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Tigray is Still Calling for Justice
Call for a Global Protest - December 9, 2021

(SJT) 11-30-21 - The enemies of the Tigray people are once again in full swing, reinforcing their near-death genocidal acts in forms that are unimaginable and unconscionable. The mass incarceration of thousands of Tigrayans and the extrajudicial killing of several Tigrayan civilians in almost all cities and towns of Ethiopia has continued with impunity. The arrests and killings include prominent university professors, clergy, children and nursing women.

Tigray Government Letter to UN Secretary about UAE, Iran and Turkey Support to the Abiy Government to Commit Genocide in Tigray

Tigray Government Letter to UN Secretary about Tigrayan Mass Arrest in Ethiopia

(Mekelle) 11-29-21 - Tigray Government sent two letters to the UN Secretary about the ongoing genocidal campaign by the Abiy regime and the wide-scale mass arrest of Tigrayans in Ethiopia, the continued support by UAE, Iran, and Turkey to arm the Abiy regime to commit genocide. The government asked the Secretary-General to use his good office to help stop the ongoing genocidal campaign in Tigray.

Statement from The Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray concerning the prevailing atrocity and stop the ethnic mass arrest and evict of Tigrians from all regions of Ethiopia and Western zone of Tigray
(ACSOT) 11-27-21 - We, members of the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray (ACSOT) have been repeatedly informing the international community on violation and abuse of international human rights law, International Humanitarian law, and international crimes since the beginning of the war. As we stand today the war is advancing to the neighboring regions of Afar. Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray (ACSOT) calls upon the international community to say stop ethnic mass arrest of Tigrians in different regions of Ethiopia loudly and forcefully and urge to release all civilians arrested by their mere virtue of ethnicity in order to save their lives...

The warning signs are there for genocide in Ethiopia - the world must act to prevent it
Genocide happens when warning signs are not heeded. The world looks away, refusing to believe that mass ethnic killing is possible. We hope that the worst will be avoided. All sides in Ethiopia's conflict have committed violations. But only one side has committed violations on a scale and nature that could credibly qualify as genocide - and that, we regret to say, is the coalition of the Ethiopian government, under Abiy Ahmed; the Amhara regional government; and the state of Eritrea. Twice in the past year, the world has stood by while this coalition has perpetrated international crimes against civilians of Tigrayan identity - including murder, rape, torture and starvation.

UAE air bridge provides military support to Ethiopia gov't
Satellite imagery obtained by Al Jazeera has revealed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has opened an air bridge to provide extensive military support to the Ethiopian government in its fight against forces from the northern Tigray region. The investigation found that between September and November, there were more than 90 flights between the UAE and Ethiopia, with many intentionally concealing from where they took off and where they landed.

Denouncing Addis Ababa University's Recent Statement and Warning to Revoke Academic Degrees of Individuals Based on their Political Opinion
(GSTS) 11-28-21 - The Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS) is extremely shocked by Addis Ababa University's (AAU) recent politically motivated statement and unprecedented threat to retroactively revoke the academic degrees of individuals deemed to be supporting specific political parties. This is an extremely troubling step for several reasons and one which is emotionally distressing for many of our members whose academic and professional careers started at AAU.

Tigray External Affairs Office: Weekly Briefing Nov 23, 2021
TEAO 11-23-21 - It has been a little over a year since the commencement of the genocidal war on Tigray. Indeed, it has been almost five months since the imposition of a blockade that has placed a deadly chokehold on the people of Tigray. By completely sealing off Tigray from the outside world and obstructing humanitarian operations, the Abiy regime’s objective has been to starve the people of Tigray into subjugation and/or out of existence.

Ethiopia's Breakup Doesn't Have to Be Violent
A confederation of states must choose whether to follow the bloody path of the former Yugoslavia or the prosperous model of the European Union. Ethiopia - a multinational state of considerable contradictions - is once again in the news for tragic events. The outside world, which tends to hold a romantic view of the country, is only beginning to understand these divisions
Confederation...Maybe! However, the -ism behind the Amhara-centric Ethiopian state must be abolished for the Confederation to work. Never trust the current Amhara elites to be a force of peace and development in any form of government. They are damaged goods. In hindsight, it is regretful, TPLF was so convinced about the future of the empire Ethiopia and worked hard to save it. At some point, the organization became more Amharanized promoting the Amhara-centric Ethiopianism. Zeru Hagos Nov 28, 2021

UN to evacuate families from Ethiopia as rebels claim advance on capital
Addis Ababa (AFP) - The United Nations has ordered the immediate evacuation of family members of international staff in Ethiopia, according to an internal document seen by AFP on Tuesday, as Tigrayan rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital Addis Ababa. France also became the latest country to urge its citizens to leave Ethiopia as the brutal one-year conflict appears to be taking a dramatic new turn.
One by one, all diplomats and foreign residents of Addis Ababa have left the country. The writing was on the wall the international community was not interested to save Ethiopia or Tigray. Lesson to be learned from Tigrayan motto Biqlitsimna and Bitsefrina!!

Afghanistan-scarred Biden admin taking no chances in Ethiopia
The Biden administration is sounding the alarm over the deteriorating security situation in Ethiopia. In the northern region of Tigray, there have been credible reports of ethnic cleansing and the government using starvation as a weapon of war. Now the Tigrayan rebels are on the offensive and reportedly within 200 miles of the capital.
The international community should have known Ethiopia was going to become a failed state once EPRDF was dismantled and Tigray was invaded. If anyone was buying the notion that Tigrayans are a minority the OroMara majority can subjugate or that "Dominant Democracy" can work with OroMara coalition holding power in Ethiopia now they should know better who Tigrayans are and why dominant democracy will not work in Ethiopia.

Genocide in Tigray and Abiy Ahmed the incarnation of African Hitler
Mulugeta Abai, Toronto Canada 11-18-21 - With the intensification of international, regional and bilateral efforts to stop war in Ethiopia we call upon you to add your voice for peace and spare no time to stop the present genocidal war in Tigray. The atmosphere of hate, terror, violence, blockade, deliberate displacement and man-made famine imposed on Tigray by the Ethiopian government of Abiy Ahmed has all characteristics of genocide.

Blinken: No military solutions to challenges in Ethiopia
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns that the war in Tigray has put Ethiopia on a "path to destruction" that could reverberate throughout east Africa.
Dear Sec Blinken, Ethiopia is facing two separate yet intertwined issues: 1) how to remove Abiy and Isaias from power and 2) how to save the country from disintegrating. The first issue can only be resolved by military means which Tigray Army and OLA are ready to do. The second issue we agree with you only political dialogue by all stakeholders can save the country from disintegration. Mr. Secretary we hope you agree with us the removal of Abiy and Isaias from power is a must for the political dialogue that will save Ethiopia to materialize. Otherwise, no sane person in Tigray or Oromia thinks political dialogue with Abiy is useful at this time. Abiy must go!!

Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: How the Tigray Army has outflanked Ethiopia's army
Once a formidable force that commanded the respect of the US, the Ethiopian army has suffered such heavy losses on the front lines that the government has taken the extraordinary step of calling on ordinary citizens to join the war against the Tigrayan rebels. It marks a dramatic change in the military's fortunes.

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OMN TV; On the ongoing Amhara Elite Minlik Military Campaign

If you read the history of Atse Minlik, the man was more likely to be from the Oromo than the Amhara. Regardless, the Amhara elite has been claiming Minlik as theirs the same way they claim the glorious Abyssinian/Ethiopian history as theirs only. The same way they stole Tigrayan victories as theirs! Today without respect to the people whom Minlik killed and displaced in mass to expand the dying Ethiopian empire, the Amhara Elites are waging yet another war on the very same people. A military campaign in the name of Minlik is wrong in many ways, but the good thing is this time, they are alone. We know how it will end soon.



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