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Two of the alleged Ginbot7 plotters reportedly admitted their charges

Memorable quotes

Aboy Sebhat said the above quote during his last trip to the US in response to a question about political reality in Ethiopia. We think the same is true even in Diaspora. What we have is few angry folks of the extreme types! The recent failure by the extremists to garner any support for their demonstration can only mean even in Diaspora we only have few angry folks!
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Current Events

Thought for Today

As long as you keep on doing what you've been doing then you are going to keep on getting what you've been getting. If you don't like what you've been getting then you've got to change what you've been doing. by Zig Ziglar

DC Rally exaggerations, lies and an attempt to cover up.

By:Temesgen:- The demo in DC which you correctly stated on your site drew no more than two hundred people. Right after the demo Alemayehu, Obang, Tamagn and the rest of the gang released a press release stating thousands of people attended the rally. Based on the press release, the Ethiopian version.. (from our email folder)

Ethiopian Defense Forces Deploy to Darfur Sudan
Part II

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All, We have received some emails congratulating Al Mariam and some simply happy to see the turnaround…but we must tell you the commentray below was posted as a satire comment from a contributor Daniel Barkaw!

Alemayehu G. Mariam, Memorable Speech on September 13, 2009.

By: Daniel Barkaw (09/13/09):- Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to this historic march of September 13, 2009. This march is historic because, we have gathered her to change the history of the Diaspora politics. For decades we the Diaspora politicians have been useless in helping Ethiopia...

See Also: Songs of Freedom, Stories of Change - By Eleni Gabre-Madhin

The ICG and Ethiopia

This week, the International Crisis Group (ICG) produced a new report-cum-propaganda piece on Ethiopia...This report begins from a position of outright rejection of the Ethiopian experience in Federalism
See Also:  A Week in the Horn

Set yourself up for a Breakthrough

What does having a breakthrough mean? Haven’t you ever wondered how a breakthrough comes about? A breakthrough first starts with a concept... more

News & Analysis

Obama to meet African leaders and major contributors to UN peacekeeping at UN next week

September 15, 2009 (chroniclejournal) President Barack Obama will host a lunch for leaders from sub-Saharan Africa during next week’s ministerial meeting of the U.N. General Assembly to promote economic and social development, the U.S. ambassador announced Monday...

Ethiopia seeks climate change answers from public

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Ethiopia will conduct a nationwide canvass of opinion to enable people to submit their ideas on how to tackle climate change, state media reported on Tuesday...

Much ado about nothing: Yesterday’s hype…Today’s bust
Aigaforum 09/13/09 (DC) - The much hyped Sep 13 call to demonstrate in front of the US government building by "the who is who" of the extreme politicians in Diaspora land has come and gone with a big bang fiasco...

IIT-Delhi helping Ethiopia become tech-savvy
Many students in Ethiopia are studying engineering and technology in virtual classrooms, some of their teachers seating in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, which is helping that country become tech-savvy.

(MEDREK)Forum set to make transition to a coalition
Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia, which was established a year ago by six political parties and two prominent individuals, announced Thursday in a press conference it held that it planned to form a coalition based on the endorsed joint intermediate program and statute.
Comment: - Why would Ethiopians who love their country elect a coalition party which has neither a long term agreement to run the country together nor a dominant player among them who can rally the smaller parties around? Let us assume Mederk with its entire alphabet soup organizations wins majority seat in the next election would they divide government positions and which policy blue print will be its government policy? In short who will be the nominee for the PM and other positions? We raise this because Kinjit came apart because of such division within. Eng Hailu did not want Berhnau Nega to be mayor while he sat in in Meles led parliament and Ledetu Ayalew could not swallow the idea of a woman, that came from nowhere, to be the second in line, while his his party holds near majority! Ethiopia is too precious to be left at the hand of a coalition that is formed for short term gain based on hate politics.

Open Letter to the President of ICG
Dear Ms Arbour
As I write to you on Ethiopian New Year’s Day, may I wish you Enqutatash! Ethiopians the length and breadth of Ethiopia celebrate the dawn of a new year in a revamped Ethiopia which is at peace with herself. True, it is a newly configured Ethiopia but, nonetheless, it is an Ethiopia which has restored the sense of pride in one’s ethnic and cultural identities to Ethiopia’s nations, nationalities and peoples...

Progress made
More children are reaching their fifth birthday than ever before

( children are surviving beyond their fifth birthday, according to a new report from the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The child mortality rate—the number of under-fives dying per thousand live births—declined from 90 in 1990 to 65 in 2008, a drop of over a quarter. Progress in sub-Saharan Africa, which now accounts for half of all deaths, has been slower, but Niger, Malawi, Mozambique and Ethiopia have seen reductions of more than 100 per 1,000 livebirths since 1990.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other Senior EPRDF leaders will step down in the coming five years
Aigaforum 09/08/09 (Addis Ababa):- In unprecedented move EPRDF Council has endorsed a move to replace senior EPRDF leaders with new, young and powerful leaders. The decision by the Council will be implemented in three phases...


In regards to my article on ICG and others:
The In thing: Election Meddling and Outcome Management

Mark Your Calendar

Knowledge and Skill Transfer Program at Ethiopian Universities

An invitation from The Expatriates Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all Ethiopian University Professionals in the Diaspora
(Ethiopian Consulate LA)
Tribute to THE Ethiopian Flag!

A call to help the Mekelle Teachers' Association(MTA)Library project

For more info email to : Teacher Assefa Berhe:

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