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Ethio-Forum:- Very informative and jaw popping interview with Ato Asmelash Woldeselassie- Must Watch!! - Nov 2019


ብሄር ለጠፉብን
ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ



Mestyat Betna: On the alleged involvement of " CIA and MOSSAD" to topple the Eritrean regime


TMH: TPLF/EPRDF Executive Leader Asemelash Woldeselassie(Abay Nefso) on Current Politics
Beware Ethiopian Federalists!!

In an extended interview, Ato Asmelash acknowledges the problem with EPRDF and the schism between TPLF and ADP. He also exposed Deputy PM Demeke's attempt to eat the cake and have it at the same time! Demeke tried to run for EPRDF chairmanship and demanded his deputy chairman position is guaranteed in case he loses the chairmanship! Ato Asmelash highlighted the key changes to the current election law that are the works of Berhanu Nega Ezema and unitary politicians! It is in Amharic and it is a must watch/listen!!!


Did you know the History of Wolayita?
Part III
Part II

Part I

'Unbelievable' is the word that I can use right now. Even close friends from Wolayta never shared this amazing history with me!(from our email folder)


To Be or not to BE!
Yared Huluf


EthioForum: With Prof Hizkel - Full- Oct 2019


African Ascent Cornel West October 2019 HD

Conversation between the renowned social activist and theologian, Dr. Cornel West of Harvard and the very learned, Dr. Teodros Kiros, professor of Philosophy at Berklee School of Music


TMH TV: Professor Hizkel on the latest political development in Ethiopia - Oct 2019


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TPLF is repeating the Same Fatal Mistakes (Part Three)
Yene Gasha 11-5-19 - Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me! Two years ago, TPLF was betrayed by Team Lemma, the self-proclaimed Team Oro-Amhara, when it pretended it had reached an understanding with TPLF regarding EPRDF's collective guilt and mismanagement of the country. Unfortunately, this group ended up using TPLF and "Tigrigna-speakers" in general as scapegoats in its rise to power.

Rulers in Ethiopia have always been democratic paper-tigers
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 11-4-19 - The foundation of democracy for people is the freedom they are entitled to choose how to be ruled. This implies that democracy is rule by consent. Rulers in the past have violated this principle and were installed in power by descent rather than by consent. Ethiopia was ruled for thousand years by the Solomonic Dynasty which traced its origin not to Ethiopia but to a ruler in a far away land (Israel).

Liberal democracy is no liberator
Emmanuel Yirdaw 11-4-19 - Under the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the EPRDF ruling coalition diagnosed two existential threats: a perpetuation of poverty and a lack of accommodation of ethnic diversity. To survive state collapse and prosper, EPRDF ideologues argued, Ethiopia needed a system that respected ethnic diversity and delivered rapid economic growth. Revolutionary democracy was the vanguard party ideology designed to achieve this. To address poverty, revolutionary democratic state-building justified the rapid expansion of the party-state into all ...

Ethiopia's "Manufactured Crisis" or Teetering to the Brink
Wardoffa Banti 11-03-19 - These past few years in Ethiopia have seen one of the most protracted tumultuous times in its history in recent memory. What has been a country that appeared stable and serene in the region proved that it had always been good at feigning serenity and hiding its time bombs and contradictions in plain sight.

Freweini Mebrahtu is nominated as one of the 10 finalist CNN heroes for her work. Freweini Mebrahtu is a Pioneer in introducing a recyclable women sanitary pads in Ethiopia. She is an amazing woman changing the cultural stigma around the menstrual period and helping girls stay in school for a brighter future. Please share and vote for her to be the CNN Hero of the year. Below are the links for the story & a link for voting. Thank you!
CNN Hero: Vote for Freweini Mebrahtu
Read Also: - CNN Hero

The Abyss of Africa in Dubai
Assefa A. Lemu 11-02-19 - Few days ago, I had a flight from Dulles International Airport (IAD), Washington, D.C., to Dubai International Airport (DXB). The flight was long (12 hours and 45 minutes non-stop), but not boring because Emirates provides good inflight services including on the air internet. We arrived at Dubai International Airport in the morning at 0815 hours as scheduled.

Agricultural Pest Management Policies during Drought: Case Studies in Australia and the State of Palestine
Due to increases in water demand—caused by escalating increases in population and water deficiency and scarcity—and due to the increase in climate change and global warming impacts, much focus has been directed to regional and national drought policies related, particularly, to water resources and agriculture.

Kush Media: DR Tsegaye Araressa making his argument for Abyi's resignation and a new approach to current Ethiopian political impasse. It looks Oromo elites are realizing the ball is in their court to save Ethiopia and the Federal system. It will be a historical mistake if the 'Qerro Revolution' is to be remembered for dismantling Ethiopia and by extension Oromia! Can anyone see a peaceful Oromia without a stable Ethiopia?

What has the Eritrean government to hide? "Extreme access constraints"
Source: ACAPS - an independent information provider - has just declared Eritrea to be a nation in which it is all but impossible for humanitarians to work.Three nations are given the designation - "Extreme access constraints" - the other two are Syria and Yemen. Both are at war: Eritrea is not.

Read Also: Eritrea accuses CIA of coup plot

Urgent need for federalist led transitional administration to save Ethiopia
Berhane Kahsay 11/01/19 - Ethiopia is in the midst of a serious political, economic and social crisis,and if prompt action is not taken to correct the situation,an all-out civil warcan’t be circumvented. PM Abiy is not up-to the task and should give way to a federalist led transitional governmentmandated to rule the country until the conclusion of the forth coming general election ...

Fractures appear in Ethiopia's ethno-political mosaic
Less than a month ago, Abiy Ahmed, prime minister of Ethiopia, won the Nobel Peace Prize. In Ethiopia, though, peace is in short supply. In what is merely the latest in a string of violent incidents, nearly 70 people were killed in the Oromia region last week after a prominent Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed all but accused the prime minister of trying to have him assassinated. .
Tigreans are not mad at Abiy because they lost power to Abiy! They were and are mad because Abiy is trying to subjugate and demonized them as people. Otherwise, Tigreans were sharing with all other Ethiopian people the burdens of the past Ethiopian governments until Abiy came! Stop continuing the narrative of 6% minority were the only beneficiaries of the past EPRDF regime!

አማራን መግደል ለምን አስፈለገ?!
በሰንደቁ ያይላል11-2-19

Irob and the Ethio-Erithrean border issue: "Here We Go Again"!
Seyoum Berhe Oct 30, 2019 - I was enjoying my Sunday at home when a friend forwarded me a Voice of America interview conducted with ambassador Shin and Don Connell and since that moment, my Sunday did not go so well. Even though I did not hear the entire English version of Don Connell's interview, the Tigrigna interpreter clearly stated that Dr. Debretsion told Don Connell ...

I guess Abiy has also received a blueprint on how to lead the 'change' from once upon a time Derge official. I thought it was only EPRP leftover like Andargachew that gave him a blueprint! In any case, it is good the Amhara elites are talking about the imminent danger the country is facing. It disheartens me why these elites are silent when it comes to the atrocities the Qimant people are facing!! ( Zeru Hagos Oct 31, 2019)

Rapid Response Fund - Ethiopia, Update | April - September 2019
The Rapid Response Fund - Ethiopia (RRF-E) began operations in May 2018 with support from USAID's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). The Rapid Response Fund (RRF) responds to the urgent shelter, NFI and protection needs of displaced persons throughout Ethiopia.
Going backward to meet the past! Thanks to the inept government of Abiy, the Lords of Poverty have found the Ethiopia they lost for the last decade! It will not be long before famine visits the country again!

እኛ ማን ነን? ምንድነን?
ሰላምወርቅ ሁላገር10-28-19
Must Read!

My Informal Discourse

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 10-29-19 - Recently, I had a chance to have a short political discourse with few of my colleagues at the workplace. National politics had never before featured in our daily encounters, scheduled meetings and routine inter-office interactions. Discussions on national politics are often discouraged at the place of work; staff is prohibited active participation of national politics and in making public their political views on sensitive national issues.

Desert Locust Warning: Desert Locust swarms on the move in India/Pakistan and Ethiopia - 28 Oct 2019
Immature and mature swarms that formed from recent breeding during the summer are moving into new areas in Pakistan and Ethiopia with the possibility of further migration.bIn the Central Region, control operations are in progress against groups of hoppers and adults in the Afar region of northeast Ethiopia...

Business community of Hintalo Wojerat woreda donated over 480 thousand birr
Mekelle: 16 October 2012 E.C - The business community of Hintalo Wojerat woreda donated over 480 thousand birr during a half-day fund-raising event conducted at Adigudom town. The business people of woreda Hintalo Wojerat in collaboration with its administration carried out a successful fund-raising event at Adigudom to show their solidarity to the continuous effort of TDA.

Local bosses may fill the party-sized hole in Ethiopia's next election
Ethiopia has traditions of local self-government - could they induce voters to look at independent candidates for Parliament? Next year's elections in Ethiopia will be unlike the previous five polls. Add to that, the nationwide ethnic polarisation and local micro factors and the local dimension will be critical. Only the future will reveal if the polls will be held on time. The EPRDF has pledged that they will, although the country is still suffering from politically inspired violence, millions are unable to return to their homes and there is no date for a postponed census

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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