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The in Thing: Election Meddling and Outcome Management

Ben D (09/10/09):_ The series of preemptive election activities by USAID, International Crisis Group (ICG) and other cohort NGOs is nothing more than a Russian mafia paying a Colombian drug cartel to certify the integrity of African elections. I am inclined to believe this after what Mr. Odinga Kenya’s 2007 presidential candidate and current PM said in an article written on the New York Times. In regards to a USAID funded secret American Poll. He said:

PM Meles Zenawi Press Conference - Sept 9, 2009

Topics covered in this press conference are: Leadership transition plan within EPRDF & it's implication to the upcoming election,Negotiations with opposition parties (especially Medrek), Election board's funding policy for participating parties and Future of OLF & ONLF and more...
  Part 1     Part II   Part III    Part IV (
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Current Events

We wish all our readers a peaceful and joyous Ethiopian new year!!!

Thought for Today

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. by Woodrow Wilson

Knowledge and Skill Transfer Program at Ethiopian Universities

An invitation from The Expatriates Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all Ethiopian University Professionals in the Diaspora
(Ethiopian Consulate LA)

The Ethiopian government has been defamed and falsely accused many times before. Some western papers encouraged by HRW and Amnesty International sporadic criticism of the Ethiopian government to please their handlers, were quick to pick outrageous stories and pass them as news. Douglas McGill from the Daily Planet of Twin city, a city that is home to thousands of refugees from Somalia and is a hot bed for ONLF and OLF was recently caught red handed using forged photos to show some wrong doings by the Ethiopian government . The photo used was a forged photo that has been used before. Amazing a respectable news paper cannot even Google to check accuracy of some photo! What is still amazing is some of our own are also jumping to the fray! No wonder the little guys were defaming Aigaforum over the last month with fake and forged pictures! Bad habit!

Medrek walks out of the negotiation

Comment:-  It is good legal oppositions and the governing party are talking how to run a fair and civil campaign during the upcoming election. But why is EPRDF belittling itself to sit down with MEDREK when everyone knows Mederk is not a legal political organization? What binding agreement did MEDREK bring to the table for the EPRDF to trust that whatever agreed will be accepted by members of MEDREK? We already heard from Chairman Gebru saying Ato Bulcha was not talking about ARENA stand when it comes to Article 39 during VOA interview! For sake of all Ethiopians political parties must learn something from election 2005! Accountability, transparency and respect to rule of law and no room to foreign machination in Ethiopian election!

Chairman of ARENA Tigrai, Ato Gebru Asrat, held online discussion with Diaspora Tigreans as well as other Ethiopian Supporters.

The discussion was held at gezategaru online voice discussion forum. Ato Gebru explained his organization basic principles as well as his own convictions on many contemporary political issues.

  Part I      Part II      Part III

News & Analysis

Progress made

More children are reaching their fifth birthday than ever before
( children are surviving beyond their fifth birthday, according to a new report from the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The child mortality rate—the number of under-fives dying per thousand live births—declined from 90 in 1990 to 65 in 2008, a drop of over a quarter. Progress in sub-Saharan Africa, which now accounts for half of all deaths, has been slower, but Niger, Malawi, Mozambique and Ethiopia have seen reductions of more than 100 per 1,000 livebirths since 1990.

Setting Off A False Alarm:ICG’s (International Crisis Group’s) Political Pandering
Part I

Adal Isaw September 8, 2009:_ It’s a claim; the International Crisis Group is a non-governmental, not-for-profit international organization with a mission to “prevent and resolve” deadly conflict throughout the world. ICG further proclaims that it advises governments, intergovernmental bodies such as UN, EU, and the World Bank on the prevention and resolution of dire and impending conflicts.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other Senior EPRDF leaders will step down in the coming five years
Aigaforum 09/08/09 (Addis Ababa):- In unprecedented move EPRDF Council has endorsed a move to replace senior EPRDF leaders with new, young and powerful leaders. The decision by the Council will be implemented in three phases and comes after a lengthy discussion within the executive leadership.

Why is the EU Blatantly Oblivious to the Concerted Voice of Africa?
Tsehaye Debalkew(Washington, DC):- It could be arguably vehemently declared that the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety and brought Africa together, a rare commodity in African political and diplomatic culture; to voice its concerted concern and worry in unison has been the unabashedly shameful and perfidious act of destabilization in the horn region,

MEDREK article 39: Ato Bulcha and Ato Gebru
Desalegn Deressa 09/06/09:- To be honest the MEDREK folks are trying to answer some public questions like why is UDJ joining their camp? The question should have been answered by UDJ since it is the only organization that claims to represent all Ethiopians and wants to join MEDREK, a joint forum of ARENA, Dr Beyene group, Dr Merara as well as Ato Siye and Dr Negasso who are representing some of our diverse nationalities... more

(Reporter editorial)
We wonder why the honorable Dr Sheik Al Amoudi does not investigate and put a stop to such mismanagement! If there is no mismanagement then do the right thing to inform the public!

Keynote Address by H.E Ato Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the FDRE

at The Special Session of the African Partnership Forum on climate change Addis Ababa

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Japan says willing to resume Ethiopia coffee imports
Saturday, 05 September 2009 Addis Ababa, September 5 (WIC) - Japan is willing to resume importing large quantities of Ethiopian coffee, Reuters quoted the Asian country's envoy as saying today.
Comment: The Japanese are known for their stringent quality control system they impose on any products they manufacture and produce as well as import. Ethiopian coffee growers and processors passing such quality control is indeed a watershed moment. The government of Ethiopia deserves all the appreciation to have succeeded to convince growers and suppliers to change their way of doing things!
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A call to help the Mekelle Teachers' Association(MTA)Library project

For more info email to : Teacher Assefa Berhe:

Invitation to Ethiopian New Year Party
September 12, 2009

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