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Current Events


Ethiopian Airlines receive awards at CAPA dinner
Ethiopian Airlines was named the CAPA Airline of the Year.



Interview with Commander Demsashe - ANDM 35th Reportage - Oct 2015



Diaspora Engagement Oromiyaa


Eritrea in Numbers


Migrant crisis: EU to begin seizing smugglers' boats

Under Operation Sophia, naval vessels will be able to board, search, seize and divert vessels suspected of being used for human smuggling.


ANDM Success and Challenges Reportage - Oct 2015


You want to know how EPRP failure led to ANDM formation then Listen! Listen to the great People of Belesa whom you may have left behind while others...!


Diaspora Engagement -Ethiopian Embassy London -2015


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News, Analysis & Articles

TPLF CC In Session to Chart Plan of Action to Tackle Bad Governance and over all Government Priorities for the Coming Year
In a western style democracy this job should be left to the elected parliamentarians but in Ethiopia people vote for party not individuals necessarily thus it is understandable if the party takes more responsibility in running the country. After all the party won all available seats in parliament. It is "wey kib or gib" time! TPLF has the ball and the field to fix things up! Its success will greatly influence EPRDF to do likewise in the rest of Ethiopia!

Fitch Affirms Ethiopia at 'B'; Outlook Stable
PARIS/LONDON, October 09 (Fitch) Fitch Ratings has affirmed Ethiopia's Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) at 'B'. The Outlooks are Stable...

Eritrea faces day of reckoning as UN weighs choice between sanctions or aid
The UN security council will meet on Friday to consider a report on Eritrea’s alleged support for subversion across the Horn of Africa. The report, by the UN Monitoring Group on Eritrea and Somalia...

Ethiopia’s Development and the Growth and Transformation Plan II
(MoFA) 10-09-15 - The report of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) - "One Foot On The Ground, one Foot In The Air" - at which we looked last week emphasized that Ethiopia had made remarkable progress in the last few years

UAE lifts ban on Ethiopia’s meat imports
The United Arab Emirates has lifted a ban that it imposed on all imports of meat from Ethiopia.The UAE imposed the ban on Oct. 1 over problems related to a rush order. A charity organization in the UAE had ordered around 36 tons of sheep meat from seven meat processing companies

DNA from 4,500-year-old Ethiopian reveals surprise about ancestry of Africans
DNA from a man who lived in Ethiopia about 4,500 years ago is prompting scientists to rethink the history of human migration in Africa.

My personal reflection on Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and current events
Dr. Seifu Gebremeskel Guangul 10-09-15 - The motivation to write this article is primarily driven by the need to contribute my share of knowledge on the ongoing debate about Ethiopia’s current prime minister. Mainly I am attempting to debunk some of the misperception...

Are pop-ups the best way for African firms to start out?
Deliver Addis, a new restaurant food delivery business, initially began as a pop-up last March after founder Feleg Tsegaye, a member of the Ethiopian diaspora, born and raised in the US, despaired of not being able to order home delivery after a long work day...

In Ethiopia, jobs might grow on trees
Work on a timber plantation in Ethiopia is tough, with low wages, poor conditions and little security – but at least it’s a living.And in a country with high demand for wood products and widespread rural poverty and youth unemployment, industrial timber plantations offer a lot of promise, ...

የአዲሱ መንግሥት እርምጃዎች
ድንቅአየሁ ፈንታ 10-08-15

EU- Ethiopia:A strong and successful partnership at 40
Habiba Ahmed 10/07/15 - The European Union may be a new actor in the global political, economic, and security cooperation. Nonetheless, it has become a very important partner of Ethiopia's socio-economic stride, with a total volume of almost 1.6 billion euro in 2011.

Ethiopian Airlines to Buy 15 to 20 Boeing 777X Jetliners, CEO Says
Ethiopian Airlines plans to place an order for Boeing Co. 777X long-range jetliners before the end of the year, the East African carrier’s chief executive said.The airline could buy as many as 15 to 20 of Boeing’s newest airplanes...

Embassy of Ethiopia at Canadian Coffee and Tea in Vancouver, Canada
Embassy of Ethiopia Ottawa, Canada 10-07-15

ህዝቢ ንዝመረፆ መንግስቲ ናይ ምንቓፍ መሰሉ ሕሉው እዩ!
ብመኣርግ ኣማረ (ወዲ ሓዞ መቐለ) 10-07-15

Ministry of Foreign Affairs workshop: “Thinking about and understanding policy”
(MoFA) 10-07-15 - A four-day workshop, jointly organized by the Ministry’s Policy Research and Analysis Department (PORAD) and the UK’s Open University, under the theme “Thinking about and understanding policy” opened in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday (October 6)....

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has approved the appointments of new ministers nominated by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.
The House endorsed the PM’s nomination of Demeke Mekonnen as Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia. It also endorsed the appointment of Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael as Deputy Prime Minister for Finance and Economic Cluster and Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Aster Mamo as Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance and Reform Cluster and Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development....for a complete list of the new government ministers... click here
for a complete list of the new PM advisers... click here

How one woman's love of nature, art and people resulted in the creation of a dream sanctuary in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is one of those rare countries that have something to offer to almost everyone. But few know about its hidden gems such as Kelly's Retreat. This picturesque private sanctuary is located...

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