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Ezana Sehay September 20, 2011 - In the early days of EPRDF administration one of the issues the opposition used to lambast the government was attributed to the national flag
I think what is important is what a flag symbolizes. As such all national flags represent code of honor, bravery and allegiance. In other words, patriotism. Patriotism can be manifested in many ways, for me the most important one is loyalty. Loyalty, not to a piece of fabric, but loyalty to a nation and its citizens...
Happy Flag Day!
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Comment to "Dear Aiga Feed back about Tigrai.."
Warm greetings to you and all your readers. I chanced to read the comment about the situation in Tigray.... I really found the comment very short-sighted...

Visitor's feedback about Tigrai
I am one of the fans of your site... Today I have few things to share my experience in Ethiopia particularly in Tigrai during my stay there on holiday. I was so delighted...

Note to All Chicago Residents Donating to Drought Cause
It is noble idea that you are all donating money presumably to help those affected by drought in Ethiopia. The question to ask before you donate your money is who are the people managing the fund and who are they working with to deliver the money raised to the needy? There is a strong suspicion the people behind the fund raising may be politically motivated. If true your money may be going to aid Exteremist political organization in Diaspora not the needy people in Ethiopia!
A.T (Chicago Resident)

News, Analysis & Articles

Hold your horses UDJ
Dilwenberu Nega 22nd September 2011- In truth last week’s UDJ press conference only goes to highlight the extent to which the ‘coalition of the bickering’ has fallen prey to political paralysis of its own making. In an unjustified and unjustifiable act, UDJ moved swiftly not to distance itself from the alleged charges of attempted terrorism ...

የሞተ አመለካከት አብዮት አይለኩስም              ኢብሳ ነመራ 8/22/11

Hewlett-Packard Plans Africa Expansion at Double Market Rate
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ), the world’s largest personal-computer maker, aims to open offices in Ethiopia, Mauritius and Mozambique by the end of the year to grow in an African market worth $5.5 billion. “This is a natural extension of our existing African operations and we hope by this we will have the region covered,” Brian Humphries, senior vice president

US building secret drone bases in Africa
The United States is assembling a series of secret drone bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to launch an aggressive campaign against al-Qaida-linked groups in Somalia and Yemen, the Washingon Post reported Tuesday night. The Post said the new bases are in Ethiopia, the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean and on the Arabian Peninsula.

President Isaias Says Establishing Palestine State Is not Possible nor Necessary
Dagmawi T. Sep 20, 2011- One wonders, of all heads of states in the world, how could an Eritrean leader speak of denying Palestinians of their age-long aspiration to have their own independent Palestine state? Bizarre? However bizarre it may sound, the man has said it a year ago publicly in an Eritrean National radio. (listen to audio)

Western Double Standard in Fighting Terrorism: the case of the ONLF, OLF and Ginbot 7.

September 18, 2011- The Bush administration due to the terror unleashed by Al-Qaeda 10 years ago told many countries in the world in no uncertain terms either you are with us or with them when it comes to fighting terrorists. Soon after it made its view clear, the Bush administration in cooperation with almost every country in the world unleashed its own war of attrition against terrorists culminating with the down fall of the Taliban, and the death of Osama Bin-Laden the number one terrorist...

Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2011
A Very Telling Statistics about Ethiopia's Progress!!
A joint research done by Ethiopia's Central Statistics and American Survey Institute(ICF MACRO), the percentage of underweight children in Ethiopia has went down from 41% in 2005 to 29% in 2010!!! This is an amazing progress in just 5 years! It's an undeniable indicator that the Standard of Living of Ethiopians is improving every year!

The guy Mr. Adel sounds very much upset his doomsday scenario of water wars is not coming to fruition. What an evil mind analyst!

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the Chief of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi yesterday stressed the importance of expanding cooperation between the two countries in order to fulfill the ambitions of Egypt and Ethiopia and the African continent as whole. The meeting was attended by Lt General Samy Anan, the Deputy Chief of the Supreme Council and the Chief of Staff of the armed Forces, and the Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo

Wuney by Sisay Hishe

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Mark Your Calendar
Los Angeles for Hedase Dam!!!

Festival Tigrai 2011- Washington DC!!

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