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October 29, 2010 Addis Ababa: Enat Bank held a press conference today at Sheraton Addis to report on the Bank’s establishment progress and its development mission as the Bank reaches its last count down days to finalize the selling of founders’ shares by December 9 of this year. Enat Bank’s Chairperson, Ms Meaza Ashenafi, stated that the Bank is going to become the first bank in Ethiopia with operational emphasis of working towards developing the income generation capacity of women and the youth of Ethiopia
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Current Events

“The Only Black Student”

An inspiring story of a young man facing many challenges is the story of Lull Mengesha. He not only accomplished what he was set out to do but left a trail for others to follow. by Lull Mengesha.

ETV News(Amharic)

Ethiopia: First Ever Carbon Credit Trade

The World Bank (WB) paid 34,000 dollars for the purchase of carbon credit from the Humbo Community Based Forest Management Project, marking the first ever incident of carbon trade in Ethiopia. The project was initiated by World Vision Ethiopia in Humbo, Wolayta Sodo, in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples (SNNP) Regional State.

News, Analysis & Articles

UMC heart surgeons heading to Ethiopia
TUCSON - A team of UMC heart surgeons and nurses is showing just how big their hearts are with a volunteer mission to Ethiopia.Joining Dr. Teidori are two pediatric ICU nurses from UMC, pediatric cardiologist Dr. Brent Barber, trauma surgeon Dr. Bellal Joseph, and Dr. Gohalem Felema, an Ethiopian native completing her anesthesia residency at the UA.

HRW’s campaign to politicize aid
(MoFA, Oct 29, 2010)- Last week we briefly commented on HRW’s politically motivated report on the make-believe story of politicization of development aid in Ethiopia. This latest report was somewhat unusual even by HRW’s tendentious, and often specious, standards...
Week in the Horn 29.10.2010

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi appointed
  • Abay Tsehaye as Director General of Sugar Corporation
    with the rank of minister.
  • Arkebe Equbay as advisor minister to the Prime Minister, 10/28/2010

  • Government Appoints Ambassadors
    Addis Ababa, October 27, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The government gave appointments to special envoys, ambassadors and plenipotentiaries and ambassadors of Ethiopia, the Office of the Prime Minister announced here on Wednesday. ..(ENA)

    The so called Human Right Watch, the political wing
    of the state department

    W. Yilma , October 28 2010- I read the HRW report entitled “Development without freedom”. This report is not different what has been posted before by this organization. As usual the report is purely political,... My comments don’t focus on the HRW report, but rather on the interview given by Leslie Lefkow

    Irish Aid rejects claim Ethiopia uses help as political tool
    IRISH AID, the Government's overseas development division, has rejected allegations by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that Ethiopian authorities used international aid as a tool for political repression

    Ethiopia's Economy to grow at 8.5% IMF Says
    In Ethiopia, the economy has recently enjoyed strong and broad-based growth, including rising contributions from the service sectors and industry.

    Macroeconomic imbalances heightened sharply in 2008–09, but a strong tightening of monetary and fiscal policies since late 2009 has helped reduce inflation to single digits and rebuild international reserves. Exchange rate adjustments have also helped.

    GDP growth of 8–8½ percent is projected for 2010–11.

    HRW’s continued vendetta against the people of Ethiopia
    (MoFA, Oct 25, 2010)-Human Rights Watch has been involved in a vitriolic campaign to tarnish Ethiopia’s image for a long time now, concentrating on the electoral process, churning out report after report with a view to influencing the conduct and outcome of the voting...
    See Also:  A Week in the Horn (22.10.2010)

    Press Statement
    Peace and Development Conference of Members of the Ethiopian-Somali Diaspora in the UK

    October 23, 2010 (London)- The Peace and Development Conference of the Ethiopian Somali Diaspora Community was held on 23rd October 2010 in London, United Kingdom. The Conference was attended from cross section of the Diaspora representing over 23 associations residing in the United Kingdom. The Community members expressed their full support to the recently signed peace agreement between the Government of Ethiopia on the one hand and the UWSLF and ONLF on the other.
    See Also:  Communiqué of Participants at the London Peace and development Conference

    DAG Condemns HRW Report on Ethiopia
    Development Assistance Group of Ethiopia (DAG), which has 25 members including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), released a statement denouncing the latest Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, which argues the abuse of aid by the Ethiopian government.
    “We do not concur with the conclusions of the recent HRW report regarding widespread, systematic abuse of development aid in Ethiopia,” said the group in its official statement dispatched to media houses yesterday October 22, 2010.

    Mark Your Calendar

    Get well event for Fekadu Lijam!!

    Long time San Jose California residence, Fekadu Lijam is currently under medical treatment. Fekadu has been always at the front to lend a helping hand to any one! Please join us for a get well fund raising event on Nov 6 2010 in Santa Clara California!

    Join us to wish and pray for Fekadu to get well:
    at 810 Lafayette street, Santa Clara
    between 9am to 9PM

    (For more information call the organizing committee:
    at 408-420-6092 or 650-224-8745)

    ANDM 30th Anniversary!!

    For more see flyer

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