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Current Events
Hagos Gebrehiwet wins 5000m Men's Diamond League Zurich 2016


President Abay Woldu Press Breifing On Current Issues Best Talent in Africa



Ashenda-Axum Style(Ayni Wari)


Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne‘s briefing on current issues


Interview with Wolqait Administrator on Current Issue

  Part I
  Part II
Interview was done at Hidmo online discussion forum few days back - August 2016


Detail Analysis and Commentary on Current Ethnic inspired Politics:
አማራጩ በትግራይ ብሔር እና ህወሓት ላይ መዝመት ነው !!

መሓሪ አሸናፊ 18/12/2008፣ አዲስ አበባ


አስኳላ ባልሄድም- Poem

SISAY G. August 2016


Ato Yalew Abate Speaker of the Federation House Ethiopia on Federalism

On "Wolqayit/Tsegede" as an issue and the hidden forces behind the issue. The speaker said the issue shall be answered in two years if it is ascertained the issue is legal and supported by the people


Vetran TPLF Goitom Tadesse from DimtsiWoyane Needs Your Help!!You can send your contribution to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Acct# 1000113708518. His daughter Selamawit will contact you!!!

  Goitom Story


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2016 All rights reserved.
EBC Discussion wit Veteran EPRDF leaders on Current Issues - Part1 Sep 2016

Ethiopian Federal Model: Responsive or Unresponsive State-Building Approach?
Monenus Hundara Galata 09-04-16 - States of the world have emerged through different processes of state formation. If anything they have in common, they have given up their identity markers such as culture, language, and psychological makeup ...

Update – Back to Normal Sep 03, 2016
After a tumultuous weeks life in the Amhara region is returning slowly to normal. Officials are touring to discuss with the people. The thugs who were masquerading as agents of ‘democratic forces’ were naked to the bone to be seen by the people for who they are when they burn public institutions, service rendering buildings and private business companies before the military took control. The military at the invitation of regional government is helping in apprehending those responsible....

Beyond EPRDF Weakness:Economic Philosophy
Mehari Ashenafi 09-02-16 - Anaylsis and Commentary on the current core problem(s) feeding the disturbance in Ethiopia (Amharic)

የዓይጋፎረም አጭር ወቅታዊ መግለጫ

Aigaforum Editorial (Amharic) 09-02-16

East of Suez for the United Arab Emirates
Britain militarily withdrew from areas “east of Suez” in 1971, triggering the Trucial States to form today’s United Arab Emirates. Now, 45 years later, this Arab country is increasingly focused on projecting military power...[Once Ethiopia is done with pacifying the current unrest it really needs to pay attention to what is developing in its door step!

EPRDF, Dismantle Corruption Wholeheartedly Before It Dismantles You Mercilessly!
G. Amare 09-02-16 - Ugly as sin! And a bitter pill for its hard core loyalists to swallow but it is a fact of life and beyond a shadow of a doubt that EPRDF got trapped...

In Ethiopia, Church-run small business program aims for a better tomorrow
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sep 1, 2016 / 08:35 am (CNA).- Making a living is tough in parts of Ethiopia, but a Catholic-run program aims to change that.

ኣንበሳ በረኻ
ብ ድ/ር ክንፇ ኣብርሃ 09-02-16

There are more new Amharic/Tigirgna Articles ... Click Here!

Our Motto Unity in Diversity - Editorial
August 31, 2016 - Over the years we have been trying to serve you with integrity. Our motto and our mission is Unity in Diversity. We have tried to be a voice for the voiceless and to uniquely position Aigaforum to become an equalizer to the many other websites...

“Slow but unmistakable” transformation
Bereket Gebru 09-01-16 - Ethiopia is still an agrarian nation. The fact that over 80% of its population lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture as its source of livelihood boldly underlines...

Are African diasporas development partners, peace-makers or spoilers? The case of Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria
Hailay Gebretinsae Beyene 09-01-16

A giant dam is under construction in Ethiopia
Supporters of the project here hope the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam could lead to more economic stability in Africa. We hear about a fundraiser happening in Ottawa in support of the dam this weekend.

Adwa – an Exemplary of Independence International University
በማህተመስሊስሴ ፍስሃ (ድ/ር) 08-31-16

Who is right, government or protesters?
A. Mesfin 08-31-16 - Freedom of speech is one of the main ingredients of a democratic process. Practicing the freedom to speak helps a society...

Nile cooperation triumphing through time
Gebre-Michael Asgedom 08-31-16 - Water ministers of the three countries (Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan) had visited the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River Last mid of August intended to gain...

EPRDF needs to get out of repeated meetings and repeated press statements; and it should timely address the problems before they reach a point of no-return.
Gebremedhin Gebru 08-31-16

Dangote shakes Kenya’s cement market with Ethiopia imports
Nigeria’s Dangote Cement has started its shake-up of the Kenyan market with imports of the commodity from its plant in neighbouring Ethiopia as it prepares to establish a local manufacturing plant.Dangote’s targeting of the Kenyan consumer with low-cost cement from Ethiopia ...

On Outlines of Proposed Pilot Projects on Hybrids of Small-Scale Power Developments for Off-Grid Rural Electrification
Prof Woldemariam Wolde-Ghiorgis 08-22-16 - The paper presents outlines of proposals for needed pilot projects on hybrids of small-scale initial power as development centers in rural areas of Ethiopia where over 75 per cent of total population lives...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2016 All rights reserved.





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