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March for Justice!!

Ethiopians march for a fair justice and to demand the killers of Ali Mohamed be prosecuted. The killers were sent free by the DC courts with out charge. Thousands of demonstrators march in front of the DC Court, US Dept of Justice and DC Mayor's office . Aigaforum Nov 08, 2010.
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Current Events
ETV News(Amharic)

Interview with Ato Besrat Amare on BBC falsified Story.

Ato Besrat was a former member of TPLF assigned to a much higher position than some of BBC sources for the now falsified story on the misuse of Aid grains some 25 years ago by TPLF. BBC could have asked people like Besrat all over the world to find out more on its regrettable story on Aid, but it did not. Shame Martin Plaut to have only one disgruntled source. Ato Besrat shared based on his experience how Aid was distributed and who in TPLF could be in a position to know of any “misuse”..
  Part I     

Amhara National Democratic Movement/ ANDM at 30!!!

Interview of Mr. Binalf Andualem, ANDM Executive Committee member & Chief of ANDM Central Committee Headquarters with Selam radio host Tsehaye Debalkew.
  Part I      Part II

Decision time for Ethiopian Ambassador to the US!
Last month the Ethiopian government came out with a list of its ambassador nominees. The lack of specifics has created anxiety and the rumor mill is spinning with all kinds of speculations about who will be assigned to which position....Mekonnen Kassa Nov 06 2010

EPRDF-SF Denounces HRW’s Report on Ethiopia
It was with utter disbelief that we, the members of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front Supporters’ Forum, read a report released by the New York based Human Rights Watch entitled: ‘Development without Freedom: How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia”.

News, Analysis & Articles

Conditions and Forms of Industrial Decentralization: Towards Policy of Balanced Regional Growth in Ethiopia
Tsegaye Tegenu Nov 09 2010 -I defined industrial decentralization as the spread manufacturing employment and enterprise management from major cities to medium and small towns. Manufacturing industries include chemical, engineering, electronics, textile, metalworking, construction, energy, plastic, transport and telecommunication, and food and beverage industries.

Former Tigrai Regional president Ato Tsegay Berhe is appointed as National Security Adviser to the Prime minister.
The PM is also expected to establish a Horn of Africa Envoy and Trade Envoy to key region/countries


The Fruits of Peace!!!

Thank you Ethiopian Television for producing this wonderful heartwarming and inspiring documentary. Kudos to both sides for giving peace a chance, Kudos to our defense forces who persevered to convince the community to take matters in to their own hands. We understand this did not come with out cost, many have lost their lives! As always, eternal glory to those martyred! We salute the government officials who worked day in day out to make this happen... Aigaforum Nov 6, 2010.

Options for Growth and Transformation:
Ethiopian Origin Identity Cards or Dual Citizenship
for the Ethiopian Diaspora?

Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D. Nov 06, 2010- If we analyze Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan in light of the New Growth Model, or Endogenous Growth, or Innovation economics theory, the driving force behind Ethiopia’s anticipated economic growth seems to be based on the improvement in knowledge, technology

Gebremariam Wins New York in Marathon Debut

Gebremariam started running himself at age 18 in Ethiopia, and he has won at every distance and on every kind course since until he made his marathon debut Sunday in relative...

BBC surrendered for its formulated story
Balcha Huressa, Nov 06, 2010- The apology British Broadcast Corporation made to the Band aid for its previous fabricated allegations of using aid for weapons some twenty five years ago in northern part of Ethiopia has now become a peg on which to hang.

Ezana Sehay, Nov 06, 2010-Other experts concur with the above statement and argue that despite all intentions that come out of the group foundation, it has now become a threat to freedom.According to, there are many factors which led HRW to lose its moral compass, but the main one is it’s addicted to power and influence.

President Isaias contradicts the Emir of Qatar on the Eritrea/Djibouti agreement
(MoFA, Nov 05, 2010)-President Isaias Afeworki has once again provided one of his interview lectures, this time to a Qatari journalist.The main focus of the interview revolves around Eritrea’s relations with Djibouti.His position regarding the Qatari-mediated peace agreement between Eritrea and Djibouti is far removed from those of all the other parties in the deal including the Qatari mediators.

See Also:  A Week in the Horn (05.11.2010)

Wegagen Bank, KfW sign Credit Guarantee Framework Agreement

Addis Ababa, November 5, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - Wegagen Bank and KfW Entwicklungsbank, the German Development Bank signed a Credit Guarantee Framework Agreement here on Friday to securitize loans of Wegagen Bank Microfinance Institution (MFIs) via a 50 percent credit guarantee arrangement through CapitaLink Project.

(The extremists will tell you otherwise but Ethiopia's push to meet the Growth and Transformation plan is supported and accepted by the west including Germany!)

Multiethnic (Multinational) Federalism in Plural Societies: Does It Make a Difference?
Tesfaye Habisso, November 04, 2010- In the wake of the downfall of the military government in May 1991, the new rulers of Ethiopia that ousted the junta paved the way toward the establishment of a federal democratic republic after more than a century of absolutist and centralized unitary state under monarchical (1889-1974) and military rule (1974-1991).

Desperate Chauvinists' Crusade Against Historical Ethiopian Personalities
(Mathza Nov 03, 2010)- Now, let us concentrate on Emperor Yohannes IV and the people of Tigray. The statement regarding Yohannes IV is outrageous. His reign was a period when Ethiopia faced a series of invasions from Egypt (twice), Italy and the Mahdists of Sudan...

Mark Your Calendar


TDA-NA DC Chapter is hosting a grand fund raising event to support the campaign of transformation for improving the quality of education in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Date:- December 4, 2010
Time:- 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
Place:-Temple Shalom 8401 Grubb Rd Chevy Chase, MD, 20815.

ANDM 30th Anniversary!!

For more see flyer

A discussion on Ethiopia’s Five-year Growth and Transformation Plan, which the government has unveiled, will be held at Dallas Texas. We have honorable invited guest speaker addressing the forum, followed by an open discussion, and a question and answer session.

November 13, 2010, 3 pm, at Double Tree Hotel
Hwy 75 and Campbell

Dallas Fort Worth

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