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Obama to Nominate Ambassador Donald E. Booth to be Next U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, December 9, 2009: President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday his intent to nominate Donald E. Booth to be the next U.S. Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. In announcing his intention to nominate Ambassador Booth and other key U.S. Administration officials, President Obama said, “The depth of experience these individuals bring to their roles will be valuable to my administration as we work to bring about real change for the American people. I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.”
Interview with Ato Seikuture, Head of EPRDF Foreign Affaires and Public Relations. @ Ethiopian Forum for Political Civility!
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Current Events

Optimism as climate talks open in Copenhagen

By DAVE OPIYO in Copenhagen, DenmarkPosted Monday, December 7:- Despite the harsh winter cold sweeping across Copenhagen, Denmark, optimism is high that an ambitious climate change deal will be achieved at the end of the two week summit.

Al Jazerra reported an eyewitness account of life in today's Eritrea. A life of misery with constant bombardment of an alert to invasion is driving able bodied people to leave Eritrea.
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Ras Saytena Gutena!

Medrek is trying hard to be noticed! It is saying it is the "biggest" opposition in Ethiopia when it is not and is also accusing the governing party with all kind of wrong doings hoping westerners will notice. However let alone to be the biggest party it can not even withstand internal divisions. Take the UDJ for example: while it has brought in two old, very old, politicians in to its fold, it is having problem keeping its founders and old time members.
Is this a case of Ras Saytena Gutena or Ye qotun awerd bela yebebetewan talech?
Either way Medrek is destined to face the same outcome as Kinjit the way we see it.[Aigaforum 12/06/09]
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A bogus call for a paradigm shift - Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy and Strategy
It has been more than seven years since the current Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy and Strategy was issued by the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It was adopted following extensive public discussions of the draft document, some aired and televised.
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Week in the Horn(12/04/09)

Did you know no website is blocked in Ethiopia!
We are sure you have read the allegation about some websites being blocked in Ethiopia! Well, one of our staff member is in Ethiopia and he told us that he was able to open and read all opposition websites including the reviews and media and name it! Compare this with the current new allegation about Addis Neger! Addis Neger story does not add up, if you ask us!

To all our readers, we are sorry for the delayed posting. Please forgive us if we do not post your articles. We will resume normal service in a short period. Thank you!

Captain Solomon Gizaw History & Experience
Part    Part 2

A look at Somali Region up close


News & Analysis

Ethiopia , Destination For The Bold An old saying that the greatest achievements were at first only dreams could well apply to Ethiopia . Some Ethiopians are dreaming big. Our correspondent visited the Ethiopian town of Harar and tells the story of dreamers who see adventure, excitement, and a possible tourist bonanza where others see only rocks and bones.
News from Voa
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Copenhagen Talks Tough on Climate Protest Plans
By TOM ZELLER Jr.COPENHAGEN — At an abandoned beer warehouse in this city’s Valby district, law enforcement officials have constructed an elaborate holding facility with three dozen steel cages to accommodate more than 350 potential troublemakers during a United Nations climate conference that gets under way here on Monday.

Ethiopian Parliament - fierce debate over the Election Code of Conduct
Merera Gudina: "...We do not feel free and fair election can be held in Ethiopia under these circumstances."
Lidetu Ayalew: "...Claiming no free and fair Election can be held in Ethiopia is not only wrong, but also dangerous."
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See also:  AEUP Press Release Re Election 2010

Persecution of Christians in Eritrea Continues
Reliable sources in Eritrea have recently apprised Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM), that thirty women from Faith Mission have been jailed

Prof Beyene Petros: Medrek does not have political stand
Two parties within medrek create their own coalition. Prof Beyene Petros said Medrek does not have political stand or platform explaining the reason for creating the coalition between his party SEPDM and ESDFP. The drama is just begining.

Forum for Environment sends 2 mln petitions to US President
Addis Ababa, December 4, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Forum for Environment, an NGO, said over two million petitions collected from the public send to US president Barak Obama in connection with the Copenhagen climate change conference due to be kicked off in the coming Monda

ESL to buy nine vessels
Addis Ababa, December 2, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Ethiopian Shipping Lines S.C (ESL) said it signed an agreement with Chinese companies that enabled it to buy nine vessels

Bob Geldof: 'Who says aid doesn't work?'
Twenty-five years after Band Aid, Bob Geldof went back to Africa to see how millions of lives have been transformed. Paul Vallely reports

Approved election code of conduct said great step forward to make upcoming election peaceful
Addis Ababa, November 28 (WIC) – Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kinichi Komano, said the election code of conduct and its implementation guidelines approved recently by the 65 political parties is a great step forward to make the upcoming election fair, free and democratic.

Misreading Ethiopia’s foreign and security policy
Mulugeta Alemu   25 November 2009:- Alemayehu Fantaw’s piece titled Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy: The Case for a Paradigm Shift has ambitious and lofty reach. The paper claims that protecting the sanctity of territorial integrity is the fundamental premise of the current Ethiopia’s foreign and security policy. This, according to the writer, relegates non-military aspect of security into a secondary place. The author also charges that the Ethiopian government is spending too much on boosting its defense capabilities taking the nation’s meager resources away

Ethiopia elected African water ministers technical committee executive
Addis Ababa, November 26 (WIC) – Water Resource Minister, Asfaw Dingamo, said Ethiopia was elected as executive of the African water ministers technical committee for the next two years.

Ethiopians attack BBC’s doom-laden coverage
Ethiopian tour operators, in London for this month's World Travel Market, have addressed a furious open letter to the BBC's Director General, concerning the Corporation's recent coverage of the drought in Ethiopia. The letter, signed by some 25 companies, accuses the BBC of casually dramatising its broadcasts with footage from the infamous 1984 famine.


UDJ Latest Crisis

All become tears

Ye Selam Tegele(amharic)

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