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Eritrea a Nation Held Hostage

Isaias Afewerki was hailed by Eritreans as the great liberator of the people when he became the nation’s first president in 1993. Isaias started to reconstruct the nation, promised to respect human rights, hold free and fair elections, and build a strong economy with jobs for all.

Eritreans were to be rewarded for their struggle. But these rewards never came. Human rights groups say Eritreans are being imprisoned, tortured and killed in increasing numbers.

Some are held in shipping containers in 50-degree heat, others in solitary confinement or in underground cells. The fairy tale has turned into a nightmare.............for more watch   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this
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Current Events

Hager Fikir Radio On the Coming Election in Ethiopia

Ato Mekonen, Dr Kefyalew and Ato Nugussie share their view on the coming election in Ethiopia with host Dr Belay. Coming from a different political background the discussants unanimously agreed that the opposition is ill prepared and cannot win the coming election. The sentiment is shared by many in the Diaspora including by those who have been in the extremist camp. This should bode well for democracy in Ethiopia!


The Old Guard setting in to the sunset!!

UDJ (Andinet) members voice opposition at the MEDREK opening assembly

As if loosing UDJ, Kinjit and Derge was not enough pain in the neck for Professor Mesfin, Dr Merera, Mederk Chairman, was poking fun on the Professor saying “azawuntu (the elder) was demonstrating alongside the kids”!!

Teddy Afro the Good Samaritan!!

The very successful fund raising event Teddy Afro held at the Addis Ababa stadium is one of its kinds ever! Teddy teamed with a very successful local NGO, Elshadai Relief & Development Association that has helped thousands of street dwellers of Addis to resettle successfully back in their home state. Teddy you are appreciated very much! Remain true to Ethiopia! To learn more on Elshadai listen to an online(gezategaru paltalk room) interview with Director Ato Tesfai Hailu.
part i      part ii

Investing in Ethiopia
(by Zemdedeneh Negatu)

Ato Haimanot Lakew recently visited his homeland and witnessed the overall development efforts of the country. Click and watch what he has witnessed

  Part II     Part I

(who in the right mind would want to distract the EPRDF government from such monumental infrastructure work?)

Investing in Ethiopia

News & Analysis

Ministry says over 258, 000 households become food self-sufficient

Mekele, October 17 (WIC) – More than 258, 000 households living in drought-affected areas became food self-sufficient, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoARD) said.

Time for the UN Security Council to listen to Africa, and to act
The headline to the UN's own report on the Security Council meeting on Somali last week said it all: “Many challenges still needing international attention”. High among them is the issue of sanctions to deal with “spoilers” as requested by the regional body, IGAD, and the African Union, as long ago as May.
More from A Week in the Horn (16.10.2009)

Eritrea: Spoiler Exacerbates Crisis in the Horn of Africa and Beyond by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D.

Democracy or Election
Liberal Form vs. Revolutionary Process

Mehretab Assefa Oct 14, 2009:- If there was a point of agreement between Liberal and Revolutionary Democrats, it would be that an election will be held in Ethiopia in May 2010. Both also agree that the election ought to be a contest between different political programs represented by different political parties. The mutual consensus ends here; everything else is locked in sharp disagreement

We want to know!!!

Vice Chairman of MEDREK, Ato Gebru Asrat during an online discussion ( listen) with Diaspora Ethiopians mainly Tigreans, said EFFORT(t'em'et) a huge endowment belongs to the people of Tigrai. Many opposition including some of the current members of MEDREK, have used EFFORT as a source of contention and an excuse for the extremist to attack people of Tigrai. The question is did MEDREK members including UDJ change their stand on EFFORT or ARENA is ready to compromise on EFFORT and change its stand?

Ethiopia’s biggest opposition says "no intent" to boycott election October 11, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) — With Ethiopia’s national election approaching to go, some opposition groups have reportedly begun to hint boycott from the upcoming election..."Currently the party has no intention to boycott election nor did it yet set any preconditions on to it" Gebru Asrat, the person in charge of public relation and vice chairman of the group"
As expected Mederk has started the double talk habit many undisciplined and hodgepodge coalition is known for! While Gezachew is quoted saying unless Birtukan is released they will not participate, Gebru is telling the world they will not put any precondition. Which segment of our diverse population is UDJ representing in Mederk any ways? We all know who Dr Merara, DR Beyene and Ato Gebru are representing but what about Gezachew of UDJ?

14-Year-Old African Turns Garbage Into Wind Power
Every now and then we come across a heartwarming story that also makes us feel like indulgent, do-nothing slackers. William Kamkwamba was born in Malawi

Sheik Al Amoudi New Agro Firm Shells Out $80m
Al Amoudi has a new company whose purpose is to grow food in Ethiopia for Saudi Arabia. This company has paid 80 million dollars for Caterpillar agricultural machinery and equipment. Its plans to increase its holdings to 500,000hct are preceded by the short term plans to acquire 200,000hct from various regional states in the country.Saudi Star will also supply the local market as the company looks forward to harvesting one billion tonnes of various crops, Haile says

See Also:  Ethiopian government is assuring oil companies that the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) does not have the military capabilities to threaten oil exploration and production

Ethiopia's Meles in outburst over Eritrea
ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi accused Eritrea on Saturday of sowing havoc in the region as Addis Ababa reiterated calls for sanctions over Asmara's alleged support for Somalia's rebels. "It is going on and on with its creating havoc agenda. The character of this regime is not changing," Meles told parliament


My Flag (amharic)

Flag Day in Washington DC

Mark Your Calendar

TDA of North Carolina

Invites all members of TDA and supporters for a general meeting and 20th year anniversary of establishment that is scheduled for:

Place: 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209
Time: 7:00 pm Date:Saturday October 31,2009

Fundraising Party for Mekelle Library Project!!
Come and be part of this noble cause!

Tigray Development Association of Northern California (TDA-NC) invites all Members of TDA and supporters for a general meeting that is scheduled for Saturday November 21, 2009. The place and time of meetings is
Place: Afro American Center 304 N. 6th Street, San Jose, CA 95112
Time: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Date: Saturday November 21, 2009.

For more see:   Meeting flyer


For More Information, Call Salam Academy @ (091)403-5590, (091)383-4086 or Visit Our Office at National Hotel, In Front of the East Gate of Abraha Castle.

Coming Soon.....

All are invited for a Timket Party at:
2500 Masonic Drive San Jose California
January 23 2010 (Brought to you by Haile Desta)

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