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G. E. Gorfu 10-15-19


Ignoble Nobel Prize: trinket
Yared Huluf 10-12-19



ተሸለሙ አሉ
ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ10-12-19


DW TV- Coverage of Wefri-Harnet press conference. The group is starting a petition campaign in support of innocent and political Tigrean prisoners - Oct 2019


Ethiopia Crossing the Cross Road- Speak Up Now!

I have been questioning where the learned men and women of the two largest nations in Ethiopia have gone for a while since Ethiopia's current quagmire is mainly the work of the (Oro-Mara) group. Why are they allowing the current government to destroy Ethiopia?
Can't the Oromo people bring forth a better candidate to lead the country? And why can't the Amhara people see the persecution of the Kimant people is wrong?
(I) asked a long-time friend the same question and what he told me was scary and eye-opening. He told me people are in denial and group apathy has taken over because of TPLF/EPRDF misrule! He told me people do not care anymore.
I did not want to believe what I heard from my friend then. I am glad I did not since the Oromo learned men and women are starting to talk - Listen to Tsegaye Ararssa (P.h.D). He is challenging PM Abiy to repeat what he said in Oromiffa the other day in Amharic! Tsegaye thinks Abiy is not telling all Ethiopians the same story. Just watch and listen!
(Admin Oct 3, 2019)


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We, the undersigned Eritrean Political Opposition Organizations and other justice seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora and at home, would like to submit this letter of unequivocal protest on your inaugural speech in the opening ceremony of the Unity Park in Addis Ababa 2019-10-10 pertaining to Eritrea.

አብይ ኖቤሉ ይገባዋል!።
አልማዝ በዳኔ10-17-19

Will Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Prize Tilt Ethiopia's Election?
Western leaders long saw the authoritarian Meles Zenawi as an indispensable ally. Now, they’ve found a new hero in Abiy Ahmed. But is the Nobel Prize an effort to make amends or influence Ethiopia’s political future?
Despite the killing of thousands, the uprooting of millions and the horrendous ethnic strife, that has engulfed the country since Abiy assumed power, westerners(some people in the west!) still think Abiy has avoided bloodshed in Ethiopia! What color is blood to these people?

'ህዝቤ ሆይ - የት አለህ?'
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስፋይ10-17-19

Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Immigration Services Reawakens Tourism with Online Visa: User Number Hits Record 200,000

Addis Ababa, 16 October 2019 - With the introduction of e-visa service back in June 2017, Ethiopia has opened its doors for foreign visitors wider than ever before. Ever since, the e-visa service has redefined visitors' travel experience, easing entry into the country...

Ethiopia postpones autonomy referendum for ethnic Sidama
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia postponed by a week a referendum on self-determination for its ethnic Sidama community that would have created the country's 10th autonomous region. The new date for the vote is Nov. 20 instead of Nov. 13, the delay caused by referendum preparations lagging behind.

Why are Gulf countries so interested in the Horn of Africa?
ACROSS THE Horn of Africa evidence is mounting that relations with Gulf countries are growing stronger. Last month representatives from Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia gathered in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, to discuss the creation of a new Red Sea security alliance. Three months earlier the prime ministers of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace deal that Saudi Arabia helped to broker.

Sixteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded in Ethiopia's Afar regional state after attacks by armed men
Addis Abeba, October 14/2019 - Sixteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded in Ethiopia's Afar regional state after attacks by armed men in attack last week on Friday and Saturday, Kontie Moussa, (PhD), Afar People's Party Chairman, told Addis Standard.The attacks occurred in Afambo wereda, Obno Kebele, near the border with Djibouti in the east and Somali regional state in the south.

Leaders of Egypt and Ethiopia to meet on Nile dam standoff: Sisi
CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Sunday he would meet Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Russia to discuss a dispute over a hydropower dam that the Horn of Africa country is building on the River Nile.
Ethiopians may have concluded Abiy is compromised by Egypt and the Arab world, not to mention by western neoliberals! But, Ethiopians have still high hope of those working for the completion of the Dam to not allow Egypt control this dam. There is a rumor the dam is being downsized to generate less power so Egypt is happy. The public needs assurance that is not the case! Are any of the 16 Turbine space being filled by concrete? God forbid if those responsible for the mobilization of public support are quietly allowing the downsizing of the dam!

The Demolition of U.S. Diplomacy
In my three and a half decades as a U.S. Foreign Service officer, proudly serving five presidents and ten secretaries of state from both parties, I've never seen an attack on diplomacy as damaging, to both the State Department as an institution and our international influence, as the one now underway.

Ethiopia's Evangelical Prime Minister Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Though some Ethiopians have questioned whether the recognition has come too soon, the Nobel Committee stated, "… even if much work remains, Abiy Ahmed has initiated important reforms that give many citizens hope for a better life and a brighter future."...
So he is an Evangelical! How come God is not listening to Ethiopians then- Why all the killing and uprooting?

ህወሓት የምር ይወስን።
ተፈራ ሀይሉ10-12-19

Insanity of Humanity
Gebreselema Hailemichael 10-12-19- I am utterly in disbelief a fraud, deceitful, mischievous, dishonest, … man is getting novel prize. I would rather call it novel shit of the those who are offering it and this makes the fallacy of the western democracy. I have no problem if Abiy get novel prize for something virtuous ...

Nobel Laureate Dr Abiy Ahmed - The Ball is again in Your Court.
Makonnen Tesfaye; 11 October 2019 - Congratulations, celebrationand good will to Dr Abiy Ahmed is rightly in order for joining the prestigious and illustrious list of Nobel Peace Prize Winners that include, depending on your world view,the good, the bad and the ugly, including...

Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, for his work in restarting peace talks with neighboring Eritrea, ending a long stalemate between the two countries.
Well,...the truth is there is no peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea yet! But if this helps the peace let it be and congratulation PM Abyi Ahmed. Gorbachev was also awarded the noble peace prize and the Soviet Union is no more!

Selassaie [Holy Trinity] Church in Cheleqot Requests the Return of its Stolen Crown
Located 15 kilometer South-East of Mekelle, Selassaie Cheleqot Church is a historical landmark that houses much valuable church treasure. According to the local elders, Rasi Woldeselssaie, the powerful governor, is believed to have gifted the church numerous priceless artifacts including crowns. It has been more than sixteen years since eighty-two years old Abba Gebreselassaie became a monk at Selassaie Cheleqot. Abba Gebreselassaie recounted to BBC...

Why are Ethiopia's churches under attack?
Ethiopia is one of the world's most religious countries, in which about 98% of the population claim a religious affiliation. It comes at a time when ethnic tensions are already sky-high and have already resulted in much blood spilled. Ethnic-related strife has always been present in Ethiopia, but it has been bedeviling the country even more so, it appears, following the initially much-lauded reforms by Abiy Ahmed, after he became Prime Minister in early 2018.
Dear Aigaforum, It's very disappointing to read the article under "Why are Ethiopia's churches under attack?", the author tried to bash Ethiopian Muslims for church burning while totally ignoring the burning of Mosques in Gonder! The problem, power struggle and the mess that ongoing between ADP, ODP and TPLF shouldn't be blamed on Ethiopian Muslims under the pretext of radicalizing. It's very dangerous for our country to depict Ethiopian Muslims responsible for Church burning while the Church has deep division and hostilities among its members. Aigaforum should condemn this kind of article and never displayed it on your website
....[K Mohammed, from our email folder Oct 10, 2019]

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 was climbing out of Blaise Diagne International Airport on the 8th of October when its right hand engine failed.The aircraft, registered ET-AMG, was performing flight ET908 to Bamako with 90 people on board when the right hand Pratt and Whitney PW4062 engine suffered from an uncontained failure.Passengers reported a loud bang with smoke pouring into the cabin shortly after....
Ethiopian Airlines may be in trouble! Many people are saying the current regime is intervening in the day to day management of the company. Besides the whistleblower's recent story, we are told from a reliable source the regime has forced the airline to ignore the uncollected debt from Eritrea and continue operation to Eritrea. Tewolde should think twice about why he wants to continue as a leader if such intervention is costing his company adversely! He should not tarnish his splendid carrier and performance over the years!.

Ethiopia Could Sell Majority Stake in State Telecom Monopoly
Ethiopia may give up majority control over its telecommunications monopoly in a second phase of privatization once it’s sold 49% of the company next year.The government could also issue more mobile-phone network licenses over the long term beyond the two already planned for March 2020, Balcha Reba, director-general at the Ethiopian Communications Authority, said in an interview in Addis Ababa....
Why are Ethiopians allowing the current government to auction the country? Why can't they demand privatization should be left for the new upcoming government that will be formed after the May 2020 election! No one, not even the Oromo or Amhara people, we were told were behind the current government, supports Abiy's government now! If Abiy wants to leave a footprint, he should simply guide the country to have a free and fair election!

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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