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The Emperor is Naked
Oh No!
He was Already Naked... Naked Again!!

(Aigaforum) Sep 12, 2015 - Dmhit and Molla said "Chaw to Comishtato life in Asmara".Some one emailed us an alert two days ago about DMhit defection in mass. We were not able to ascertain the news then since we were travelling! It is true Molla and company has deserted Shaibya and Berhanu Nega. Berhanu is lucky they did not take him with them! When Zeru Hagos comment was posted last week in response to Ben's interview with a key Driver that defected we had a hunch things were not looking good for Dr Berhanu and company! But we never imagined things were to unravel this fast. The signs were there about the problem with Berhanu's latest stint-- jumping from one coalition to another can only mean trouble! Well, now that Dmhit and Molla are no more to be counted as the "qurt qen" Jegenoch when will Berhanu announce a Brigade force from EPLF has formed a front with his G7? Any sane relative should tell Dr Berhanu to fold the towel and to call it quit as far as armed resistance. Things will only get worst from what we are hearing! In any case read below Zeru's comment of last week...It is right on the mark, the door bell has rung indeed!"

With such valuable insider on top of Andy, and, the fact that Ethiopia has for sure enough means at its disposal inside and outside Eritrea to stop dead on its tracks any G7 terror activity, one wonders why we do not see any action to convince G7 and company that peaceful struggle not by all means struggle is the way to go? Why wait for bad thing to happen! I doubt Berhanu and company will last long in Eritrea any more--If Isaias lets them go expect them soon back in hamburger land! Zeru Hagos Sep 04, 2015"

Aigaforum Sep 12, 2015


Meet the newest addition to EPRDF Executive Team Member and TPLF Politburo FeteleWork Gerezgiher
Fanabc 10, 2015



Deputy PM Dekemke With FanaBC Fanabc 10, 2015


Meet the man who built his own plane from scratch

The Story of Asmelash Zerefu Sep 09, 2015


TPLF Leadership Development and Replacement

By Amanuel G. Beyene ጳጉሜን፣ 2007 ዓ.ም. መቐለ


The Story of Desta Berhe: Success Story of Small Scale Business Owners in Tigrai
(Aigaforum) 09-06-15 - Ethiopia has changed a lot over the last quarter century. Among the changes that are obvious to any outside observer are the changing landscape of the Cities and towns. However, there are more changes that are fundamental...More


News, Analysis & Articles

Update: On DMHIT Mass Defection and More on Eritrea Based Opposition/Terror Groups
Aigaforum Sep 13, 2013 - As you are aware by now the one man regime in Eritrea has been trying to export terrorist as well as pseudo opposition groups it has been grooming over the years. Although the Ethiopian government has been effective to thwart most of the terrorist acts in the past...Dmhit is an opposition organization created and maintained by Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea. Its members are mainly Tigrean Ethnics from Ethiopia

ብርዕና ብመርትዖ ይማጎት
ብክብራ ዓፈራ 09-14-15

Expo Milano will be held on Sep 22, 2015 starting at 10:30AM.It includes Traditional Dance, Food tasting and Coffee Ceremony and ...

TPDM Leader Flees to Sudan: Report
Democratic Movement (TPDM) that is based in Eritrea, arrived at the Sudanese town of Hamdait at the border triangle between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. He explained that Asgedom escaped to Sudan after armed clashes broke out with the Eritrean army at the outskirts of the Eritrean city of Omhajer on Friday morning....[Latest Report we have is Molla and his team over 700 of them have arranged their safe return to Ethiopia and the government is welcoming them with open arms. Molla is not an Ethiopian General, if he was, he was an opposition leader! We will update the story as soon as officials release them...]

The Twin Cities have an ISIS problem
The US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that a young man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, pleaded guilty to charges related to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL...

Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Senate voted to uphold the hard-fought nuclear accord with Iran on Thursday, with Democrats overcoming ferocious Republican opposition and delivering President Barack Obama a legacy making ...[What does this mean to Horn Politics and Stability going forward? Would Iran rivalry with Saudi/Israel fuel another turbulence in the region? What will an economic strong Iran mean to religious fanaticism in our region?

EPRDF and EPLF’s belligerency: what is the way out?
Godofai Tgiorgis 09-10-15 Almost 15 years have passed since Ethiopia and Eritrea agreed, after ending the bloody war, to make peace. Although it is very difficult to say neither of them wanted peace, the very agreement the two signed has never ...

The Shrill Cry of The Naysayers in Diaspora
Genenew Assefa 09-09-15 If you think president Obama's visit to Addis Ababa made a positive impression in the citadels of the Ethiopian opposition in the Diaspora, you are mistaken. Instead, no sooner the president's travel destination hit the wires than the vocal minority of naysayers took...

የአድርባይነት አደጋ
ዝንቁ በላይ 09-09-15

Ethiopia's Power Dreams
Two major dams are coming on stream this year and next that could revolutionise East African power supplies...Meanwhile Professor Asfaw Beyene, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University in southern California, claims that the government's projections for the power-generation of both dams have been grossly... We are posting this news simply for the record. Let everyone know who is opposing the Renaissance Dam! Foreign Minister,Dr Tedros, in one of his speeches said how could an Ethiopian origin living in the USA which has thousands of dams in one state alone go against Ethiopia's few Hydro Dams which are really needed badly to lift the country's economy? The answer may vary but our answer is Envy! There are no good reasons to oppose Abay dam for a sane person let alone an Ethiopian by brith..shame shame!!!

Eritrea warns of Ethiopia war 'sabre-rattling'
Nairobi (AFP) - Eritrea has accused arch-rival Ethiopia of "sabre-rattling" and of threatening to invade, with the neighbors still in a tense ...[This can only mean the regime is not going to terminate the long term national service as it promised the European Union! The regime is cornered between two huge hard rocks. If it releases the thousands of youth in the national service it will face daunting task of integrating them! And if it holds them indefinitely the isolation will continue! It seems the regime has decided to play the war drum and continue the status quo. Otherwise for anyone visiting Northern Ethiopia it is tranquil, no sign of war footing...unless you consider Dr Berhanu joining a disgruntled Tigrean at the service of Wedi Afom by the name of Molla/Dmhit is shaking the EPRDF Government! Seriously is Dr Berhanu mentally challenged? Forget the logic behind choosing Dmhit over TPLF but how could he convince the many die hard extremist supporters who coined "Tigre Wede Mekeel Eqa Wede Kebelle" about Dmhit? Don't they live and die hating Tigreans? Zeru Hagos Aug 07 2015

ልባውን ግዳማውን ይፈለ
ዘስላሰ ግደይ- መቐለ 09-08-15

Data/Reporting Corruption - one of the problems to be tackled in the Tigrai Administration
Gebremedhin Gebru 09-07-15 - Data is used as one of the vital inputs in solving problems in a wide variety of fields including: economic, social, political, ecological, scientific and other areas.

የተላላኪዎቹ ገመና ሲገለጥ
ዘአማን በላይ 09-06-15

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