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Reporter on inaccurate Newsnight film questioned by BIJ funding body
The chief reporter behind the disastrous Newsnight report that wrongly linked a former Tory peer with allegations of child sexual abuse was formally questioned on Monday by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism's funding body. Angus Stickler, the former BBC journalist who researched and fronted the Newsnight film on 2 November, was interviewed by the bureau's trustees in London.He was asked to provide further information and return for questioning on Thursday.

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Current Events
Ethiopia At The World Travel Market / London 2012

ቦርድ ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ሓዱሽ ፈፃሚ ዳይሬክተር ሰይሙ
ዶክተር ታደለ ሓጎስ ሓዱሽ ፈፃሚ ዳይሬክተር ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ኮይኖም ክሰርሑ ቦርድ ማ.ል.ት ሸይምዎም

Ethiopia Abusing Religious Freedom of Muslims: U.S. Body
Astonishing! Millions of Ethiopian Muslims just finished a well participated popular election and this obscure US body comes up with such accusation! The Ethiopian government must protest in the strongest term to the Obama administration! Who was the one who said ... "Religious Freedom Stops Where Violence Begins"

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አዲሶቹ የኢትዮጵያ እስልምና ጉዳዮች ጠቅላይ ምክር ቤት አባላት እነማን ናቸው?
አዲስ አበባ፣ ጥቅምት 26፣ 2005 (ኤፍ ቢ ሲ) የኢትዮጵያ እስልምና ጉዳዮች ጠቅላይ ምክር ቤት ዛሬ በይፋ ተመስርቷል ። በዚህም መሰረት

UN General Assembly elected Ethiopia for membership in the Human Rights Council for the period 2013-2015
New York Nov 12(Aigaforum)- Just few minutes ago the UN General Assembly elected Ethiopia, along with Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Gabon to represent Africa for membership in the UN Human Rights Council, for the period 2013-2015. It has also elected Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates for Asia; Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela for Latin America and the Caribbean; Estonia and Montenegro for Eastern Europe; and Germany, US and Ireland for Western Europe and others Group.

Announcement from TDANA San Francisco Bay Area Sub Chapter

( Please print, fill in and mail us back the following membership form)

News, Analysis & Articles

ድርጅታዊና መንግስታዊ ተግባርና ሃላፊነቶችን ያልተገነዘቡ የፖለቲካ´ አምደኞች፤
ዮናስ Nov 14, 2012

Trends and prospects of Korean development....
Fanowedy Samara Nov 14, 2012

እነ ፕ/ር መስፍን የሙጥኝ ያሉት የስማበለው ‹‹ትግል›› ያዋጣልን?
ወልደብርሃን ከዓዲ-ሓቂ Nov 13, 2012

Messebo Special type of Cement in use at Renaissance Dam
Mekelle Nov 13, 2012 - Messebo Cement Factory located in Tigrai regional Sate of Ethiopia has been dispatching and providing different types of cement to the construction sector in Ethiopia..
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BoIJ: prevaricate about EPRDF and get scot free, lie about Lord Mc Alpine, and heads will roll
Angus Stickler, the darling of Ethiopia’s fractured opposition parties, and one of The Bureau’s chief reporters, was named and shamed for researching and presenting the now condemned Newsnight report which falsely accused “a high ranking Tory” of being a paedo....

America on ‘Abuses of Religious Freedom’ in Ethiopia: “A Hasty Hyena Bites the Horn!!”
Eyaya G. Nov 10. 2012- I read the accusation by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) against Ethiopia in great astonishment. The Commission named by President Barack Obama accused Ethiopia’s government of...

Mechanisms to impede some individuals Pitiable and deplorable tendencies to retard Ethiopian Diaspora’s Initiatives
Tezera Asegu Nov 12. 2012- አዲስ ወይስ አሮጌ ጉዳይ?
ወንድወሰን ሙላቱ 11/12/12 - ሳምንታዊው አዲስ ጉዳይ መጽሄት በጥቅምት 24 2005 ዕትሙ በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ኃይለማሪያም ደሳለኝ ላይ አጠቃላይ የፕሬስ ጦርነት ያወጀ ይመስላል፡፡ ለዚህም በመጽሄቱ የፊት ሽፋን ላይ...

ከህዝብ ስሜት መማር የተሳነው ተቃዋሚ የፖለቲካ ጎራ
ዳዊት አጥናፉ 11/12/12

Ethiopian inflation falls to 15.8 pct in October- Stats office”
Nov 12 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's year-on-year inflation rate dropped to 15.8 percent in October from 19 percent a month earlier, aided by a slowdown in the rate of food price rises, official data showed on Monday.

Ghidey Zeratsion: Credit and Censure Where They Are Due!
Yibabe Tilahun, Nov 10, 2012- Ghidey Zeratsion (hereafter called Ghidey), the subject of this piece, was one of the ten,...Ghidey seems to have taken a U-turn in Norway...These days, Ghidey is encouraging futile lawsuit against Tigrai origin Diaspora in Norway...

Ethiopia's 'cupcake divide' in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing non-oil economies in Africa, but while a growing middle class aspire to symbols of modernity - such as cupcakes ...

Horn TV an Idiot(‘s) Box: A Failed Process of Hero-making.
Samuel Kidane Nov 10, 2012
Settling the Accounts of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ in Ethiopia Habtamu Alebachew Nov 09, 2012
አብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲ፣ ጥገኛው እና የመለስ ራዕይ

(ክፍል-1)    (ክፍል-2)
ዮናስ Nov 09, 2012
Who Is To Blame For The G7 Paralysis?
Ezana Sehay Nov 08, 2012
ወጣቱ ሥራ ላይ የነበረ የተዛባ አስተሳሰብን ሰብሯል!
ተስፋዬ ለማ Nov 09, 2012
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan agree to resume Eastern Nile Basin cooperation
Addis Ababa, November 9, 2012 (WIC) - Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have agreed to resume their tripartite cooperation under the Eastern Nile Basin.

The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London Oct 2012 Issue
Fanowedy Samara, Nov 08, 2012

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Time Table for Ethiopia's Election 2005
( National Election Board)

Mark Your Calendar
Hedase Dam Bond Sale-Bay Area California

Interview with Ambassador Dr Tekeda Alemu and Getachew Sekoture

Tsenat Radio one year later...
Interview with H.E.Kassa Tekelebrhan and update on Hedase Dam...
Interview with Ethiopian football federation president
Interviews and update on Hedase Dam

Tsenat Radio program is a weekly program hosted by artist Solomon Tekalign from Atlanta.

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