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Sheik Al Amoudi New Agro Firm Shells Out $80m

Al Amoudi has a new company whose purpose is to grow food in Ethiopia for Saudi Arabia. This company has paid 80 million dollars for Caterpillar agricultural machinery and equipment. Its plans to increase its holdings to 500,000hct are preceded by the short term plans to acquire 200,000hct from various regional states in the country.Saudi Star will also supply the local market as the company looks forward to harvesting one billion tonnes of various crops, Haile says

See Also:  Ethiopian government is assuring oil companies that the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) does not have the military capabilities to threaten oil exploration and production

Investing in Ethiopia

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Current Events

Ato Haimanot Lakew recently visited his homeland and witnessed the overall development efforts of the country. Click and watch what he has witnessed

  Part II     Part I

(who in the right mind would want to distract the EPRDF government from such monumental infrastructure work?)

Interview with Ato Miskir Negash Public Relation Officer of the Ethiopian Electric Corporation in Addis Ababa.

Ato Miskir gave update on the many hydro power dams planned and on those already built and are ramping their production.


Thought for Today

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. George Bernard Shaw

Interview with Ambassador Fiseha Asgedom Ambassador to Israel and current acting Ambassador to the UN. The Ambassador covered topics ranging from draught, border issue, migration of Ethiopia laborers to Middle East as well as the status of the IGAD and AU led lobbying effort to impose sanction on Eritrea by the UN body.


VOA discussion On Democracy and Development
It is not an exaggeration if we tell you that some of VOA Amharic presenters were deeply in love with Kinjit that was! Unlike today “Ye zaren ayadregewna” some of these people were trying to promote Kinjit as much as the law of the United States allowed them to do without causing any diplomatic problems. Today their darling Kinjit is no more! And it shows! Tizita Belachew has a new program called Democracy! She invited Ato Mekonne Kassa and “ye kedemo kinjit afe qelate” (ex speaker for Kinjit North America) Gezachew Legesse to discuss economic development and democracy in Ethiopia.
  Part I
Tizita next time do your job as a radio host and you do the asking. Let the guests answer your questions! Don't surrender your radio host role to one that has a temper tantrum.Next time play a neutral role as a radio host.

News & Analysis

Election Boycott by Angry Old Men

Ben D Oct 12, 2009:- The idea that extremism takes hold in groups that feel their "status" is threatened by new groups on the rise in society is nothing new. The coalition of birthers and haters in America disparage Mr. Obama and decry we can’t be lead by him, they claim he is a Kenyan,..even go as far as re-editing the King James version of the bible, to reflect dooms day for America. Similarly, the old guard in the Ethiopian opposition is calming final destruction of Ethiopia if they cannot get to power. We can only suggest that the victims of such status anguish should be doing a better job accepting their new situations.

Ethiopian Opposition Says It May Boycott Elections
Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- An alliance of Ethiopian opposition parties may boycott elections scheduled for May 2010 unless the government releases imprisoned opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa and others they say are political prisoners...
Comment:  After HIBRET gradually subsided as an opposition coalition, Dr Merara has transitioned to become the chair of yet another opposition coalition.This new coalition by the name of Medrek is calling for foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Mederk has darted out on the wrong foot by putting a precondition to join the May 2010 election. The coalition has all the right to abstain from voting or run for an election but to smear the governing party and pressure it to compromise on the constitution is an outright offence. EPRDF is well advised not to babysit Medrek and inform Westerners not to interfere in internal matters. The discussion between opposition parties and EPRDF must go on with or without MEDREK but foreigners must be told to stay away.If Mederk can breathe on its own and join the discussion it must be welcome but not at the expense of the constitution.Our Ethiopian constitution was birthed after our people paid dearly!
Aigaforum Oct 10 2009

China praised for African links

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has praised the way China does business in Africa, criticising the West for basing relations with the continent on aid. Huge Chinese investment in African companies and infrastructure is helping Africa develop, Mr Kagame said.

Ethiopia's Meles in outburst over Eritrea
ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi accused Eritrea on Saturday of sowing havoc in the region as Addis Ababa reiterated calls for sanctions over Asmara's alleged support for Somalia's rebels. "It is going on and on with its creating havoc agenda. The character of this regime is not changing," Meles told parliament

Eritrea and the Security Council: the road to sanctions
Addressing the UN General Assembly a couple of weeks ago, Foreign Minister Seyoum reminded his listeners of the challenge facing the international community in Somalia... In the meeting yesterday to consider the Secretary-General's latest report on Somalia, Britain's Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador John Sawers said the UK was concerned by the evidence of Eritrean support...
See also:  A Week in the Horn  (09.10.2009)

Britain calls for sanctions against Eritrea
UNITED NATIONS — Britain called Thursday for U.N. sanctions against the tiny Red Sea nation of Eritrea for supplying weapons to opponents of the transitional government in nearby Somalia in violation of a U.N. arms embargo.

Ethiopian Embassy Hosts Advance Screening Of Discovering The Discovery Channel Exclusive, Special Documenting The Research Behind Breaking News About Human Evolution
World Premiere on Ethiopian State Television Saturday, October 10 U.S. Premiere Sunday, October 11 at 10 PM (EP/PT) on Discovery Channel
(Washington, D.C.) His Excellency Dr. Samuel Assefa, Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States hosted a gala advance screening of Discovery Channel’s special DISCOVERING ARDI for members of the diplomatic corps, Congressional staff, science leaders, members of the Ethiopian-American community and global media outlets last night at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C.


My Flag (amharic)

Flag Day in Washington DC

The Global Environment and Its Entractable Dilemmas

Mark Your Calendar


Ana Horna Contique Consultants (Associate of Annamalai University  Ethiopia) and Salam Academy (Mekelle) Are Making Preparation to Coordinate India’s ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY Distance Education Programs to Be Opened Soon For More Information, Call Salam Academy @ (091)403-5590, (091)383-4086 or Visit Our Office at National Hotel, In Front of the East Gate of Abraha Castle.

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