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Amhara TV: Amhara Region President Temesgen Tiruneh's Speech -Nov 2019

We have been waiting for any sane politicians from ADP to speak out loud against the injustice being committed in the Amhara region! Not sure who is who in ADP camp these days, but, the ANDM we know had too many good and smart politicians who persevered against all odds to save Ethiopia over the years. We have no idea where the Yohannes BuaYalew came from! President Temesgen you can change the current course and save the Region and Ethiopia! The people want peace!


Awash Media Network: M/G Teklebrhan Woldearegay (Ph.D.) On the future of Ethiopia and Tigrai - Nov 2019



Woyin: Detailed analysis on the upcoming National Election and TPLF's clear stand.
This is in Tigrigna but we will try to post the Amharic version ASAP


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New Book: The Big Buna Bash

by Sara C Arnold (Author), Roberta Malasomma (Illustrator)


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Getachew Reda on why TPLF rejected Ahadawi/EPP party today!
Getachew said:-
  • TPLF was ready to discuss the study paper on transforming EPRDF into a single party but Abiy insisted everyone accept the idea without discussion and seeing the bylaw.
  • Although the media was told only 6 members rejected the idea, he knew more people did not vote yes!
  • TPLF wanted the agenda to be more on restoring peace and managing the deteriorating political and economic situation of the country.
  • The process to dissolve EPRDF is along the process.

    After a Massacre, Ethiopia's Leader Faces Anger, and a Challenger
    ADAMA, Ethiopia - Not long after security forces tried to arrest him in the middle of the night, Jawar Mohammed, a media baron and one of Ethiopia's most prominent political activists, found himself face to face with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the man whose government ordered his arrest.Sitting at a table in a state conference room in the capital, Addis Ababa, the two men met on Nov. 3 to talk ...
    Who is the real new King in Ethiopia today? We think the "agar" Parties that signed to join EPP hoping one from among them can become the next King or PM are making big mistakes! Jawar may be the real King! One reason is the US may drop Abiy like a hot potato in favor of the young and restless Jawar! The New York Times is not your average paper. When it covers a story it means something.

    Stop Lionizing a Demagogue!
    Tibebe Samuel Ferenji 11-19-19 My letter to New York Times. Dear editor: On your October 23, 2019 news section, Mr. Simon Marks wrote a report titled "Protests in Ethiopia Threaten to Mar Image of Its Nobel-winning Leader". Unfortunately, Mr. Marks has misinformed your readers by stating that "The accusations made by the critic, Jawar Mohammed, founder of..."

    Ever tried revenge honey? It tastes good
    The landscape of northern Ethiopia has been transformed over the last three decades by a regreening project that has turned degraded land into forest. This has had a positive impact on water supplies, and on wildlife - including bees. We're walking among the mature trees in the tree garden when they attack. It is totally unexpected and extraordinarily frightening.

    Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP) Bylaw.
    Zeru Hagos Nov 18, 2019 - The following is a direct quote from the Amharic version of EPP bylaw. What interested me is why the smaller nationalist parties are joining this party? What are the ADP folks seeing that promotes the Amhara interest in this? Why is ODP killing itself in broad daylight? The party wants to limit membership based on the population but what population? Are they going to divide Ethiopians based on Ethnicity?

    Citizenship and the New Ethiopian
    Teodros Kiros (Ph.D) 11-18-19 - The present crisis in Ethiopia, however, dangerous it may feel, and for now it is that, can be an opportune moment for Ethiopians from all nationalities and ethnicities to look inward and develop answers to two foundational questions: What is Ethiopianity? and Which Way Ethiopia?

    Cliff face challenge to rescue Ethiopian church paintings
    Stephen Rickerby and Lisa Shekede need a head for heights. As wall painting conservation experts, they often clamber up scaffolding to view rare surviving images in churches across Britain. But this year they have faced risks that are extreme even by their standards: scaling death-defying heights and sheer cliff faces to reach extraordinary paintings within churches in remote areas of northern Ethiopia

    TPLF Poised to Join A new Federalist Front.

    Now that EPRDF is done, TPLF and other political organizations in Ethiopia are, in the early stages of forming a Front to compete against the Unitary/Ahadawi party of Abiy. According to a source, almost all of the current political organizations that have not joined the new Ahadawi party have expressed a desire to join. The Front will have a minimum program enough to enable it to form a government if elected as a majority.

    While Abiy and few others are still lobbying TPLF to join the new Ahadawi party, the word is, TPLF is adamant that it will not join unless the detailed plan of the new party is discussed by members of each participating organization.

    A source I talked to told me, TPLF is not going to back down! It is, in fact, elated the saga of the last 3 years is over. According to another source familiar with the current internal politics within the late EPRDF, TPLF is more bitter with ADP than anyone else! TPLF thinks ADP has betrayed its own people since it has deviated from the very principles of the ANDM members who fought the Derge tooth and nail and defeated the chauvinist and narrow nationalists forces. Zeru Hagos Nov 17, 2019

    De Facto State of Tigray: Hasn't it always been so?
    Yohannes Aberra, PhD 11-17-19 The talk of town this week is the “declaration” of Tigray as a de facto state. Some are calling it illegal. Yes, it is not legal; that is what de facto means. De facto state is not declared; it just happens and is real. The question is, why should it be more surprising now than it was before?

    Ethiopians are losing faith in prime minister Abiy's promises for peace
    When prime minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018, the political reforms and initiatives he promised were met with much hope and optimism. He promised to address Ethiopia's deteriorating ethnic relations, to build national unity, and reignite the stalled democratic process.

    A de facto state short of international recognition or inward looking government of Tigray within Ethiopia?
    Gebrehiwot Hadush, Mekelle University, PhD Student at KUleuven, Belgium 17 Nov.2019 - Apparently, the idea of the de facto state has become a dominant talking point seemingly new helmet in the TPLF house as pointed out in the recent Woyen Magazine. I see many supporters and critics take for granted that TPLF decided to set up a de facto state to prepare Tigray exit from Ethiopia.

    Yohannes Gebrsellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 11-16-19 - More often than not, I tried to reiterate the importance and more importantly, the impact of climate change to my readers and collogue. Some replied with the same concern while others were skeptical about the issue in question. The Global climate impact on human as well as animal lives goes without saying. Some colleagues try to downplay the climate issue ...

    Changing the coffee trade one farmer at a time
    As we sip cappuccinos and watch the leaves fall from the trees in Switzerland, thousands of Ethiopian farmers are plucking coffee cherries off Arabica trees in the Agaro forest. One couple in Basel is trying to bring these two worlds closer together. Ethiopia is said to be the birthplace of wild Arabica coffee. In the western regions of Jimma and Kaffa, coffee is not just the primary income source but ...

    Is Abiy copying everything Isaias Afeworki did in Eritrea? We know Isaias closed the only University in the country a long time ago. Seriously, why is Abiy blaming students and the people when everyone knows the enablers of the current crisis are politicians themselves? The same group that championed the downfall of Hailemariam Desalegn is the same group behind the current unrest. A government that can not enforce the rule of law is a government not worthy of a single vote! Resign! Zeru Hagos Nov 15, 2019

    The Ethiopian General Election, the PM's Stratagem and Democratic Federalists' Counter-Strategy
    Makonnen Tesfaye; November 13, 2019 - The General Election, the PM’s stratagem and democratic federalist alliances and responses are the most immediate and critical challenges facing the country, the outcome of which will determine the trajectory of politics, peace and democratic discourse, and the prospect of the Ethiopian State at least in the short and medium terms.

    Eritreans wait in vain for change after peace with Ethiopia
    Asmara (Eritrea) (AFP) - Eritrean taxi driver Mihreteab recalls brimming with hope in July 2018 when his country reached a peace agreement with neighbour and longtime foe Ethiopia. But a year and a half later, that hope has given way to disenchantment."I don't see any changes so far. People are still in jail and life is the same," he said while waiting for passengers on the main avenue in Asmara. Like other ordinary Eritreans who spoke to an AFP journalist during a rare visit to the famously closed-off country...

    Book Review: "Medemer",A Book by Dr. Abiy Ahmed
    Assefa A. Lemu 11-12-19 - The book titled "Medemer" and written by Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy was launched on October 19, 2019, at a Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa (Finfinne). At a launching ceremony, the Author and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed cut a cake baked by the Government-owned Hotel and Tourism Training Institute under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

    Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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