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Hakfen media one to one interviews with the newly established political party BAYTONA foreign relations Kibrom Berhe. May 12,2020


Tigrai TV- Full Interview with Politician Bekele Gerba from OFC- May 2020


ሰላምን መለስን
ካብ አበበች መስፍን 5-11-20



DW TV: Interview with Asmelash Woldeselassie TPLF Executive Leader (Amharic) May 8 2020.
Part 2

Part 1


Tigrai TV: Interview with Asmelash Woldeselassie TPLF Executive Leader(Tigrigna) May 8 2020.

If the western educated, self-taught, Jawar Mohammed can articulate in such a way and remain independent, why is Birtukan Midekessa, the much talked about a politician who was groomed by known U.S. democratic institutions for so long become a footsoldier for Abiy? Does the U.S. care about Ethiopia? I am very much pleasantly surprised by Jawar today - Zeru Hagos May 2020


Tigrai TV: Interview with Getachew Reda TPLF Executive Leader May 5 2020.


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Sin city in the making: Abraha Castle should refuse to die just like the grand central Terminal did
Ermias Amare 05-13-20 - 10 years ago, when I was going to NYU, students were given an opportunity to write about the challenges of landmarks in urban development. Two places hit the top of the list in every student's mind -The Central Park and the 107 year - old Grand central terminal (GCT). I discussed the historic value of the park in my timeline a year ago

Carless Words, & Carless Actions: Guarding Ethiopia from becoming a Fragile State
Mahetot Asemelash (May 12th, 2020) - When the late PM Hailemariam Desalegn affirmed to transfer power to one of the then EPRDF members; ODP - a party from Oromia region almost all Ethiopians hoped better future believing that might help to balance ...

Ethio Forum: Eritrean General in Ethiopia and Who is planning to invade Ethiopia? - Commentary- - May 12,2020

WORLD NEWS Sudan pushes Ethiopia to resume stalled talks over Nile dam
Sudan is pushing Ethiopia to resume stalled U.S.-brokered negotiations over its disputed $4.6 billion dam on the Nile that officials say will start filling in July. In a letter to his Ethiopian counterpart Tuesday, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok stressed the need to reach agreement among Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia before the mega-project's completion

It is astonishing to see Ethiopia and Sudan not seeing eye to eye when it comes to the Nile issue! This is Abiy's diplomatic failure for sure, but, it is also, Gedu's and DR Seleshi's failure because they are the main enablers of Abiy. Ethiopia deserves better than his.

Breathe in Water. Breathe out Air on Fire - Egypt and its surrogates!
Yared Huluf 05-12-20 - The Egyptians need not an altar and a preacher to understand the importance of the fluid running in their system. Unlike other biped mortals, the Egyptian breathe in water and breathe out air on fire.The Nile was and still is bread and butter. It was and still is a body and soul, life and death for every Egyptian to ignore once a blind of a vision settlement at the mouth of the delta was made.

Ethiopian Politics, State Sovereign Powers, Election(Legitimacy vs Illegitimate vs Illegal) and Public Health Scare
Solomon Mezgebu 05-12-20 - There is a complicated national crisis in Ethiopia and a political impasse seems to precipitate into an overall paralysis. The government in power, definitely the Prime Minister seems upset that one of the states, namely Tigrai, is planning on conducting an election within the mandated time frame. The PM recently made a not so veiled threat if the state goes ahead with its plan that he will use the might of the government with dire consequences.

The same thing in American English
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 5-11-20 - Dr. Aklilu Habte was the president of Haile Selassie 1st University (HSIU) in the early 70s. There was a strong demand from students to restore their union (USUA). In one meeting of student representatives with the president, two representatives got the chance to present the case. One of them spoke in a typically Ethiopian English pronunciation. When the second representative presented the demand he spoke fluently.

Teshome Abebe May 7, 2020 - For those of us who live in the West, the past few weeks have been devoted to collecting whatever is essential to protect ourselves from the health scare Covid19. In my case, the doors are locked, the windows securely shut, and at those times when I have to venture out to get food supplies, I don my mask and wash hands as frequently as possible. By taking these simple but necessary steps, I protect myself as well as others. Cooperative self-interest!

The President - Prime Minster:Desert Locust & COVID-19
Jerusalem Barnabas 05-11-20 - Lately, I noticed that social media was full of rumors about the President of Eritrea, Esayas Afewrki's health. Various images, stories, and speculation were circulating around. I am not a great fan of social media, but I couldn't avoid hearing all sorts. Then came the News of President's arrival in Ethiopia. The visit intrigued me also many others. Why now and why sudden? Especially, if he really was unwell.

Press Relelease

(Amharic)       (Tigrigna)
SJTE 05-11-20

Why Afeworki travelled to Ethiopia despite Covid-19 scare
Amidst the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki last week made an unexpected official visit to Ethiopia, becoming the first head of state to travel abroad during these critical days.

"Decrying" constitutional crisis where it does not exist
Tibebe Samuel Ferenji; May 8, 2020 - On May 6, 2020, the Amharic version of my opinion on this issue was published on various websites. On May 7, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the nation what the position of the government on the constitutional crisis issue discussed by many scholars and activists. The Prime Minister has touched on many of the issues I have pointed out in the opinion I wrote previously; however, he did not go far enough and failed, like many of the opinion writers, to point out...

More arrests in Sidama as authorities refuse to hand power to new region
Five months after the people of Sidama Zone voted in a referendum to become a regional state, many Sidama people are anxious about unconstitutional delays in the transfer of power from the Southern Nations region to the new federal state. Furthermore, local Prosperity Party officials are violating with impunity the human rights of Sidama people demanding respect for the vote.

Coronavirus could 'smoulder' in Africa for several years, WHO warns
"While Covid-19 likely won't spread as exponentially in Africa as it has elsewhere in the world, it likely will smoulder in transmission hotspots," said the director of the World Health Organization's Africa region, Dr Matshidiso Moeti. "Covid-19 could become a fixture in our lives for the next several years..."
Unless Abiy wants to go against the experts, the COVID19 pandemic/epidemic will not peak any time soon in Africa. It will remain smoldering. Now is the time to carry the election with some discipline. You can not wait for Godot as they say. Ethiopian politicians should demand in unison to hold an election now with all the challenges! The alternative is worst since no one knows when COVID19 will end!!

Ethiopia's Tigray region eyes election in challenge to national unity
Ethiopia's Tigray region plans to hold elections, its main party said, setting it on a collision course with the federal government and testing the country's fragile unity.The Horn of Africa country in March postponed parliamentary and regional elections scheduled for August due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. A new date has yet to be set, and parliament failed to settle on one in a meeting on Tuesday.
It is issues like this the international community easily understands. TPLF should use all in its means to educate the international community a Nobel Prize winner PM is threatening to use power to stop people from voting in an election. TPLF must in no uncertain terms tell the U.S. its right-hand man in Addis is blocking people from voting. ሽጥ መዓንጣ and by all means necessary!!!

In Ethiopia, except political crises, there are no Constitutional crises
W. Yilma 5/7/20 - Since Abiy came to power his aspiration is to establish a one-man dictatorial regime, a replica of the Asmara regime. To fulfill this, he created his own party called Prosperity Party (PP) by dissolving illegally EPRDF.The second is to create man-made constitutional crises, with the aim to get a loop-hole either to amend or totally to abolish it. He is almost near to achieve this under the tutorship of Isayas Afewrki...

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: The Ethiopian at the heart of the coronavirus fight
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), is something of a superstar these days. The entire planet hangs on his every word as he explains, during regular press conferences at WHO headquarters in Geneva, just how widespread the Covid-19 pandemic now is and what countries must do to defeat it.

Thinking out Loud about Future Ethiopia.
Zeru Hagos May 6, 2020 -The Abiy government has made it clear it has no desire to hold the periodic election as stipulated in the constitution. I honestly thought Birtukan Midekesa may have learned a little about how to run an election during her stay in the U.S. and will be a fair person. Little did I know she was...The question now is when will the Tigrai parliament declare a date for a new election in the region and invoke...

SJTE is going to hold an international Teleconference on Saturday, May 16, 2020 starting at 11:00 am Eastern time.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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