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Kenyan business looks north as Ethiopia opens up
Addis Ababa is a city under construction. This is a section of Bole road, one of the main streets in Addis Ababa. Seen from hundreds of metres in the sky, yellow earth movers burrow into the ground and shape a new landscape that speaks of an on-going revolution... As the Ethiopian Airlines flight descends into Addis Ababa, it is clear that the city is a construction zone, the most visible sign of the country’s economic transformation.Seen from hundreds of metres in the sky, yellow earth movers burrow into the ground...  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital| Awramba|    Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline Ben  VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | ERTA|   EthioAdvocate
Current Events

Dina Mufti on Saudi Visa crackdown on Ethiopian migrants

Some of you characters in paltalk have been acting weird to the extent you are blaming the Ethiopian government for the inhuman treatment of our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia. This is wrong! You should blame the Saudi government and the hooligans for the mistreatment!



Addis Ababa Housing Construction boom! The old Addis is fading fast...! City and Higher Officials Visiting some of the Condominium in Basha Welde, Chelot Saite, Yeka, Bole, Ayat and Semit


Reportage from the International Conference on Family Planning, Addis Ababa Nov 12-15
  part one       part two

In Picture!

Message of Condolence
Ethiopian Embassy
Washington DC



Ato Wahide Belay on the Threat of Terrorism,



News, Analysis & Articles

Ethiopia: Building the Base for Green Diplomacy

Nurye Yassin 11/16/13 - This For centuries, the relationships of nations and peoples have been blooded and reddened by their disputes over religion, ideology, territory or other competing interests....

Government efforts to repatriate Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia
This week several hundred Ethiopian migrants arrived back in Addis Ababa, the first of many to be repatriated as soon as possible....

Efforts at politicizing the plight of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are atrocious and abominable
Dilwenberu Nega London 15/11/2013 - In truth, it would be impossible to imagine that there exists an Ethiopian, inside or outside Ethiopia, untouched by the cruel and rapacious punishment meted out on “illegal immigrants from Ethiopia” inside one of the richest countries in the world...

መሠረት አልቦ አቋም...for more

Roadmap to the Gray Area of African Media Development:
Zharina Bloger 11/13/2013

“The Developmental State and Federalism in Ethiopia’’: Critique of Professor Clapham
Habtamu Alebachew 11/13/2013

Time for Africans to set their own agenda
Belayneh Akalu Nov 14, 2013 - For anyone familiar with the western mainstream media, the formats of a report on Africa are quite clear. The news stories do not go astray of a group of topics including famine, war, rigged elections

Clashes Erupt in Saudi Capital as Police Round Up Foreigners (1)
lashes between Saudi police and foreign nationals in Riyadh left a Sudanese man dead and 17 people injured during a crackdown on undocumented workers across the kingdom.Fighting erupted between residents and expatriates in the capital’s Manfouha district,also the scene of violence last week...

The Saudis Are Mad? Tough!
Why we shouldn't care that the world's most irresponsible country is displeased at the U.S
America's middle east policies are failing, we are told, and the best evidence is that Saudi Arabia is furious. Dick Cheney, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have all sounded the alarm about Riyadh's recent rejection of a seat on the U.N. Security Council. But whatever one thinks of the Obama Administration's handling of the region, surely the last measure of American foreign policy should be how it is received by the House of Saud.

The scope of the talks on GERD and other related issues
Issac Alemineh 11/13/13

The Emergence of Democratic Developmental States in Africa: The Ethiopian Experience.
Tamrat Dejene Daddi (MBA,PSIR,LAW) -

ማን ይናገር የነበረ ማን ያርዳ …...for more

የሻዕቢያ “መዝሙር” ወደ አል-ሸባብ ሰዎች...for more

Three Eritrean officers defect to Saudi Arabia-website
DUBAI (Reuters) - Three Eritrean military officers have asked for political asylum in Saudi Arabia after Saudi air force jets forced their aircraft to land in the southern part of the kingdom, the local news website Sabq reported on dire can the situation in Eritrea be for anyone to ask refuge in this barbaric country which has no iota of respect to the human being?

Okla. Sen. Inhofe's son, 52, killed in plane crash
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The son of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe was killed in a weekend plane crash in northeast Oklahoma, the U.S. Secretary of Defense confirmed. Dr. Perry Inhofe, a 52-year-old orthopedic surgeon, died when the small plane he was piloting crashed .... Our Condolence to Senator Inhofe and his family.

የሻዕቢያ ቀጣናዊ አዋኪነት በኳታር ጋዜጠኞች ዕይታ...for more

Three Ethiopians immigrants killed in Saudi Arabia
ADDIS ABABA: Three Ethiopians have been killed in Saudi Arabia when violence broke out between police and illegal immigrants preparing to return home, Ethiopian officials said Tuesday

ለተመሣሣይ ጉዳይ የተለያየ መስፈርት መጠቀም ፀያፍ ነው...for more

ዋጋ ሂወት ክንደይ’ዩ?...for more

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