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Ethiopia 'kills 123' ONLF rebels and surrounds 90 more

Ethiopian forces have killed 123 rebels in the eastern region of the country, an official has told the BBC.
The rebels are reportedly from the ONLF, fighting in Ethiopia's Somali region. They have been fighting Ethiopian control of the area since the 1970s.
A further 90 rebels are surrounded, says Abdi Mohamoud Omar, president of the Somali region of Ethiopia, and unless they surrender, further measures will be taken against them.
The force of around 200 rebels landed on the Red Sea coast on Saturday, the authorities in Somaliland said. They were then taken by truck to the Ethiopian border.
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Opening ceremony of the 8th EPRDF Congress

  Part I
    Part II

Thought for Today

The outer world will always attempt to pull you this way and push you that. There will always be external pressures from financial issues, career issues, health issues, relationship issues and more. Further, the TV news will always attempt to manipulate your emotions to increase your upset and anger at the seemingly rampant injustices of the world. Nonetheless, you do always have the ability to resist these external stressors, and to live in inner peace and happiness. You can choose how you prefer to respond to external events, and you can train yourself to minimize your stress and maximize the joy you receive from life. Stop! Breathe deeply. Begin bringing peace to the outer world by regaining your own inner peace. Choose love, choose gratitude, choose forgiveness, choose peace. Begin with your own inner peace. Then use that inner peace as a platform from which to approach the outer world with perspective, understanding, and patience. by John Lockwood

  Part one      Part two Interview with EX EPLF Tesfay Temenwo

News & Analysis

They don’t give a dam about development

Recently, a group of international NGOs has been leading a campaign to stop the building of the Gibe III hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia. So why are these groups, normally so vocal about geographical displacement, not up in arms about the tragedy that has unfolded in Ethiopia over the past few weeks? At least 19 people have died and 25,000 have been displaced because of floods.

SEPDM concludes regular session electing Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson
Hawassa, September 14 (WIC) - The 7th regular session of the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) was concluded on Tuesday by electing Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, Central and Executive Committee members of the Movement. The three-day conference elected Hailemariam Desalegn and Shiferaw Shigute as Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Movement respectively.

Comment:It is final now that EPRDF is set to lead the transformation of the country for the next two years for sure but really the next five years! We wish to thank all the veteran leaders who gave way to the new upcoming leaders! Ethiopia is indebted to Aboy Sebhat,Tefera Walwa, Seyuom Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye and Arekebe Equbay to mention a few. Without your sacrifice and tenacity today's Ethiopia would have remained a distance dream for many of us. You have won over your enemy and you have now a chance to see your organization and nation carry on with your dreams and aspirations. "Thank You, Enamesgnalen, yeqineyelna!!" The only misgiving we have and we hope it will be rectified soon is, the addition of more women in the EPRDF executive team. It is unacceptable to only have one woman!

Somaliland forces 'surround ONLF rebels near Ethiopia'
About 200 suspected rebels are surrounded by Somaliland's forces near the border with Ethiopia, a Somaliland minister has said.
Interior Minister Mohamed Abdi Gabose told the BBC the men had arrived in the territory by boat and then travelled overland to the border.
Comment: As you all know the Ethiopian government and the main partner of the ONLF and a significant part of the ONLF leaders have signed or will sign a peace agreement soon. Disheartened by such a move the one man government in Eritrea as could be expected must be sending its foot soldiers to show the ONLF is still alive! How long do we have to keep up with this mad man, we do not know!


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Seattle Community Night!

Come to Tigray Community Association in Seattle Community Night!
September 18,2010 from 7:00 pm to 1:00 AM . Entertainers are:artist Azez Hagos, Mulu Hailu and Abebe.

Hiluf Alemu New Year Tour Party!!!!

ASAA-UK Cultural Event of Mesqel Celebration!!!!

The Organising Committee of Agazi School Alumni Association UK Chapter is cordially inviting all members and supporters to a cultural event in South London to mark the annual Mesqel Festival.
Date: Saturday 25th September 2010
Time: From 6.00pm
Place: 211 Clapham Road, Stockwell, SW9

For further details, please call Hailu Hagos on: 07951 106 173 or Email:

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