are you saying Gondar City expands all the way to Sudan? Also we bet you the false map is created and shared by the extremists in the first place!They have similar one for Eastern Tigrai and Afar area also!
EBC Folks grow up and help to close the divide the extremists are trying to widen among our mosaic Ethiopia! It is mind boggling any one let alone an Ethiopian is having hard time to see the people of Tigrai succeed in life!How hard was it to air the news as is?

Ethiopia: Opening Up as Rich Tourist Destination
While Ethiopia, the oldest country in Africa and the country that has never been colonised, shied away for years from exposing the invaluable and priceless legacies that dotted its landscape, economic reality and democracy have aroused the country into opening its history and sites to the curious world.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

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