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Update: Samuel Teshome Interview with Dareskedar an exclusive interview for Aigaforum.
We thank Tigrai officials for the immediate attention they gave to Samuel.We also thank Samuel for his commitment to remain engaged in Tigrai!
Aigaforum Aug 31, 2015


Arbegnoch Ginbot-7 Fekadu Chere with Ben!

With such valuable insider on top of Andy, and, the fact that Ethiopia has for sure enough means at its disposal inside and outside Eritrea to stop dead on its tracks any G7 terror activity, one wonders why we do not see any action to convince G7 and company that peaceful struggle not by all means struggle is the way to go? Why wait for bad thing to happen! I doubt Berhanu and company will last long in Eritrea any more--If Isaias lets them go expect them soon back in hamburger land! Zeru Hagos Sep 04, 2015




Political Analysis on TPLF 12th Congress!-VOA Tigirgna- With Assoc Prof Seife and Gebremedhin from Mekelle Univ.
Part I
Part II



This is My Message(Amharic Poem)
Yirgalem Degene Sep 1, 2015



News, Analysis & Articles

EPRDF Congress Heralds a Brighter New Year
Teklu Afework 09-06-15 - September is a time of New Year in Ethiopia's unique calendar that comprises of 13 months. Meskerem 1, as it is referred to in the calendar, also marks a change of season from the rainy season to the bright season of...

The Story of Desta Berhe: Success Story of Small Scale Business Owners in Tigrai
(Aigaforum) 09-06-15 - Ethiopia has changed a lot over the last quarter century. Among the changes that are obvious to any outside observer are the changing landscape of the Cities and towns. However, there are more changes that are fundamental...More

Medtech Ethiopia pioneers domestic industry growth through EPHARM acquisition
Medtech Ethiopia has signaled its intentions in recent years through various acquisitions and diversifications, and is well on its way to benefiting from its most significant investment to date.

When the diplomats shading the truth
W.Yilma 09-05-15 - A response to the Guardian “EU diplomats reveal devastating impact of Ethiopian dam project on remote tribes” We have been hearing for the last 10 and more years a coordinating campaign against the Ethiopian socio-economic plan...

Mekelle Stadium to be Completed and readied and open for Service in 2008(EC)
This is a wonderful news to the residents of the city of Mekelle and its Vibrant Youth! Kudos to Tigrai Government for prioritizing this project which has seen many delays already and has been a source for some public discontent.

Beyond the Usual: Re-thinking Ethiopia’s Ethnic Federalism for the 21st Century
Professor Asayehgn Desta 09-05-15

Open letter to the EU Diplomats whose name is never revealed in The Guardian’s recent news
Gomeraw Sep 05, 2015.

EU diplomats reveal devastating impact of Ethiopia dam project on remote tribes
The cruelity in this report or news item is that - telling us people of the Lower Omo valley life style is changing for the worst! How could having access to a clinic, school,access road, jobs and regulated all year water source be considered as bad or harmful to the people? (Alawequtum enji!) The lords of poverty may not know it yet but Ethiopia will move on with its agenda regardless how many foreign partners it has! The more partners the better but Ethiopia owns its own destiny and come rain or shine the mega projects will continue! Ethiopia can not be held back with ransom!(Yehem Yalfal!).

Why We Need to Take Investment in African Development Seriously
This July, President Barack Obama visited Ethiopia and addressed the African Union (AU). In doing so, he became not only the first U.S. president to address ...

Could the principles used in developing and implementing the T.P.L.F’s Military Doctrine be adopted in fighting and mitigating the current poverty in Tigrai?
Gebremedhin Gebru Sep 04, 2015.

ኢህአዴግ እና 10ኛ ጉባዔው
ዘአማን በላይ 09-04-15

ታሪክን የመስራት ጥበብ
አሸናፊ መለሠ 09-04-15

Democracy First or State Building First
Getachew Mequanent Ottawa, Canada September, 2015.

Somalia’s President on Impeachment: is it a shadow boxing game or shoddy dance of federal MPs?
Ali Sheikh 09-02-15

Reflections on the 12th TPLF Congress
Meressa Tsehaye 09-02-15- The most awaited 12 TPLF Congress has been concluded while adding a number of uestions than answers. Indeed, it is too early to make judgments ...

ልምዓት ዓዲ ብደቂ ዓዲ
ገ/ፃድቃን ከበደ 09-03-15

Counting the fruits - Ethiopia's GTP I
Yemane Haile 09-02-15- Ethiopia has been working to reach the middle-income status in 20 to 30 years for the last decade. Under a committed leadership and well-crafted...Was GTP I a success story regardless of the results?

African Union troops regain base overrun by al-Shabab in southern Somalia
JANAALE, Somalia, Sept. 1 (UPI) -- Al-Shabab militants overran a military base in southern Somalia before African Union forces were able to regain control...The BBC quoted nearby residents as saying they counted the bodies of 20 AU soldiers in the base, which is run by Ugandan troops,

Report: Africa is projected to have just one low income country by 2050
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, September 1, 2015—Most African countries that today are considered low income will transition to middle income within 15 years, and all but one will be middle income by 2050, ..

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