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Current Events

Lampedusa Tragedy and its Effect on Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia.

Eye Witness Account behind the Adi Harush and May Ayni Eritrean Refugee Camp Disturbance.



Ben's Point of View: Nov 6th, 2013 ( )


According to Wegahta Radio Wedi Tukabo has left Shaibya regime and is believed to be seeking asylum in the States. One of his song was "yigermenalo"(we are amazed) Indeed Yigermenalo! How once a promising country has turned to become a failed state even Wedi Tukabo is saying enough is enough! We too are saying Yigermenalo... when we see those leaving Asmara and those moving in to Asmara! Watch!

ይገርመና ኣሎ።
ካብ ዘ.ብሩኽ/ወዲ ሃይሉ/ ደብርቺ



Interview with Amb Girma Birru

  Part 1     Part 2    Part 3


News, Analysis & Articles

Boeing Delivers Ethiopian Airlines' First 777-300ER

The 777-300ER is now the largest airplane in the Ethiopian flag-carrier's fleet and will provide it with increased capacity and improved operating economics on key routes from its base in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

US companies awarded 300MW PV project in Ethiopia
Three solar power stations totalling 300MW will be built and operated in Ethiopia by two US companies, Global Trade and Development Consulting (GTDC) and Energy Ventures.

United Kingdom finances Ethiopia’s green economy program
United Kingdom’s aid agency DFID Ethiopia is set to finance 15 Million pounds to support Ethiopia’s government ambition plan to build a Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) by 2025.

Dr. Arkebe breaks the record in a century old Academic Institution
This week Dr. Arkebe Ouqbay was recognized as an outstanding Scholar in the Academic circles of London. He broke the academic record of doctoral school in the university of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) for the first time by finishing the four year program within 23 months ...

The New Grand
Planet Hotel in Mekelle

Yearning for the end of marriage between ideology and human rights
Dirbaba M, November 7, 2013

African Ambassadors to the US and American Partners Held Discussion on ''Power Africa" Initiative at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC.
Tsehaye Debalkew Washington DC, November 7, 2013

Some facts about Egypt and Ethiopia’s stand regarding GERD
Issac Alemineh 11/07/13

Ethiopia Celebrated at World Travel Market
An Ethiopian cultural event in London, jointly organized by the Embassy and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, brought Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia together to celebrate and promote Ethiopia’s rich and diverse culture, as well as its exotic heritage...

The Treasure Land: The Cradle Of Mankind

የኢትዮጵያ ሶማሌ ክልል ከትናንት እስከ ዛሬ ...
for more

የከሰሩ ፖለቲከኞች ሃይማኖትን ለምን ይጠለላሉ?... for more

Ethiopia on heightened alert for attacks by Somali militants
(Reuters) - Ethiopia has put its police and security forces on heightened alert after receiving strong evidence that Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab group is planning attacks in the country, officials said on Tuesday.

Walia Antelopes: Football Diplomats
NURYE YASSIN 11/05/13 - The long drought of football success that all but withered the hearts of Ethiopia’s football fans recently ended as the national football team, the Walia Antelopes...

Addis Ababa Light Railway is the cream of the crop
Mulatu Alehegne 11/05/13 -Track laying for the Addis Ababa Light Railway Transit project was officially commenced last month putting an end to all the talks of those who have routinely been claiming that the project is a pipe dream. The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit project is an electrified light rail transit system with a total length of 34.25-kms (North-South line 16.9-kms and East-West line 17.35-kms).
The extremists in Diaspora may be feeding you all kind of news about an imminent destruction of our mother country but we hope you are not becoming their victim! The only destruction coming is the destruction of old thinking and if you forgive us the part of the old Addis Ababa that was a soar to the eye! Watch the video!

Egypt to coordinate with Ethiopia on Renaissance Dam
Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia are all committed to coordinating and cooperating in dealing with Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam, said Egypt’s ...“I would like to recall the initiative put forth by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, a proposal considering the Renaissance Dam a joint regional project from which the three countries could benefit,”....>There is a heavy uneasiness about what this proposal is all about. It would be very helpful if the Ethiopian government can address this issue without compromising their negotiation hands? How far is Ethiopia going to accommodate Egypt? Does this proposal include joint ownership in some form?

Report from Eritrean Refugee Camp In Ethiopia

  • Statement by ARRA official!
  • Statement from Refugee Commitee
  • Pictures from Adi Harush
  • Pictures from Shimalab

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