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Current Events
Round table Discussion between Eritreans and Ethiopians, Session Three - Oct 16 2017

  Part1       Part2
The discussion is part of an ongoing discussion to close the gap between the two brotherly people living in and around the border area in Eritrea and Ethiopia.


ጎንደር :የከተሞች እናት



UTE Festival 2017 Reportage



Sara Menker: A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | TED Talk |


New Book: The Revolutionary Men


NO on HR128/S.128.
Call you Representative to tell him/her your opposition to HR 128 by dialing (202-224-3121).Choose Option #2 and enter your zip code to reach your local representative! You can also use the sample letter below to write to your Congress! For Sample Letters and More!

Sample Letter to Senators!
This resolution, HR 128/S.128, is not helpful at all. It challenges the sovereignty of a country that has jealously guarded its independence for centuries. It undermines the mutual respect critical to the strategic partnership between the United States and Ethiopia on issues of counter-terrorism and....More!

Copy,modify and email,fax or mail the letter to your senators. You should send your NO on HR128 Letter to the Co-sponsors, Senate Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committee. Attached are the list of Senators from each Committee.


TPLF CC Statement - Oct 2017


Press Briefing by Spokesperson of the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry- Oct 06, 2017


(Discussion on Draft Resolution H.Res 128)

-ሰሞኑን በፅንፈኛ የተቃዋሚ ዳያስፖራ ሚዲያዎች በስፋት እየተወራለት ስላለውና በአሜሪካ ኮንግረስ ሊፀድቅ ነው ስለተባለው Draft Resolution H.Res 128 ምን ያህል እውነታውን ያውቃሉ? ዋሽንግተን ዲሲ የሚገኘው ሰላም ራዲዮ በጉዳዩ ዙሪያ ባለሙያዎችን በማወያየት እውነታው ይሄ ነው ይላችኋል !! ተከታተሉት!!


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

Strategic and Tactical Issues of Ethiopia's Foreign Policy:Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Makonnen Tesfaye, 18 October 2017 - To what extent are the fundamentals of Ethiopian foreign policy aligned with the multi-polar global order and regional geo-politics, as well as attuned to recent political and diplomatic developments in neighbouring countries? The paper aims to address

80 ሺህዎችን ያፈራ…
በመ/ዩ ሞዛይክ የተዘጋጀ 10-18-17

No War, No Peace, No Matter
Ethiopia-Eritrea relations today are no better than they were seventeen years ago with the signing of the Algiers Peace Agreement.It is a relationship defined by no war, no peace. Periodically fighting erupts along areas on the border—not enough to declare escalation but enough to remind everyone that all is not well.

የግጦሽ ፖሇቲካ ወይስ. . . . .?
ሓጎስ ኣረጋይ (PhD) 17/10 / 2017

Once famine-stricken, Ethiopia has many lessons for a country like India
In my youth, parents chastened their children if they wasted food by reminding them that millions starved in Ethiopia. Ethiopia was the country stricken with famines. According to the World Peace Foundation, between 1870 and 1980, 115 million starved to death in Ethiopia.

ADDIS ABABA — Inside Bereket Woldeab’s office at Ethiopia’s Public Health Institute in Addis Ababa, two things stand out in an otherwise bare room. One is the impressive microscope on top of the desk. The other is the plethora of black hardcover files stacked everywhere.

መፅሐፈ ውድቀት
ገመቹ ሐጎስ ደስታ ጥቅምት 6፣ 2010 ዓ.ም.

Tsenat with Roman Gebreselassie from Hedase Dam Council.Roman stressed the Dam is progressing well and will be finished according to plan. She said public participation has been great but there is a need for a rigorous campaign to involve the public more in the coming years!

Make Hay While the Sun is Shining
Amen Teferi 10-15-17 -

Ethiopian Topped Industry and Customer Choice Awards as the Rising Star Carrier of the Year
Addis Ababa, October 13, 2017 - Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest cargo operator and logistics center in Africa, has been crowned as the Rising Star Carrier of the Year both in industry and customer choice awards on Payload Asia Awards 2017 gala dinner and awards ceremony, held at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Singapore.

Manufacturing of Eco-friendly Textiles: A Case Analysis of an Industrial Park in Mekelle, Ethiopia
Desta, Asayehgn, Hadush Berhe, 10-13-17 - Because of extensive growth in infrastructure (roads, schools, railways, water, electricity), and the booming construction industry, Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had grown at the rate of 10% per annum from 2003/04 to 2014/15. At the same time, as measured by the international poverty line of less than $1.90 per day, the poverty trends ...

የሙሽሮች ማረፊያ
ተዋበ ጫኔ 10-14-17

Sparring with the Messiah of the Neoliberals
Bereket Gebru 10-13-17 - It has been a long time since the International Monetary Fund (IMF) started to probe Ethiopia towards devaluing its currency. This is just a single step in the broad package of policy changes that the IMF puts as conditionally upon ...

Federalism instrumental in resolving disagreements
Gebre-Michael Asgedom 10-13-17 - Temam AbaMecha and Halima Ousman are husband and wife. He said he has left his home town, Kibremengist, and started to live in Jigjiga. He is of the opinion that his travel to Jigjiga...

ዓጋመ ዓንዲ መበቆል ባህላውን ዘበናውን ሕርሻ
ብተስፋኣለም በርሀ (ጋዜጠኛ) 10-13-17

World tourism remains resilient despite global uncertainties’ knock down
With a 3.6% real GDP growth in Q1 2017, the world economy has remained strong, surpassing the earlier forecast at 3.5% for 2017-2018. This growth, according to Euromonitor International, is and continue to be highly driven by emerging markets which account for approximately...

'Eight killed' in latest unrest in Ethiopia
Local officials in Ethiopia say at least eight people have been killed and 30 wounded in renewed disturbances in the Oromia region.
This time the extremists from oversea can not be the instigators! They did not issue an order! OPDO and EPRDF needs to look inwards on this one! What changed recently to cause the youth to demonstrate violently? Did Ambo Mineral Water move to somewhere else as rumored? No it has not! EPRDF needs to say enough is enough and stop the death of innocent people!

Symbiotic relations with giants
Bereket Gebru 10-12-17 - Although Europe and America still lead the world economy, the twenty first century has brought with it a new trend in the international system. The traditional supremacy of the western world in dictating international economic...

Ethiopia Extends E-Visa service to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) Participants
Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Immigration and Nationality Affairs main Department in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines Group has launched E-Visa service for African and international participants of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions to be held in Ethiopia effective September 20, 2017.

Growth Without Industrialization?
Low-income African countries can sustain moderate rates of productivity growth into the future, on the back of steady improvements in human capital and governance. But the evidence suggests that, without manufacturing gains, the growth rates brought about recently by rapid structural change are exceptional and may not last.

Make Your Voice Heard on Senate Resolution 168
Strathink Editorial Team Oct 2017 - It is understandable why Senator Ben Cardin and his co-sponsors have proposed this unhelpful Senate Resolution 168. Maryland, the state Senator Cardin represents, is home to a large number of Ethiopian Americans. Other co-sponsors, such as Senator Al Franken of Minnesota and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, represent states with large numbers of Ethiopian Americans as well.

Ethiopia Devalues Currency by 15 Percent to Boost Exports
ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopia's central bank devalued the Ethiopian birr by 15 percent on Tuesday, its first such move in seven years to boost lagging exports.The birr was quoted by the National Bank of Ethiopia at a weighted average of 23.4177 against the dollar on Monday, compared to what will be 26.9215.

TPLF CC Concludes its Conference- Oct 2017
TPLF CC concluded its general meeting. Sources told us the meeting concluded with a resounding agreement on the issues that are weakening the party. The same source told us many of the issues discussed included accountability within TPLF top leadership and also on critical issues weakening the federalism system and the country! As you know EPRDF will hold its next congress sometime in early 2018 no later than March 2018. Sources told us the current EPRDF member organization conferences has set the tone for the coming Congress.
Official Statement

Speaker of Ethiopian parliament submits resignation
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The speaker of Ethiopia’s lower house of parliament submitted his resignation on Sunday.Abadula Gemeda did not disclose reasons behind his decision, but ..Analysts in the Horn of Africa country said Abadula, an ethnic Oromo, may have decided to step down owing to disapproval of the government’s response to unrest that roiled Ethiopia’s Oromiya region in 2015 and 2016.
After the tumultuous year Ethiopia had no one should be surprised if officials are held accountable going forward! The speaker as a high official in the EPRDF government is equally responsible for the good and bad that happened over the last year! Western media and extremist may spin this resignation request or another one coming down the road as a political purge, the truth is without cooperation from high up in the EPRDF leadership last year's mayhem wouldn't have been so wide spread! Unless the speaker or anyone else stepping down says otherwise all EPRDF leaders are accountable to what happened last year! The public needs clarity on this issue before the spinners spin the issue! If there are leaders being reprimanded let the public know!

Ethiopian Voted 2017 Middle East and Africa Airline of the Year by Airline Economics Magazine
October 9, 2017: Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline group in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as Middle East and Africa Airline of the Year 2017 by Airline Economics.

BENEFIT Strives for Boosting Seed Production
Partners in the Bilateral Ethiopian Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade program (BENEFIT) jointly organized farmers’ field day at Kafta Humera and Asgede Tsimbla weredas on 30 September and 1 October 2017.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.


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Hedase Dam Progress In Picture - Aug 2017
The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Hydro Dam in Picture- August 2017


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