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Amhara National Democratic Movement/ ANDM at 30!!!

Major General Alemu Ayele's interview with Negusie W/mariam, host of Hager Fikir Radio on the 30th anniversary of the former EPDM, now/ Amhara National Democratic Movement/ ANDM, founding member of the EPRDF.
  Part I      Part II
Ms. Genet Tadesse with Tsehaye Debalkew,host of Selam Radio on the 30th anniversary of the former EPDM, now/ Amhara National Democratic Movement/ ANDM, founding member of the EPRDF
  Part I    Part II

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Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. By Oprah Winfrey.

ETV News(Amharic)

An Interview with Haimanot Lakew About Ethiopia's 5 years Growth and Development Plan

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Investment Event – “Ethiopia: A Market on the rise”

Press Release- A trade and investment promotion workshop jointly organized by the London Chamber of Commerce and the Ethiopian Embassy in the United Kingdom was held on 3rd November in London. The workshop was organized under the theme “Ethiopia: A Market on the rise.”

Statement made by the Office for Government Communication Affairs
on the BBC’s Inadequate and Delayed Apology

The BBC retracted its report in which it claimed to have evidence that during the 1985 drought aid was diverted to purchase arms as a baseless and inappropriate broadcast.

BBC 'sorry' for claiming Geldof aid funded Ethiopian weapons

The BBC has ‘unreservedly’ apologised for broadcasting a series of reports implying that millions of pounds in charity money raised by Live Aid to fight famine in Ethiopia was spent on weapons.The corporation will broadcast a series of apologies...

Comment:- We wonder how Addisfortune editor will cover this story!

Desperate Chauvinists' Crusade Against Historical Ethiopian Personalities
(Mathza Nov 03, 2010)- Now, let us concentrate on Emperor Yohannes IV and the people of Tigray. The statement regarding Yohannes IV is outrageous. His reign was a period when Ethiopia faced a series of invasions from Egypt (twice), Italy and the Mahdists of Sudan...

Is this wagging the tail or not believing a popularly elected govt! for real?
Comment on Addisfortune editorial on Human Right Watch Report on the EPRDF governemnt and its handling of Aid
(Zeru Hagos Nov 02, 2010)- Fortune in its editorial (included here) is questioning the government of PM Meles Zenawi’s response to unfounded Human Right Watch Report that alleges wrong doing on the part of the government in distributing Aid.

See Also:  Comment by other Readers

Ethiopia: Protecting the Most Vulnerable
Over the last 15 years, Ethiopia has been experiencing steady economic growth, although this performance has been accompanied by growing economic imbalances. In recent years, Ethiopia has been one of the fastest-growing non-oil economies in Africa, with double-digit average growth at just over 10 percent over the last 6 years...

PM Meles says Africa has no greater foe than poverty
Addis Ababa, November 1 (WIC) – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said that Africans cannot have any task that is more important and more urgent than fighting poverty.Speaking at the opening of Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference here today, PM Meles said that Africans have no greater foe than poverty.

Mark Your Calendar

Enat Bank to Start Operations with Economic Empowerment of Women as its Central Mission

Sell of shares to end Dec 9, 2010

ANDM 30th Anniversary!!

For more see flyer


TDA-NA DC Chapter is hosting a grand fund raising event to support the campaign of transformation for improving the quality of education in Tigray, Ethiopia. Members and supporters of TDA-NA residing in the DC Metropolitan Area have in the past pledged to build a high school science laboratory in Tigray.To make our dream true, all members, supporters and friends of TDA residing in and outside of DC Metro Area are invited to join hands and make a difference in the making of history.
Date:- December 4, 2010
Time:- 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
Place:-Temple Shalom 8401 Grubb Rd Chevy Chase, MD, 20815.

A discussion on Ethiopia’s Five-year Growth and Transformation Plan, which the government has unveiled, will be held at Dallas Texas. We have honorable invited guest speaker addressing the forum, followed by an open discussion, and a question and answer session.

November 13, 2010, 3 pm, at Double Tree Hotel
Hwy 75 and Campbell

Dallas Fort Worth

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