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It doesn't matter who Abiy sends as his hired gun or protege to Tigray. The end result will be the same. The first one left town in the face of a regrouped and formidable TDF. The last one will leave town in the coffin if he is not lucky like his predecessor. Enjoy this song. Zeru Hagos May 2021


GSTS Mother's Day Zoom Event


The magnificent and talented singer Nuguse Abadi's latest song is something else! It is so powerful it has managed to resurrect our demoralized spirit. As you can tell we have been down and demoralized for a while because we did not stop the genocidal war unleashed on Tigray and Tigrayans. Although many of you told us not to blame ourselves, we think we should. To be honest, we all failed to protect our people! Nuguse's lyrics are so powerful and insightful it has answers to some of the questions we have been asking ourselves as to Why we failed our people?



DW(Diaspora) News: Interview with TDF military Leader General Abraha (Dinkul) and Recent Military Victory News- and More! - May 2021)


TMH : With Getachew Reda TPLF Executive Leader on Current Issues- April 2021



Tigray President Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) Message - April 17, 2021


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Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarch blasts Tigray 'genocide'
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in his first public comments on the war in the country's Tigray region is sharply criticizing Ethiopia's actions, saying he believes it's genocide: "They want to destroy the people of Tigray." In a video shot last month on a mobile phone and carried out of Ethiopia, the elderly Patriarch Abune Mathias addresses the church's scores of millions of followers and the international community, saying his previous attempts to speak out were blocked.
All along, we suspected the Abiy regime was silencing the Patriarch from speaking the truth. We were right! We are glad the holy father is okay and has managed to tell the truth. We now know he cares.

Open letter to the President of the United States, Joe Biden
Eyob Ghebreziabhier Bein. 05-06-21 - Dear Mr. President, First of all, like many, I am happy that you are elected President of the United States. And my request if you can extend your humanity towards Bethlehem Tesfaye of six years, one of the victims of war. This little girl, in my opinion, little Queen Sheba, lost both her legs and her mother in the bomb blast..

Ethiopia's crackdown on ethnic Tigrayans snares thousands
(Reuters) - The over six months-old Tigray armed conflict waged by the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara merciless leaders and their hundreds of thousands of forces against the people of Tigray (and not against the TPLF) resulted in the death and rape of tens of thousands of unarmed civilians and the displacement and starvation of millions.

The African Union and the Tigray War: A reprehensible failure to uphold Union principles and protect civilians.
Afrem M. (from Mekelle). 05-06-21 - The over six months-old Tigray armed conflict waged by the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara merciless leaders and their hundreds of thousands of forces against the people of Tigray (and not against the TPLF) resulted in the death and rape of tens of thousands of unarmed civilians and the displacement and starvation of millions.

Art as weapon of Warfare: Unique Tigrean Music soft-warfare.
Gebre Selema 05-06-21 - Every society has its own unique features of representation. Tigreans use art for war, for celebrating wedding, for religious exaltation, for farming, for mourning, almost for everything for expressing bad and good. Tigrean women sing while they do milling using milling stones in their homes by hand. They mill the whole night and sing.

Amhara, Tigray, and Egypt: the history of betrayal and the current baseless accusation
Kalayu Abrha 05-05-21 - France 24 English saw its respectable studio messed up by a Key Ethiopian politician who preferred to defend the genocide in Tigray, by behaving so childishly. The gallant and genius Meaza Gidey has brilliantly reduced Neamin Zeleke into a naughty boy. That was enough for him to learn from if he really has the desire to learn. She is much younger than he is, and he is expected to be more...

Refugee doctor chronicles Tigray's pain as he treats it
HAMDAYET, Sudan (AP) - He is a surgeon and a father. Every morning, he wakes up under a plastic tarp and is reminded he’s now a refugee, too. Tewodros Tefera is one of more than 60,000 people who have fled ethnic violence in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, crossing the border into a remote corner of Sudan.

Ethiopia: Tepid international response to Tigray conflict fuels horrific violations over past six months
(Amnesty International) - African and other world leaders must urgently speak out and do more to stem the ferocious tide of human rights and international humanitarian law violations in the armed conflict that has now raged for six months in Ethiopia's Tigray region, Amnesty International said today. Amnesty International and other organizations have documented a string of serious human rights violations that include war crimes and likely crimes against humanity. There are also numerous credible reports of women and girls being subjected to sexual violence, including gang rape by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.

Massacre in the church of Medhanie Alem Gu'etelo, on the parish's most important day of the year, the Festival of Jesus the Savior of Gu'etolo
(Forwarded) - The parish of Medhanie Alem Gu'etelo in Gulomekeda (Eastern Tigray) celebrates its main yearly festival, the Annual Festival of Jesus the Saviour, on 05 January of the year. On 05 January 2021, however, it was not a day of celebration, but rather a day of gruesome massacre.

G7 Foreign and Development Ministers' Meeting: Communique
We recall our statement of 2 April 2021 about the situation in Tigray, and remain deeply concerned about the continued violence and the worsening humanitarian and human rights crises. We condemn the killing of civilians, rape and sexual exploitation, and other forms of gender-based violence, destruction and looting of religious and cultural heritage sites, and the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans and Eritrean refugees.
We thank the G7 countries for their continued support to the Tigray people. Nevertheless, we are saddened that the international community has yet to act decisively to stop the ongoing genocide in Tigray.

Ethiopia: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on the cancellation of the Election Observation Mission
Despite all efforts by the European Union, it was not possible to reach an agreement with Ethiopian authorities on key parameters for the deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission in view of the parliamentary elections on 5 June 2021. As conditions are not fulfilled, the deployment of the mission has to be canceled.
Kudos to the EU! The International community should no longer wait for Abiy to play by the book. He can't. He is under Isaias Afeworki's spell. EU should know by now who Isaias is. He is a stubborn cruel dictator. Enough baby sitting.

Ethiopia's Tigray War Is Fueling Amhara Expansionism
By Kjetil Tronvoll - Abiy Ahmed depends on the support of ethnic Amhara leaders and militias whose goal is to reconquer what they consider lost territories-from Tigray to Sudan. The war in Tigray, the northernmost region of Ethiopia, is ostensibly about political control. The federal government's stated objective is to arrest the political and military leadership of the ousted regional government ... But among the ethnic Amhara political elite, it is seen as a war to regain territories

'No more sacred places': Heritage sites under siege in Tigray conflict
Hajj Siraj Mohammed has spent five decades managing the famed al-Nejashi Mosque in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region, welcoming worshippers even during periods of conflict and famine. But when war broke out last year in Tigray, he witnessed something he once thought impossible: The mosque itself, part of one of the oldest Muslim settlements in Africa, had become a target.

'Clean out our insides': Ethiopia detains Tigrayans amid war
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Ethiopia has swept up thousands of ethnic Tigrayans into detention centers across the country on accusations that they are traitors, often holding them for months and without charges, the AP has found.The detentions, mainly but not exclusively of military personnel, are an apparent attempt to purge state institutions of the Tigrayans

Eritrean troops block, loot food aid in Tigray: documents
Eritrean soldiers are blocking and looting food aid in Ethiopia's war-hit Tigray region, according to government documents obtained by AFP, stoking fears of starvation deaths as fighting nears the six-month mark.

The Amhara Elites Still Dancing in Political Wilderness
Aynalem Sebhatu 04-26-21 - The widespread eruption of protests, especially in urban areas, and opposition to Abiy Ahmed's leadership is increasing. The waves of protests against the leaders of the Amhara political elites who are in cahoots with Abiy Ahmed are sweeping the Amhara regional state for the last few days now. Where does the protest go from here?

U.S. Africa Envoy: Ethiopia Crisis Could Make Syria Look Like 'Child's Play'
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday formally named Feltman to the post, where he will become Washington’s lead troubleshooter for a deadly conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia that has sparked a massive humanitarian crisis and widespread allegations of war crimes.
If the US is afraid about Ethiopia becoming another Syria it should intervene fast. Tigray cannot continue to bleed alone. The writing is on the wall. The rest of Ethiopia is days away from becoming a killing field. The US should listen carefully to what Abiy and Isaias are saying. Enough procrastination and enough playing deaf and blind!

The Anguish of the World's Doctor
(New York Times) - Dr. Tedros of the W.H.O. publicly focuses on managing the pandemic. Privately, he weeps as his Tigrayan people are raped, starved and slaughtered. He is the world's doctor, and for months he has tirelessly led the global response to the coronavirus pandemic while privately nursing a piercing anguish. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization, has largely kept his pain secret, maintaining a stoic public front. But when I probed, he wept.

What to Know About the Conflict in Ethiopia
(Council of Foreign relations) - Three years ago, Abiy Ahmed came to power with promises of peace. Now, jarring reports of killings and sexual violence have come out of Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region. Here’s what to know about the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

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    Kalayu Abrha 04-25-21
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    Asayehgn Desta 04-21-21
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    Kalayu Abrha 04-19-21
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    Isaac M. (from Mekelle) 04-18-21
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    Aesop 04/17/2021
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    M Mikael, 04-16-21
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    April 2021.
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  • Esaias is a Complicated Villain That Would Intrigue the Best Biographer
    Melkamu Teka April 14, 2021
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    We, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS)
  • The Political and Moral Blindness of the Amhara Elite
    Aynalem Sebhatu 04-08-21

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2021 All rights reserved.

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