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Current Events
Update: Samuel Teshome Interview with Dareskedar an exclusive interview for Aigaforum.
We thank Tigrai officials for the immediate attention they gave to Samuel.We also thank Samuel for his commitment to remain engaged in Tigrai!
Aigaforum Aug 31, 2015


This is My Message(Amharic Poem)
Yirgalem Degene Sep 1, 2015



World Athletics Championships: Ethiopia's Mare Dibaba wins women's marathon gold in Beijinge
Dibaba edged out Kenyan Helah Kiprop in the home straight inside the Bird's Nest to win by just one second in a time of two hours, 27 minutes and 35 seconds.


UN warns South Sudan rivals to honour ceasefire
The UN Security Council has warned the warring sides in South Sudan they face an arms embargo and other sanctions if they do not implement a peace deal due to come into force on Saturday


Update on TPLF 12th Congress!
Ato Abay Woldu was re-elected as Chairman and Dr Debretsion as Vice-Chairman. The Executive team, also known as politburo, includes: Dr Tedros, Ato Getachew Assefa, W/ro Azeb, W/ro Feteleworq/Monjorno, Dr AddsiAlem, Ato Beyene and Ato Alem.


News, Analysis & Articles

Counting the fruits - Ethiopia's GTP I
Yemane Haile 01-02-15- Ethiopia has been working to reach the middle-income status in 20 to 30 years for the last decade. Under a committed leadership and well-crafted...Was GTP I a success story regardless of the results?

African Union troops regain base overrun by al-Shabab in southern Somalia
JANAALE, Somalia, Sept. 1 (UPI) -- Al-Shabab militants overran a military base in southern Somalia before African Union forces were able to regain control...The BBC quoted nearby residents as saying they counted the bodies of 20 AU soldiers in the base, which is run by Ugandan troops,

Report: Africa is projected to have just one low income country by 2050
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, September 1, 2015—Most African countries that today are considered low income will transition to middle income within 15 years, and all but one will be middle income by 2050, ..

Sleeping with the enemy, and organizing to disseminate hatred, for how long?
W.Yilma 8/30/15 - As we all know, the Eritrea government is a host of many terrorist groups aiming to destabilize the Eastern African region, in particular Ethiopia. With different names there are many (at least in names) fronts trained, equipped and ...

Notice: To Old Ethiopian Manual Passport Holders
Ethiopian Embassy Canada Aug 28, 2015

ትኩረት ለባህላዊ እሴቶቻችን!
በልዑል ዓለማየሁ 08-30-15

Sudanese official calls for ending border disputes with Ethiopia
August 28, 2015 (GEDAREF) - The governor of Gedaref state, Merghani Salih, has called for redrawing borders between Sudan and Ethiopia in order to bring the long running dispute between the two nations to an end.

ኣንበሳ በረኻ    .....Kinfe Abraha(ዶ/ር) 08-29-15

Transforming EPRDF
Ezana Sehay 8/27/2015 - Naturally, EPRDF is a wide open party, full of people with good intentions and bursting with ideas for making Ethiopia a better place. It is above all other considerations a highly professional, important political machine and has a record ...

Artificial Intelligence Catches Fire in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is an unlikely but thriving center of artificial intelligence R&D. A local company works for global customers and the government is all for it.Ethiopia has come a long way from its nightmare past of famine and war. It still has splendid 12th century rock churches carved into the ground

Ethiopia’s development is mostly people-driven
There is a huge population with a heavy poverty and disease burden. Second, we believe in the promise of Ethiopia. We think the government’s commitment and investments to pro-poor sectors, with support from development partners....

Meles Zenawi: Why we must remember this intellectual giant of our times
If there was one take away from the Meles Zenawi Symposium on Development, held last week in Kigali, it was this: Meles Zenawi - the deceased Prime Minister of Ethiopia - was a man of ideas.

Abay Tsehaye and Six more Veteran TPLF leaders Honorably discharged from TPLF CC
Ato Abay Tsehaye is one of the founding member of the organization. He is the last from the handful founders alive today leaving the leadership post.

The new railway line connecting Ethiopia and Djibouti to start early 2016 (Aug 25, 2015)
The new railway line connecting Ethiopia and Djibouti will open starting early 2016 the head of the Ethiopian Railways told the press
Given the handful active mega projects the government is involved, it is understandable if some projects face delay. However, the government must be mindful of project delays. The Addis rail project, Gilgle Gibe III and many Roads were and are way behind schedule and have not started to function fully. Parliamentarians must ask respected officials why the delay and all the missed dates. That way the public is informed! Remember Ethiopia's primary wealth comes from its people and its land. The people must be full participants of the transformation campaign! Informed society is key to Ethiopia's transformation!

የኢህአዴግ “እከክልኝ ልከክልህ” ይገታ ይሆን?
(ዮርዳኖስ ፍትሀነገስት) ከህብረ-ብዕር መጽሄት

Ethiopia: Government and humanitarian partners launched the Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD)
Addis Ababa, 24 August 2015: On 18 August, the Government of Ethiopia officially launched the joint-Government and humanitarian partners- Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) mid-year review. The document is a revision of the 2015 HRD

Ethiopian Airline plans 140 aircraft fleet by 2025
Ethiopian Airlines said that the airline is expected to have 140 aircraft in its fleet by 2025. Mr Solomon Begashaw , General Manager at the Nigerian office told newsmen in Abuja ...

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Diaspora Day Announcement: New York Ethiopian UN Mission

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Sep 5, 2015


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