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    Congratulations Mr. Meles Zenawi!

    On behalf of the many readers and contributors who support our mission, Aigaforum wishes you a productive and peaceful five year term.! We wish your last term to be a memorable one where the Growth and Transformation Plan succeeds!...
    [Aigaforum 10/4/10]
    Addis Ababa,October 4 (WIC) – The 4th term joint session of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and the House of Federation (HoF) today reelected Meles Zenawi as Prime Minister of Ethiopia. The House also elected Abadula Gemeda and Shitaye Minale as Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively.

      The fourth round first session of the Parliament of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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Current Events

Thought for Today

Perhaps today is the day to try a new approach. Let go of your attachment to the way things have been. Move on to a new perspective and way of life. by John Lockwood

ETV News(Amharic)

Address by H.E. Seyoum MESFIN, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia at the General Debate of the 65th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 23-25 and 27-30 September 2010)

Columbia University's World Leaders Forum

"The Current Global Environment
and its Impact in Africa" Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia September 22, 2010

News, Analysis & Articles

Parliament unanimously endorsed newly appointed ministers

Addis Ababa, October 5 (WIC) – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has appointed 20 Ministers and presented them to the House of People’s Representative (HPR) today. The House unanimously endorsed the appointments of the 20 Ministers. For a complete list and short bio of each newly appointed Minister
Click here(Amharic)

Ethiopian News
The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
September 2010 Issue

‘Namaaya’ on Abay Woldu’s leadership
By Temesgen Mumecha, 03-10-10 I read an Amharic article posted on Aiga Forum describing at length the leadership qualities of Abay Woldu, the newly elected president of the Tigrai Regional State Administration. This is the Namaaya to his Inikii, as it were.I have no way of knowing—details at length Abay’s experience as a freedom fighter, administrator and as a self-less leader who does not care a hoot about publicity...

The Politics of One-Party Dominance: Why the EPRDF Will Stay in Power
By Tesfaye Habisso. October 01, 2010-The EPRDF emerged as a victorious liberation movement by ousting the military dictatorship of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam in May, 1991, and consequently played a decisive role in the transition to a multi-party political system and a constitutional democratic order thus transforming itself into a dominant political party in the process. It however has not been, and is not a monolithic party but a broad-based multi-ethnic coalition...

Preventing “a failed state”: the responsibility of Eritrea’s leadership
Last week we welcomed the fact that the International Crisis Group had at least begun to take a close look at the increasingly worrying situation in Eritrea which, the report suggested, was lurching towards the status of a failed state. We would obviously, like all of Eritrea’s neighbors, prefer this not to happen...
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Ethiopia’s Tedros: No ownership, no scale
Ethiopian Health Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has worked in his country’s Health Ministry since 1986 and has led it since 2005.

Q: What has frustrated you about the lack of country ownership in the past?
A: The frustration comes from this: If there is no ownership, some partners will come up with activities that are not a priority for a country. And to be engaged in something that is not your priority is not something you like to do. A second problem is duplication of efforts. A third problem is that transaction costs could be high. When you deal with many partners,

See Also:  Achieving the health MDGs: country ownership in four steps

Mark Your Calendar

QSSA-FI Chicago Chapter Event!!

The Qheen Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends International Chicago Chapter cordially invites all to a fund rasing party Night !
For more see flyer

QSSA-FI DC Chapter Event!!

The Qheen Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends International DC chapter is launching a fund raising event to build a library and multipurpose Auditorium in Queen Sheba High school, Adwa,

Date: October 16,2010
Place: Church of the Nativity 6000 Georgia Ave, NW Washington, DC 20011
Time: 9.00 PM - 3.00 AM
A festive night with Artist Temesgen Zegeye and other artists.

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