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Current Events


TV Tigrai- Eritrean Saga a Documentary! Oct 2015



Ethio-UK Trade & Investment-London 2015


Dr Kesete Admasu Speech at the 17th Annual Review meeting of HSDP - Adama Oct 28, 2015



The true story of "Fishka" & other stories

If ESAT is lying and simply bragging or exaggerating about Ginbot 7 and all the terrorists camped in Eritrea claim of opening a war against Ethiopia from their comfort in DC and Holland, we are not sure how one can ask the US government to control or bring to court those who are leading the groups while they remain as US citizens or green card holders! No wonder why President Obama said basically ESAT and likes are bragging and are not a real threat to Ethiopia! Ben can you investigate if there were people in the border that were killed or displaced during the operation? May be you can interview them so western countries can understand the threat is real even though G7 or anyone else is not a match to the Ethiopian government Security and Armed Forces! BTW, the silent majority in diaspora never took ESAT news as real and believable! What people were furious about is how Dr Berhanu Nega is openly claiming he is leading a war front while he is governed by US laws!


Early Education in Ethiopia/Tigrai and Era of the "Mesafint" - Adigrat University Oct 2015

(Aigaforum Oct 22 2015 )- Interesting findings on early education in Ethiopia/Tigrai and a rear view to the era of "Zemene Mesafint"


Saxophonist Getachew Mekuria needs your Help!


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News, Analysis & Articles
Government Executive Body Discussion on Good Governance Issues - Nov 2015

Kudos to PM Hailemariam for opening such venue! This is a timely good start to address the bottlenecks of development and peace! It is understandable all good governance issues will not be solved in one go or with a single campaign but having a clear directive and guideline along with a sound policy will remove many of the bottlenecks. Otherwise good governance issues will continue for the time to come albeit with new issues!

Agriculture in GTP II: Putting potash in its rightful place in Ethiopian agriculture
(ECA) 11-03-15 - Agricultural development in Ethiopia is experiencing a revival, thanks to the government’s continuous efforts. During the past decade, the agriculture sector has grown by an average of 7%. The government has recently launched its ambitious..

Ethiopia avoids another famine
JUMPING a fence of prickly pears, Gumat Hussain, a local chief in the driest district of North Wollo, Ethiopia’s most drought-prone province, walks gloomily through his sorghum. “The crops have not produced grain. They are useless even for the animals,” he sighs...

The Current Crises in the Arab Region and Potential Spillover Effects
Getachew Mequanent, 11-01-15 – In recent months, the attention of the international community has focused on the socio-economic and political crises in the Arab region which covers the Middle East and North Africa. Although the crises remain mainly...

ጣዕሳ ብካሕሳ ልምዓትን ሰላምን
(ቢሮ ርክብ ህዝብን መንግስትን) 11-02-15

Government of Ethiopia and United Nations agency to discuss future plans for rural development in country
Addis Ababa – 30 October 2015 – The Independent Office of Evaluation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the UN agency specializing in rural development, will present the conclusions and recommendations of an independent evaluation of IFAD’s country strategy and programme in Ethiopia...

Ethiopia exceeds Sub-Saharan average in several areas of doing business, despite challenges
WASHINGTON, October 29, 2015 – A new World Bank Group report finds that, compared to other economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia offers an enabling regulatory environment in several areas of doing business.

የአይጥ ምስክሯ ድንቢጥ
ኢብሳ ነመራ 10-29-15

Top royals in Saudi power struggle
Dubai (AFP) - A power struggle is emerging between Saudi Arabia's two most powerful princes, analysts and diplomats say, as the secretive kingdom confronts some of its biggest challenges in years.

Understanding Eritrean President Isayas Afewerki: In His Own Words
By the Strathink Editorial Team - On October 18, 2015, in a Washington, D.C. hotel, Vision Ethiopia and Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) hosted a forum on “The Future of Eritrea and Ethiopia Relations.” Taking part in this forum were Herman J. Cohen and David Shinn...

Black Rhino looks at renewable power investments in Ethiopia
Oct 28 Black Rhino, owned by funds of U.S. investment company Blackstone Group, said on Wednesday it was looking at investments in Ethiopia's power generation sector.A foray into the country's power industry would be Black Rhino's second large-scale infrastructure involvement....

Efforts to minimize drought effects in Tigrai (Tigrigna)
Tigrai Regional Government Public Relation 10-27-15

Ethiopia and 'Eritrea' - Antagonists in Perpetuity: Cohen, Shinn, and witless Diasporas to the Rescue?
Tecola W. Hagos 10-27-15 - I have written on the subject of the Ethiopia-Eritrea border dispute/war, the Boundary Commission and its convoluted decision, the role of the United States et cetera extensively ...However, here I am focusing on the recent presentations and the not too recent articles (calls) by Herman Cohen and David Shinn.

Ethiopia starts looking at the stars - from a nearly perfect location
A $5 million observatory opened this year has put Ethiopia firmly in the African space race Two one meter telescopes can see into the depths of the Milk Way

President Mulatu grants amnesty to TPDM members
Addis Ababa, October 26, 2015 (FBC) –President Mulatu Teshome has today granted amnesty to members of the so called the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM).

ECX takes Ethiopia's Agri-market to a New Leap
Hana Behailu 10-25-15 - This month the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange embarked on a new course with its inauguration of eTRADE platform, the first of its kind in the country.

Boeing eyes Ethiopia office
American aircraft manufacturer Boeing is weighing options of opening an office either in Ethiopia or Kenya to gain a foothold in the eastern Africa market,The Boeing executive has been on a fact-finding tour of Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya aimed at paving the way for entry into the three corners of sub-Saharan Africa...[We Hope Ethiopia is doing all it can to lure Boeing to Addis! After all Ethiopia is bigger customer for Boeing and Ethiopia is much stable, secure and has millions of educated workforce in the neighborhood!]

The stunning sites that made Ethiopia 'the world's best tourist destination'
Ethiopia has been named as the world's best destination for tourists in 2015 by the European Council on Tourism and Trade. What makes the ...

Ethiopia stirs wheat market with million tonne tender: traders
Ethiopia is seeking a million tonnes of wheat in one of the biggest import tenders for the food staple in recent years as it grapples with poor local harvests linked to the El Nino weather pattern, European traders said

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