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DW TV Interview with Deputy President Debretsion (Ph.D.) on the occasion of Ginbot 20- May 2019


Must Watch Documentary! TV Tigrai documentary to promote the brotherly relationship of the people of Eritrea and Tigrai- May 2019





Tigrai Government Message about Ginbot20- May 2019


Jonathan Metzl: Dying of Whiteness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


መጥረጊያው አይጠርግም
ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 5-20-19


DW TV: The Story Of Guna debunking the falsification of history by Amhara media!


Andafta TV: Attack on all Doctors by Abiy Govt!



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TV Tigrai(Amharic): Statement from Tigrai Government on the Occasion of Ginbot 20- May 2019

The beautiful corner of Ethiopia few tourists reach
Dancing around a bonfire to the beat of a goatskin drum, a party of Ethiopian men is singing 50-year-old Tigrayan songs about working in the fields and brothers lost at war. With worries draining faster than crates of local Habesha beer, the mood is jovial; intoxicated by rhythm, beatboxers hiss with an electric charge and a daring one-legged man is using his crutch to pole vault over the pyre. The cause for celebration is our arrival at...

Ethiopia's Chinese-built industry park attracts world-class pharmaceutical firms
ADDIS ABABA, May 27 (Xinhua) -- The Ethiopian government on Monday disclosed that Ethiopia's Chinese-built Kilinto Industrial Park (KIP) has boosted the country's ambition to lure experienced international pharmaceutical companies across the globe.The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) on Monday revealed the signing of investment agreements with 10 international companies that have...
(How does anyone oppose the former EPRDF government when it comes to development? I understand there may be legitimate grievance when it comes to good governance but why are elite Amhara and Oromo having a hard time appreciating the EPRDF regime? Why? Forget the economic miracle of the past, why can't they see what has besieged Ethiopia for the past year and take a lesson? Demeke should be the last person to have inaugurated this plant though! Wasn't he the one who claimed the last 27 years were dark years in Ethiopia! Gudam Eba Eyu!) [Zeru Hagos 5-28-19]

Discovery in Ethiopian volcano shows how life could have thrived on Mars
Ultra-small microbes found for the first time in an Ethiopian volcano show how life could have once thrived on Mars. Researchers found a strain of bacteria living in temperatures of 89C and extreme acidity of pH 0.25 - conditions similar to those found on the red planet when it first formed.

Ezana Sehay 05-26-19 - Are countries sovereign? Or are people sovereign? Confusion over this issue has contributed to, even created, conflicts and wars. International law in fact is muddy on the question of whose sovereignty trumps whose, with numerous scholars mired in one side of the dispute or the other. But although the theory is decidedly muddy, the overwhelming practice is decidedly clear...

Ethiopian citizenship without ethnicity is empty and Ethnicity without Ethiopian citizenship is blind.
Teodros Kiros (PH.D) 5-26-19 - Citizenship like food, shelter, and clothing is a fundamental right. Like all rights, it must be treasured like a public Good. Indeed, citizenship is the Good of the citizen. Citizenship is to the political animal, the human, as is food to the body. The body is the material structure upon which the citizen resides.

Va. man sentenced to federal prison in connection with atrocities during Ethiopia's 'Red Terror'
An Alexandria man was sentenced Friday to 37 months in federal prison in connection with statements he made about his role in the "Red Terror," a campaign of violence 40 years ago in Ethiopia, officials said.

Message to Ethiopian Youth and Children in the Diaspora
Forwarded by NuNu Wako 5-25-19 - I am writing this letter to you as an eternal reminder that this country is your home and that you will always be a part of Ethiopia. On my various bilateral-centered travels around the world, I have seen the hope that you embrace for ...

Hope for Peace, Hope for Justice. Hope for a day when Truth will always overcome Deceit...
Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 5-24-19 - Over the past one hundred years, Ethiopia has traded through tempestuous and turbulent conditions that can only be described in apocalyptic terms: droughts and famines, wars and conflicts, massive population displacements, appalling human rights violations and state orchestrated terror.

Ethiopia's treatment of its own IDPs making crisis worse
Last year, in southern Ethiopia, intercommunal violence caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. Refugees International (RI) is deeply alarmed by the Ethiopian government's renewed effort to carry out forced returns of these internally displaced people (IDPs)."The government’s actions are making an ongoing humanitarian crisis even worse," said RI Senior Advocate Mark Yarnell,.

US comedian obtains Eritrean citizenship
US comedian and actress Tiffany Hadish has been granted Eritrean citizenship - the birthplace of her father.She is currently in Eritrea to join in celebrations to mark the country's 28 years of independence celebrations.The government's Information Minister has tweeted a photo of her at a street carnival in the capital, Asmara, on Wednesday:

Informative legal analysis of the Abiy government ill-advised campaign to defame selected former EPRDF officials!

Ethiopia's Road Fund Nine Month Report-
May 2019- The Roaad authority office is pleased to report during the last nine months it has collected over 110% or stated goal! (Amharic)

"ጠመንጃ ማወዛወዝ ሀገርን አደጋ ላይ እየጣለ ነው"
Zemen Magazine Interview with Getachew Reda

Zemen Magazine extensive detail interview with Getachew Reda, TPLF/EPRDF executive leader covering a wide range of issues- May 2019(Amharic)

An inside look into Priyanka Chopra's trip to Ethiopia with UNICEF
There is no stopping for Priyanka Chopra, who jetted to Ethiopia, straight from Cannes. This past week, iIt is not all just glamour and parties for the Indian native, who is now in Addis Ababa, fulfilling her commitments as Unicef Goodwill Ambassador.Yesterday, the 36-year-old took to Instagram stories to update her 40.5 million followers on her whereabouts.

The 'sacred forests' of northern Ethiopia
A group of children were listening to a story beneath the shade of an African juniper tree in a small church forest near Debre Tabor in northern Ethiopia. Three women walked along a path, the sound of their chatting permeating the dense trees as our group of 12 people, clearly foreigners, approached.

Ethiopian Makes Travel Easier with Upgraded Mobile App
Addis Ababa, 20 May 2019 - Customized with a suite of innovative features including document scanning, mobile wallet for boarding pass, localization and many more, Ethiopian Mobile Application places convenience at customers’ fingertips with enhanced functionality, performance and responsiveness.

'Look at the map': the US, Iraq and Iran
If there was a single moment that stood out for those attending the Munich Security Conference on 15-17 February, it was when Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, asked the audience with uncharacteristic emotion in his voice: 'The US claims ... that it is Iran that is interfering in the region, but has it been asked whose region?

Ethiopian Airlines calls criticism of its pilots an effort to "divert public attention" from Boeing 737 MAX flaws
A day after the president of an American pilots union called on Boeing to "stop blaming dead pilots," controversy continued to reverberate around some U.S. claims that pilot error may have been a major factor in the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes.Responding to criticism of its pilots in a congressional hearing this week...

A response to an article by Yohannes Aberra (PhD), which goes by the title "Blessing or Curse: Proliferation of parties in Tigray"
(G Axumawi ) May 18, 2019 - First of all, I would like to present my gratitude for the writer really cared to take his time to reflect on the first ever press release of our party – Salsay Woyane. Though it is a bit disappointing for the body of the article didn’t deliver what its title intended to summarize, the article gives the impression that the writer seems to worry about...

Ethiopia:Curent Issues and Next Steps
General Tsadkan, General Mesfin Amare and General Tadese Berhe, May 2019 - A long article written by retired generals, analysis, and recommendations on how to move forward. (Amharic),

Ethiopia starts rationing electricity for homes and industries
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia has started to ration electricity for domestic and industrial customers after a drop in water levels in hydroelectric dams led to a production deficit, the minister for water and electricity, Sileshe Getahun, said on Friday.

JOINDER: "How Did Ethiopia Get from There to Here"

Muluken Yitbarek May 12, 2018 - I read an article post "How Did Ethiopia Get from There to Here: Questioning the Current Narrative" authored by Elias Dawit. He has followed his narrative with the second part as promised (part 2). The writer unmistakably elucidates the role of one of the key actors; explore the reasons behind and the underlying assumptions of contemporary Ethiopia. As to my knowledge the article states something that is necessary, verifiable, and attainable.

How Did We Get From "There" to "Here":Part 2(Who is Getachew Assefa?)

Elias Dawit 5-10-19 - In Part 1 of "How Did We Get from There to Here," I argued that Ethiopia's current narrative is flawed and built on the aspirations of external political actors, such as former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Donald Yamamoto. It is a simple narrative of good guys and bad guys. In Part 2, I look at the person Prime Minister Abiy has identified as the primary bad guy in this scenario--Getachew Assefa, former head of the National Intelligence Security Services (NISS).
See Also: Part 1

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