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Mekelle Foresight: Averting State Collapse, Interview with Amb.Seyoum Mesfin - Oct 11, 2020


DW TV (Eyeta) With Berihu Teweldebrhan and Sekuture Getachew - Oct 9, 2020



Tigrai TV With Solomon Barnabas (Ph.D.) - Oct 9, 2020

(Solomon Barnabas (Ph.D.) has a very clear understanding of the prevailing politics. His word of wisdom is persuasive. His message is not to wait for the Abiy group to do the right thing. Doing so would be futile! Instead, to 'Shet Meanta' and face the challenge before it is too late!!)


Hakfen Media: With Mehari Yohannes of TIP - (Part2) Oct 6, 2020


OLF Call for a Transitional Government in Oromia - Oct 8, 2020


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U.S. Africa Policy Needs a Reset
The Trump administration hasn't ripped up the Africa playbook-but U.S. Africa policy does need a reset. U.S. policy has largely failed to account for the fact that in the largest African states-notably Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ethiopia-power has seeped away from capitals toward regional power centers
(Glad to see international analysts realizing power is shifting away from Addis!)

Eritrean troops round up Afar families
(Martin Plaut) 10-12-20 - I am receiving information that the Eritrean Government is conducting raids and arresting entire families in the Galalo District in the Afar Red Sea region (Eastern Eritrea, Dankalia).
The Afar corridor is critical to maintaining peace and stability in the horn region. Any responsible body in the region must not cede the Afar corridor to Isaias Afeworki and his running dog Abiy Ahmed. Make no mistake about it. Abiy will pay for his crime he is committing in Ethiopia. Like Aigaforum said the North remembers and Abiy's callous act against Tigreans during this trying moment will be remembered for eternity. He should ask Isaias Afewerki while he has him in Jimma today (10-12-20) what TPLF did to him in the end for his criminal act during the 1977 famine. Oh Ya! The North remembers!! Hayelom Nigus Oct 12, 2020

Aigaforum is pleased to see the TDA Locust Mekete campaign becoming very successful. We are grateful and humbled our young generation is taking the lead role to organize and meet the challenge. Yibel/we are proud of you!! We hope the diaspora community all over the world will carry on with this fundraising within their community. Our people need all the help they can get. Our people will overcome this and have no doubt this will pass too!!

This is the campaign for Tigrai fights desert locust (Tigray Development Association In North America):

According to governmental and non-governmental sources, the worst locust outbreak in generations has descended upon Tigray. Desert locust swarms are extremely dangerous and can tarnish all types of food sources. We call upon you to stand in solidarity with the farmers and provide the most urgent financial support that is desperately needed to control this worst locust outbreak.....Donate Here!!

While farmers in Wello and Tigrai are fighting the locust invasion with all means in their disposal, the western installed illegal regime in Addis is celebrating a back-yard park inauguration. It is also holding a critical tool imported to fight the locust invasion in Tigrai at Bole Airport. This will not go unpunished. The North remembers Abiy!!!

Muferiat's "mesken": Better late than never; out from the restrictive domain
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 10-11-20 - Every soul in Ethiopia wants to spend as many nights as can be made possible without the stressful thoughts of war and disintegration, except for the political cowboys who cannot make peace even with themselves. In Ethiopia, we have reached a stage where we center our debates on the interpretation of constitutional articles rather than on the caliber of our guns and bullets. Wasn't this a blessing?!

Fire from the Ashes? Or Ashes from Fire?
Aesop 10/09/2020 - One fact that Meles correctly understood, inter alia, is on the people of Tigrai: this ancient land, this ancient soul, and these ancient people! He said: "እንቋእ ካብዚ ሂዝቢ ተፈጠርና!" These ancient people, Tegaru, deserve freedom from poverty! The TPLF has to relieve them from, above all, FGM (legally ban Female Genital Mutilation) (See 2020 WHO figure below-our sisters should never be among the 74%), early marriage, gender-based violence, and boost ደ/አንስትዮ representation in STEM ( ሳይንስ ቴክኖሎጂ፡እንጅነሪግ) simply because most of the voters that catapulted TPLF to power were ተጋሩ ደ/አንስትዮ (አጒላት)- check the poll number! Now, the TPLF carries the burden of banning FGM, early marriage, & አመጻ (including domestic violence and prostitution

Letter from MQX ONE: Alien in Addis
Jihon 5 October 2020 - It seemed quite an ordinary August morning. I am living the routine. Is this your luggage to check in? Your ticket? And your ID card, please? While having the boarding pass processed and printed, the lady at the check-in counter offers me a verdict I least expected. "Sorry, your flight is cancelled; can you make it for the afternoon one?" This moderately young plain-faced lady in green Ethiopian Airlines uniform is clearly multitasked. A colleague, also all too green- green jacket and pants and...

Suggested practical ways forward on the education system in Tigray
Gebreselasie Gebretsadik (M.A) 11 October 2020, Melbourne, Australia - It is heartbreaking to note that Tigray is reliant on traditional ways to tackle desert locust in the 21st century. This instance shows Tigray has a long way to go in terms of tackling such issues using homegrown techniques and technology. Tigray has relevant educational and government institutions, namely Universities, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), and Tigray Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development (BOARD). These institutions have been there for a long time.

Can Ethiopia and its "civilization" be saved?
Gebru Boj'Boj. October 9, 2020 - From the very first civilization to the eight major civilizations, that include Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic Orthodox, Latin Americans and African civilizations, including our Axum, all had collapsed one by one and their collapses were speeded up by lack of insight and plan, lacking or inadequate situation awareness, human errors, lack of understanding of the depth of problems faced, unpreparedness, late actions, and blinded by greed and power.

Update: Tigrai is more than ready
All, Tigrai is more than ready to withstand the effect of any real or assumed budget cut by the illegal so-called federal govt. In the first place, any federal official that orders hold on the Tigrai budget in the absence of a legal federal government will be held responsible. Second, Tigrai has been prepared for such eventuality and is ready to trigger a countermeasure. The only issue left is if this act will lead to a military confrontation. According to our reliable source in Tigrai, all options are on the table. The hope is for the nation and nationalities of Ethiopia to take back power and start the peace and national salvation dialogue. If that fails, Tigrai is ready to assert its power to protect its interest anywhere. The whole East Africa maybe engulfed in turmoil unless the International community intervenes. --Aigaforum Oct 09, 2020

The False Promise of Regime Change
(foreignaffairs.com) - Since the 1950s, the United States has tried to oust governments in the broader Middle East once every decade, on average. It has done so in Iran, Afghanistan (twice), Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria - a list that includes only the instances in which the removal of a country's leaders and the transformation of its political system were the goals of U.S. policy...[Add to the List Ethiopia]

  • Abiy, the double agent spy wants Tigray to secede
    W.Yilma October,5/2020
  • A Raptor, Circling the Captors!
    Yared Huluf 10-05-20 .
  • Shining a Light on the Darkness: Thoughts on Democracy
    Elias Dawit 10-04-20
  • Tigray Election: A Covenant with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, & a Legal Mandate for Offense in Self-defense!
    Hailemariam Abebe 10-04-20
  • TPLF, Elections & Repeated Miscalculations
    Yene Gasha 10-04-20
  • Dangerous Developments in the Ethiopian Political Environment
    MTA (PhD) Toronto, Canada October 3, 2020
  • Contemplating About Health Care Threats as Tigrai Shines and Rises with Industrialization and Urbanization
    G. Amare, October 2, 2020
  • Tik-Tok: Rising to the Occasion
    Aesop 09/29/2020
  • Currency Changes and Economic Stabilization: The Ethiopian Experience
    Prof Asayehgn Desta 09-29-20

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 Aigaforum.com All rights reserved.

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