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Ethiopia rejects Egypt’s request to build Renaissance Dam jointly

The Turkish Anadolu news agency reported on Wednesday that Ethiopia rejected a request by Egypt to jointly build all stages of the Renaissance Dam so as to make sure that Egypt’s share of Nile water is not affected. The agency quoted an Ethiopian diplomat that attended a meeting between Egyptian Interim President Adli Mansour and Ethiopian Prime Minister Mariam Desalegn on the sidelines of the Arab-African summit in Kuwait as saying that Desalegn adhered to the Entebbe Convention and rejected any Egyptian supervision or participation in the construction of the dam.
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Current Events

Reportage from Bahirdar on the 5th Cities Day celebration-Ethiopia

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Reportage from Bure, West Gojam on development

  Part One      Part Two

Pictures from the picturesque Bahirdar and Bure Area

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"We are ready to receive our fellow citizens home," Dr. Tedros Adhanom

( the international family conference in Addis)


Ethiopians diaspora in the uk urging the uk gov't and other int'l community to support the efforts of Ethiopian Gov't


Ethiopian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia on Selam Radio


News, Analysis & Articles

Press release: Update on the Repatriation of Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia

Mofa Nov 21, 2013

በአፍሪካዊ ይዘትና ፍላጎት ላይ የተመሰረተው ጉባዔ...for more

Ana Gomez will set off to Addis with a twinge of embarrassment
Dilwenberu Nega London 20/11/2013 - According to Addis Fortune (“Fineline” 17th November 2013), MoFA mandarin, H.E. Ambassador Berhane Gebre Kristos, has after due reflection given the green-light for the Embassy of FDRE in Brussels to issue Ana Gomez with a visa so she may be able to take part in next week’s AU-ACP countries summit to be held in “the Brussels of Africa” - Addis Ababa...

ማረት መፋለጢ መደብ ክትትልን ደገፍን ድሕረ ህንፀት ትካላት መስተ ማይ ዕላዊ ገይራ፡፡
REST Nov 20, 2013

Press Release: Senaa Conference on illegal Refugees - (Amharic)
MoFA Nov 20, 2013

Interview with President Ato Ayalew Gobeze, Amhara Kilil(Region) of Ethiopia.

  Part One
(on current state of the State, Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia and more..)

ANDM 33rd Anniversary Celebrated in Rome
Eth Embassy Rome Nov 19, 2013

London Ethiopian Embassy Monthly News Letter Oct-Nov 2013
Nov 19, 2013

Democratic State versus Developmental State:
Asghedom G/Michael, PhD Nov19, 2013- It is disquieting to read the modern literature on development replete with interpretations of a democratic State and a developmental State as completely separated....

የጋራ የልማት ስትራቴጂ ዓለምን ይመራል...for more

የሐሰት ጋጋታ…!...for more

Ethiopia - Time to Discover It for Yourself
This year marks 30 years since the start of the famine that lead to that song, and then Live Aid, and I've just got back from seeing the country for myself, discovering how it's changing....

Is the war on the west equal to the war on the rest? What can we learn from the anti-Ethiopians “war” in Saudi Arabia?
Seife Hailu 11/17/13 - What explains the recent event of hunting and shielding Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia? Has anyone attempted so far to go beyond expression of emotional feelings on the event ...for pdf copy...()

Strong State for Democracy
Getachew Mequanent 11/16/13 - Democracy is a complex system of governance. To work effectively, democracy requires the support of laws, regulations, procedures, processes, and other authority structures embedded in networks ...

የወሬ አዳማጭ ጥቆማ...for more

Kenyan business looks north as Ethiopia opens up
Addis Ababa is a city under construction. This is a section of Bole road, one of the main streets in Addis Ababa. Seen from hundreds of metres in the sky, yellow earth movers burrow into the ground and shape a new landscape that speaks of an on-going revolution...

Ethiopia: Building the Base for Green Diplomacy
Nurye Yassin 11/16/13 - This For centuries, the relationships of nations and peoples have been blooded and reddened by their disputes over religion, ideology, territory or other competing interests....

Government efforts to repatriate Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia
This week several hundred Ethiopian migrants arrived back in Addis Ababa, the first of many to be repatriated as soon as possible....

Efforts at politicizing the plight of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are atrocious and abominable
Dilwenberu Nega London 15/11/2013 - In truth, it would be impossible to imagine that there exists an Ethiopian, inside or outside Ethiopia, untouched by the cruel and rapacious punishment meted out on “illegal immigrants from Ethiopia” inside one of the richest countries in the world...

መሠረት አልቦ አቋም...for more

Roadmap to the Gray Area of African Media Development:
Zharina Bloger 11/13/2013

“The Developmental State and Federalism in Ethiopia’’: Critique of Professor Clapham
Habtamu Alebachew 11/13/2013

ማን ይናገር የነበረ ማን ያርዳ …...for more

የሻዕቢያ “መዝሙር” ወደ አል-ሸባብ ሰዎች...for more

የሻዕቢያ ቀጣናዊ አዋኪነት በኳታር ጋዜጠኞች ዕይታ...for more

ለተመሣሣይ ጉዳይ የተለያየ መስፈርት መጠቀም ፀያፍ ነው...for more

ዋጋ ሂወት ክንደይ’ዩ?...for more

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