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Kush Media: On Abiy Recent Statement and more!- Oct 2019


Andafta: Fitsum Berhane on Current Issues- Oct 2019



African Ascent Cornel West October 2019 HD

Conversation between the renowned social activist and theologian, Dr. Cornel West of Harvard and the very learned, Dr. Teodros Kiros, professor of Philosophy at Berklee School of Music


TMH TV: Professor Hizkel on the latest political development in Ethiopia - Oct 2019


Abiy's Ethiopia!
Watching this picture is so disheartening! Very upset to see Ethiopia like this After all the sacrifices paid by so many comrades, friends, brothers and sisters!!!


LTV: Jawar as Never Before!

The Oromo elites are talking but why are the Amhara elites silent these days? Isn't Ethiopia their's too? Jawar is becoming a true politician. Why did the Qerro movement fail to produce able and pragmatic politicians to lead the country from the beginning? Why did they settle for the politicians that are neither delivering answers to Oromo issues nor to many of the issues Ethiopians are asking?



አንምበረከክም !!!
ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ10-21-19



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Business community of Hintalo Wojerat woreda donated over 480 thousand birr
Mekelle: 16 October 2012 E.C The business community of Hintalo Wojerat woreda donated over 480 thousand birr during a half-day fund-raising event conducted at Adigudom town. The business people of woreda Hintalo Wojerat in collaboration with its administration carried out a successful fund-raising event at Adigudom to show their solidarity to the continuous effort of TDA.

እኛ ማን ነን? ምንድነን?
ሰላምወርቅ ሁላገር10-28-19
Must Read!

Local bosses may fill the party-sized hole in Ethiopia's next election
Ethiopia has traditions of local self-government - could they induce voters to look at independent candidates for Parliament? Next year's elections in Ethiopia will be unlike the previous five polls. Add to that, the nationwide ethnic polarisation and local micro factors and the local dimension will be critical. Only the future will reveal if the polls will be held on time. The EPRDF has pledged that they will, although the country is still suffering from politically inspired violence, millions are unable to return to their homes and there is no date for a postponed census

Ethiopian Expands its Service in India Adding Bengaluru in Its Network
Ethiopian Airlines, the Largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, has launched a passenger flight to Bengaluru, India on 27 October 2019. The capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, Bengaluru is dubbed 'Silicon Valley of India' and serves as the center of technology and innovation

Merger of EPRDF Member and Associate Parties
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 10-27-19 - The hot taxonomy in the current Ethiopian politics is standing for and against the merger of the Front of the four independent parties (EPRDF) and other five associated with them. The enthusiasts of merger are apparently led by the PM and those against merger are allegedly led by TPLF. Every time someone expresses doubt about the merger...

Nobel Peace Prize for Abiy Ahmed a misguided decision
The Ethiopian laureate is surely a reformer, but he predominantly garners recognition beyond his country's borders. Despite the Nobel committee's well-meaning intentions, it is the wrong choice, writes Ludger Schadomsky.On the domestic politics level, the award provides ammunition to those critics who have slammed the young and dynamic Prime Minister's approach to politics as detached from reality and insubstantial.

Protests against Ethiopia's Nobel peace prize PM turn deadly
Violence in Ethiopia that began with protests against the prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, and quickly morphed into ethnic clashes has left 67 people dead in Oromia state, a police official said on Friday."The total number dead in Oromia is 67," said Kefyalew Tefera, the regional police chief, adding that five of the dead were police officers.

67 Killed in Ethiopia Unrest, but Nobel-Winning Prime Minister Is Quiet
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Weeks after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is coming under harsh criticism over his silence in the face of protests this week that police said had resulted in the deaths of 67 people.Mr. Abiy remained at a summit meeting of African leaders in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, Russia when thousands of people took to the streets of the Ethiopian capital and several regional towns on Wednesday.
Elias Dawit(see article below) is right the Nobel Peace Prize has indeed become a big mirror that is helping the Westerns to see the reality.

Closing the Gap between Imagery and Reality: What the Nobel Prize Brings to Ethiopia
Elias Dawit 10-25-19 - "Nobel Prize-Winning Prime Minister Faces Protest." "Ethiopian Activist Calls for Calm after 16 Die in Clashes." "Deadly Ethiopia Unrest Poses Fresh Challenge to Nobel Winner." These are just a sample of the many headlines reporting on Ethiopia's Prime Minister and the violence this week that has taken at least 16 lives."Deadly Ethiopia Unrest Poses Fresh Challenge to Nobel Winner." These are just a sample of the many headlines reporting on Ethiopia's Prime Minister

Innovators and investors from across Africa and other parts of the world are coming together in Addis Ababa to take part in African Innovation Week.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - October 25, 2019:Hundreds of young innovators from all over Africa and Nordic countries are set to take part at the African Innovation Week (AIW) 2019 here in Addis Ababa. IBA Ethiopia Center for Innovation along with partners, FDRE Ministry for Innovation and Technology (MiNT)...

Ethiopia deploys troops to calm days of deadly unrest
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia's army says it is deploying troops to calm deadly unrest that has raged in the past three days mainly in the Oromia region. The unrest was sparked when prominent activist Jawar Mohammed said the government was removing his security detail.
Back to the Future! Didn't Qerro carry a 'successful revolution'? Why is Oromia still revolting? Who failed the Oromo people?

Ethiopian activist calls for calm after 16 die in clashes
Ethiopian activist Jawar Mohammed called for calm on Thursday a day after 16 people were killed during clashes between his supporters and police in the capital and other cities.Addressing hundreds of his supporters at his house in Addis Ababa, Jawar said: "Open the blocked roads, clean the towns of barricades, treat those who have been injured
16 innocent people killed and nothing seems to bother our Nobel peace prize winner! He is still outside of the country! What happened to the Ethiopian people to allow such daily killing of civilians?

Protests in Ethiopia Threaten to Mar Image of Its Nobel-Winning Leader
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Protests against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia erupted on Wednesday, threatening to taint the aura over his newly won Nobel Peace Prize, after a prominent critic accused the police of attempting to orchestrate an attack on him at his home.
Ethiopia protesters burn Nobel winner Abiy Ahmed's book
Abiy's image as Nobel peace prize winner is already marred. His latest 'book' medmer was burned live and thousand of people demonstrated across Oromia in support of Jawar! All this by the same people that brought Abiy to power. Yet, the West is trying to hide in plain sight all the failures of Abiy!! Go figure!

Security Alert: Impromptu Roadblocks and Large Gatherings
The U.S. Embassy is monitoring numerous reports of impromptu, private roadblocks preventing safe travel on major roads leading into and out of Addis Ababa and throughout the Oromia region. Additionally, the Embassy is monitoring reports of large gatherings in the Bole Rwanda and Bole Japan areas of Addis Ababa, which should be avoided.
It is really sad. The US and neo-liberal evangelical actors are about to succeed to destroy Ethiopia. In the name of democracy, people are dying left and right to maintain Abiy power! It is not the first time innocent people are killed to honor and protect Jawar! Shashemene lynching and the recent killing in Adama and elsewhere in Oromia can not be forgotten. The US is cruel to ignore such development. Sad sad!!

Dr. Aregawi Berhe is entitled to his opinion; BUT...
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 10-24-19 - I am glad to see you alive and well after over 40 years. We were all young, energetic, and starry-eyed. We were convinced beyond any doubt that our motherland, Tigray, will throw war and poverty into the history books. Of course, as young people, we all had the potential for shining achievements and disastrous mistakes. TPLF was founded by individuals who were full of enthusiasm..

Denial of peaceful rallies in Tigrai in violation of FDRE constitution
Berhane Kahsay 12-24-19 - The adage, old habits die hard amply reveals the dire political reality in Tigrai, and the people have been crying out loud for prompt rectification as failure to do so is very likely to trigger a cataclysm of epic proportion.Time is of the essence…. and the governing party can no longer delay liberalisation by citing external foes...

Anti-Abiy protesters 'killed' in Ethiopia
Three protesters have been killed and several injured after demonstrations against Ethiopia's Nobel peace laureate and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed turned violent, local officials have told the BBC.Two protesters were killed in Adama town and one near the ancient city of Harar in the east, the officials said.

Stand-off at Ethiopian activist's home amid tensions with PM
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Hundreds of supporters of an Ethiopian ethnic activist and media entrepreneur gathered outside his house on Wednesday, hours after it was surrounded by police following a warning by the prime minister against media owners ...

TPLF is repeating the Same Fatal Mistakes (Part Two)
Yene Gasha 10-22-19 - Tigray is facing a real and present existential threat. As discussed in part one of the article published on September 19, 2019, that the two-decade-long sabotage against TPLF and Tigrayans which began outside of EPRDF, officially merged two years ago with an intra-EPRDF betrayal. This betrayal has now made it impossible for the ruling coalition to recover as a party much less to effect party unification.

Egypt accepts invitation to meet in U.S. over Ethiopia dam dispute
CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt said on Tuesday it had accepted a U.S. invitation to a meeting of foreign ministers over a project for a giant hydropower dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile that is causing an escalating spat between the two African countries..
Any Ethiopian with an iota of Ethiopian pride should not agree to a third party negotiation at this stage. Any new negotiation should be left for an elected government. Egypt should wait for a popularly mandated government in Ethiopia if it wants a lasting negotiated settlement on the Nile issue.

Ethiopian to Resume Flight to Athens
Addis Ababa, 22 October 2019 Ethiopian Airlines, the Largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, proudly announces the resumption of its flight to Athens, Greece effective Dec 13, 2019. Ethiopian has resumed the service to the city of Athens after 18 years.

Calling Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali to resign immediately
Gebreselema Hailemichael 10-22-19 - The whole universe exists in the realm of cause and effect relativity of existence. Everything in this world has cause and effect which means everything is dynamic and has cause and effect. There is no effect without a cause. All human problems have caused either driven by a human or by natural causes.

Business community of Axum town determined to donate over 6 million birr to TDA
Axum: 08 October 2012 E.C - The business community of Axum town determined to donate 6,071,750 million birr to TDA (out of which 2,017,500 was offered in cash and 4,044,250 birr in kind) to support to the causes of TDA during the fund-raising event organized in Axum town on the 8th of October 2012 E.C

EPRDF as a Coalition of Unequals - Will it Work?
The main reason EPRDF was formed was to coordinate the struggle against the then military regime and to establish a nationwide political party that represents the aspirations of majority Ethiopians. There was no illusion that OPDO/ODP nor ANDM/ADP were going to be the only representatives of the Oromo and Amhara people! EPRDF was established with four equal parties not because all were equal then, but, because all four were on the same page with their political outlook.
Today, we are hearing a new EPRDF will be formed between unequal parties! If true, this is a flawed concept. To begin with, who is going to authenticate individual members of each organization that will be the basis of allocating the number of seats in the new EPRDF? We know OPDO has been saying it has over 6 million members but who will stop the TPLF and SDP from claiming they have 5 million members? Second, why would anyone join such a front that is established with the tyranny of the majority in mind?
If Ethiopia is to be saved let political parties compete freely in the coming election and let them form a coalition government of the majority. Anything else is a sure recipe for a disaster!

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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