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Addis Ababa, September 17 (WIC) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zeinawi arrived on Friday in Cairo on a visit to Egypt, the first since Egypt's 25th of January revolution. Meles is scheduled to hold talks with the Head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf who was at the airport to receive him.

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Egypt, Ethiopia to review impact of mega dam
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Current Events

Visitor's feedback about Tigrai
I am one of the fans of your site... Today I have few things to share my experience in Ethiopia particularly in Tigrai during my stay there on holiday. I was so delighted...

Note to All Chicago Residents Donating to Drought Cause
It is noble idea that you are all donating money presumably to help those affected by drought in Ethiopia. The question to ask before you donate your money is who are the people managing the fund and who are they working with to deliver the money raised to the needy? There is a strong suspicion the people behind the fund raising may be politically motivated. If true your money may be going to aid Exteremist political organization in Diaspora not the needy people in Ethiopia!
A.T (Chicago Resident)

ETV News(Amharic)

ETV Interview with Dr Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi
Sheik Al Amoudi reveals the breadth of his investment in Ethiopia!

News, Analysis & Articles

Western Double Standard in Fighting Terrorism: the case of the ONLF, OLF and Ginbot 7.

September 18, 2011- The Bush administration due to the terror unleashed by Al-Qaeda 10 years ago told many countries in the world in no uncertain terms either you are with us or with them when it comes to fighting terrorists. Soon after it made its view clear, the Bush administration in cooperation with almost every country in the world unleashed its own war of attrition against terrorists culminating with the down fall of the Taliban, and the death of Osama Bin-Laden the number one terrorist...

Ethiopia, Egypt and Blue Nile: A strategy 20 years in the making.
Mekonnen Kassa September 17, 2011- Negotiations have been on-going for over ten years to right a historical injustice around the equitable use of the Nile waters among the upper riparian nations, Egypt, and the Sudan. The Ethiopian government has been negotiating in good faith within the Nile Basin Initiative ...

...but smoke and mirrors can’t mend fences
(MOFA Sep 16, 2011)-The proven track record of the regime in Asmara in destabilizing the Horn of Africa has been known for about a decade. Eritrea has lent, and continues to lend a hand to terrorist groups in Somalia, including the Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab, and has played a significant role in fuelling the problems of Somalia.
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Ethiopia reporter flees, other opposition arrested
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — An Ethiopian reporter has fled the East African nation after being named in a WikiLeaks cable, a journalists' rights group said, in what they said was the first instance of a leaked cable... Ethiopian officials on Thursday denied reporter Argaw Ashine's account to the Committee to Protect Journalists that he was harassed and intimidated. Government spokesman Shimeles Kemal also said officials had separately arrested five opposition figures on Wednesday, including a journalist, on allegations of terrorism...

  • The Nairobi strategy: enhanced partnership To Eradicate Drought Emergencies
    Adopted at the Summit on the Horn of Africa Crisis, 9 September 2011

  • The summit on the Horn of Africa crisis: Ending drought emergencies: A Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

  • Eritrea’s fetishism with prevarications and IGAD’s Ministerial Conference
    Samuel Addis Alemayehu Sep 14, 2011 Eritrea’s despotic regime which has turned the two-decade old African nation into a safe heaven for terrorists and regional spoilers has now embroiled it self in a diplomatic circus in a last ditch effort to stave off the tightening of the sanction the Security Council...

    Ethiopia Builds 10 New Sugar Plants As It Aims to Become Leading Exporter
    Sugar Corp., Ethiopia’s state-owned producer, said it started building 10 new factories and is inviting private investment as part of a plan to become one of the world’s 10 biggest exporters of the crop. The project involves constructing plants and establishing farms at a cost of about 80 billion birr ($4.6 billion) in four regions in the Horn of Africa country, Abay Tsehaye, director general of the Addis Ababa-based company, said in an interview on Sept. 7. The government is undertaking the work because Ethiopian private firms are “not financially and technically ready to do such huge enterprises.

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