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What A Chatty Monkey May Tell Us About Learning To Talk
The gelada monkey, also known as the bleeding heart baboon, makes a gurgling noise or wobble sound that scientists say is close to human speech — at least in how much facial coordination it requires. "They're smacking their lips together, they're changing their face — their facial structure — and they're vocalizing at the same time," says Morgan Gustison, a doctoral candidate and researcher with the University of Michigan Gelada Project.  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital|   Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline Ben  VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | ERTA|   EthioAdvocate
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We were great and we will be great!

  More on Isaias Afeworki from

We asked a friend of us to summarize what Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea said in his latest interview since we lost interest to listen to him long time ago. Our resourceful friend suggested to us to see the following cartoon to get the gist of the interview. We are sharing it with you. Enjoy!

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Ethiopia achieves development target on reducing child mortality
Sustained government drive brings down deaths among children under the age of five by 67% compared with 1990 figures
Ethiopia, a low-income country in the drought prone Horn of Africa, has achieved the millennium development goal to cut the mortality rate for children under the age of five ahead of the 2015 deadline, according to figures published on Friday.

The year in Review – 2005 Ethiopian Calendar
(MoFA) - Ethiopians on Wednesday (September 11) celebrated the first day of the New Year of 2006 (Ethiopian Calendar) and looked back on a year in which the nation had to come to terms with the unexpected death of the late Prime Minister Meles ...

የዋጋ ንረቱን ለመቋቋም የተወሰዱ ውጤታማ ክንዋኔዎች...>>>>for more

President Isayas's New Target
Ezana Sehay Sep 13, 2013

The Manufacturing Sector: mature enough to compete internationally
Bereket Gebru 09/12/13 - The manufacturing sector in Ethiopia has expanded very noticeably during the past decade. The World Bank reported a growth rate of 12.3% in the sector as far back as the year 2009...

“በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር አይቀርም”...>>>>for more

የንስር ህዳሴና አሮጌ አስተሳሰቦች...>>>>for more

በአዲስ ዓመት አዲስ ልማታዊና ሰላማዊ ትልሞች...>>>>for more

ነገር ሓውዛን ናበይ ኣበሇ?: ዲህሰሳ ቅንያት...>>>>for more

Mohammed Al Amoudi: Ethiopia’s Richest Man Spots Opportunities At Home
VENTURES AFRICA – Born in Ethiopia to an Ethiopian mother and Yemeni father, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi’s life has always straddled East Africa and the Middle East. A Saudi Arabian citizen since 1965, he has never lost touch with his African roots, investing billions of dollars in projects as diverse as agriculture, construction...

የአንድነቱ አፈ-ቀላጤ ምን እያሉ ነው?...>>>>for more

Ethiopia’s Context of ‘Rent Seeking Behavior’: Sociological Perspectives
Habtamu Alebachew, Sep 09 2013 -

“ወዲኒ” መራሒ ሃገር!!...>>>>for more

ዛሬም ጀግኖች ያስፈልጉናል...>>>>for more

Bombing Syria: Legality and Costs of Military Intervention
Memar Ayalew Demeke,Sep 05 2013 - The Arab uprising which first erupted in Tunisia reached into the territory of Syria on 15 March 2011 following a government crackdown against peaceful protest...

የቅጥፈት አጀንዳን በመቀባበል ዕውነታን መካድ ይቻላልን? ...>>>>for more

Economic Growth and Jobs in Ethiopia: Achievements and Challenges
By Belayneh Akalu 09/06/13 -It has now been almost a decade since Ethiopia started to register some impressive economic growth indicators. For much of this time, the country enjoyed double digit economic growth ...

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