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Keynote Address by H.E Ato Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the FDRE

at The Special Session of the African Partnership Forum on climate change Addis Ababa

I am delighted to be here with you, at what I consider to be one of the most important meetings of the APF precisely because this meeting will discuss the issue that potentially poses an existential threat to all of us. I would like to thank the APF partners, the AU Commission, the ECA, and all those who have contributed to the meeting

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Current Events

Knowledge and Skill Transfer Program at Ethiopian Universities

An invitation from The Expatriates Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all Ethiopian University Professionals in the Diaspora
(Ethiopian Consulate LA)

Beterseltan of VOA Tigrigna discusses with Solomon GebreEgzibaher and Mehari Abraha on what PM Meles of Ethiopia said in his recent interview with


Comment:-  When we first heard the interview we were taken back by a big surprise how the PM was addressed! We grew up where adults, not to mention authorities, were respected and addressed as “Nesom, Eswo” similar to “Sir” and “your honor!”. Then someone alerted us that the culture in Eritrea is somewhat different when it comes to affection and respect! In fact if someone respects and loves you in Eritrea, he/she will call you “ata, ante” basically “you!”.

We still think the culture and norm of the host country should have prevailed regardless in this case but we understand the PM was talking to Eritreans!

Thanks Betere for making it more presentable though!

The original interview can be found at: or    dimtsiwoyane

Interview held with Engineer Hailu Shawel, chairman of All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP) - (Amharic)


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AEUP Reaction


Thought for Today

Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. by Conrad Hilton

News & Analysis

President Girma W/Giorgis addresses the Third World Climate Conference in Geneva

A high-level Ethiopian delegation led by H.E. Mr. Girma W/Giorgis, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is currently participating in the World Climate Conference-3 being held in Geneva, Switzerland from the 31 March -4 September, 2009,

Google's Gmail Fail Casts Dark Cloud on 'Cloud Computing'

Tuesday's Gmail outage was not only an inconvenience it calls into question -- yet again -- the feasibility of present-day cloud computing. One popular prediction is that future computers won't need huge hard drives because all our applications and personal data (photos, videos, documents and e-mail) will exist on remote servers on the Internet ...

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When Gmail went down today, it caused more than a minor panic. People, like me, who use Gmail as their primary email couldn’t get much work done

AU Summit selects Ethiopia to represent Africa at Copenhagen Conference on climate change
Addis Ababa, August 31, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Special Session of African Heads of State and Government being held in Tripoli, Libya has selected Ethiopia to represent Africa in the upcoming Copenhagen Global Conference on climate change due to be held in the coming December

Japanese Visiting Delegation Picks Coffee Samples for Testing
delegation from the All Japanese Coffee Association (AJCA) visited Ethiopia on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, as part of their efforts to resume buying Ethiopian coffee. The seven man mission came to Ethiopia headed by the chairman of the association’s safety committee to check on the country’s coffee quality after a year long fall out... Japan used to account for about 20pc of Ethiopia’s coffee exports, making it the third largest importer of Ethiopian coffee, behind Germany and Saudi Arabia.

The Dawn of Investment in Southern Region
Part I

Monday, 31 August 2009:- The South Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM), one of the constituent members of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, the EPRDF, has been exerting maximum efforts to make people in the region beneficiaries of good governance and democracy with remarkable achievements.

Informative meeting with Ayte Tedros Hagos in Denver
Weldu M (PhD) & Abraha W(Denver):-On Sunday August 23, 2009 Ayte Tedros Hagos had a meeting with dozens of Tigreans residing in the Denver metro area. Before the meeting, Ayte Tedros had participated in a picnic hosted by the Axum Sister City at Axum Park. Members of the sister city and Ayte Tedros Hagos had a chance to get acquainted with each othe

USAID assists leather industry
Addis Ababa, August 28, 2009 - The Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA), Ethiopian Veterinary Association (EVA) and USAID Agribusiness and Trade Expansion Program (ATEP) signed on Friday grant agreement amounting to over 2.7 million birr.

Frazer suggetions to Ms Clinton and grading Clinton on her trip
Four Ways to Help Africa

By JENDAYI E. FRAZER :- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently concluded her maiden trip to sub-Saharan Africa carrying in her words "a tough message lovingly delivered." Simultaneously, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk visited Kenya, Ethiopia and Senegal also touting, in his words, "a tough love" message for Africans...


Mark Your Calendar

To all Tigreans in Los angeles Area!!!

You are invited for a meeting with Aite Tewodros Hagos, TPLF Politburo member
When: Sep 5 (2PM to 6PM)
Where:Veterans Memorial Complex 4117 Overland Ave Culver City, CA 90230
Meeting Will Start On Time. Please Be Punctual

Invitation to Ethiopian New Year Party
September 12, 2009

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